Soknacki, Spice Dealer With Potential 

May 1st, 2014 | D. Stone 

“Building creative solutions requires patience, good humour and a deep base of policy knowledge,” - David Soknacki

He was once a councillor in Scarborough, but in 1997 when Scarborough became a part of Toronto, he lost. Then in 1999, he won again and became an official member of Toronto's city council. David Soknacki has had a long and successful political history, but you wouldn't know it by only paying attention to Toronto's major media.

It wasn't until Soknacki retired from politics in 2006 that anyone really knew he had his own, successful business called Ecom Food Industries. The company was founded in 1986 and deals with the export, import, and sale of spices.  

David Soknacki has had such success managing money that he was appointed to be Toronto's budget chief by the city's left-leaning mayor, David Miller. It would even be fair to call Soknacki one of the three fiscal conservatives running in the city's 2014 municipal election, alongside John Tory and Rob Ford. It would also be fair to call Soknacki the only conservative on the ballot without any real baggage. Yet, the question remains as to why Toronto's media has refused to treat him like a serious contender. 

Perhaps David Soknacki isn't controversial enough or ideological enough to be deemed news worthy. He hasn't smoked crack and he hasn't given sensitive and reactionary leftists reasons to snap by making comments about women and income inequality. Soknacki just appears to be a simple guy with a non-ideological understanding of fiscal responsibility. He also knows what and what not to say in a political climate controlled by left-wing media.

In 2013, Soknacki hinted at running for Toronto's top job and expressed concern over the city's evident "us against them" mentality under Rob Ford and council. Although he reached across the ideological aisle and helped steer Toronto onto the right path, it was only a matter of time before the relationship between Soknacki and Miller would hit a dead end. Soknacki claimed he had serious differences in opinion with Miller before he retired in 2006. Now, Soknacki has put himself into a race that could win him the opportunity to lead Toronto down a path of fiscal wisdom and common sense. 

David Soknacki won't have the support of Toronto's mainstream media. It won't be the Toronto Star that helps him get his message across to voters; they'll be too busy clearing the path for Olivia Chow. Soknacki will have to take his campaign to an unconventional level. The media won't give his policies as much attention as the policies of Chow, Ford, or Tory...for the main reason of keeping Olivia Chow in the spotlight with two conservatives who are prone to mistakes. There is no place beside Chow for a sensible, wise, and articulate conservative who can win. Toronto's media can't afford the risk of giving Soknacki a chance.

While he was councillor, Soknacki voted to have his salary reduced, to hold tax hikes at zero, and to ban city councillors from hiring family members to public roles. Along with his fiscally conservative platform, Soknacki has pledged to publish all of his donors and put his business into a blind trust. If elected, he says he'll have all absences and schedules within the mayor's office published. But don't count on Toronto's media to publish those facts, except maybe in the back pages and in brief, easily missed segments. It will be up to Toronto voters to step outside of their boundaries and find the facts themselves. Once found, the facts will speak for themselves.