The Death Of Left-Wing Credibility 

May 1st, 2013 | T. Carter 

It's a terrifying trend, that of liberals finding the most deceitful ways of convincing Americans that Islamic extremism is not a real problem. Thirty minutes following the atrocious Boston Marathon bombings, CNN's Peter Bergen suggests that the bombings may have been the work of right-wing extremists. The following day, Salon's David Sirota writes of his hopes that the Boston bombers are discovered to be white Americans. To add more to this hideous exhibition of left-wing delusion, the Nation Public Radio's Dina Temple-Raston says, “April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There's the Columbine anniversary. There's Hitler's birthday...” Keeping in mind that the NPR is a publicly funded organization, just like PBS, these right-wing extremists that the left-wing media in America is referring to should have a lot to be angry about.

MSNBC, CNN, and NPR did everything they could to create a sense of rage and contempt for so-called right-wing extremists, just hours after the bombings. While these left-wing monsters were busy using emotional pain to enrage Americans, the FBI was providing facts that contradicted everything the left-wing monsters were trying to say. By April 18, Americans had clear evidence leading to two Muslim extremists from Chechnya. To make matters worse for the left-wing demons, on April 22, the Canadian police arrested two more Muslim extremists who were confirmed to have links to Al-Qaeda and who were plotting to blow up passenger trains running between Toronto and New York.

In one quick swoop, Peter Bergen, CNN, NPR, and Salon destroyed their own credibility. They left the credibility and ratings to their most feared competitors at Fox News, who got it all right from the very beginning.

It would be shocking to see the ratings and trust of the American people survive this most blatant attempt to undermine America's right-wing and conservative associations. To the dismay of America's left, Timothy McVeigh does not represent the right. The right-wing establishments have long condemned him and every other lone extremist. The left has done everything in its power to demonize the right and any remotely anti-government movement. They've tried unsuccessfully to link all right-of-center politicans, activists, leaders, and libertarians to this violent, anti-government extremist organization that they created from fantasy. It doesn't really exist, but according to these left-wing zealots, it threatens America and the loving institutions of its big government.

Factually, most foiled terror plots in North America are related to extremist Muslim groups. To be exact, 61% of foiled plots near and around Obama's election were related to Muslim groups. The other 39% can be attributed to various other groups, not one single faith or movement – unlike the 61% which can be directly linked to radical Islam. Although the data supports the fact that extremist Muslim ideology is not gaining ground in America, the data is still striking in its revelation that most terror plots can be linked to Muslim extremism. See the actual data from MPAC here.

As for television news ratings, Fox News has dominated the cable news war for over a decade. This doesn't mean that Fox News is the most accurate source for news, but it does mean that Americans have moved away from traditional, left-wing sources like CNN and MSNBC. This is yet another intolerable fact that is eating away at left-wing pundits and zealots. This fear of losing even more has prompted some left-wing bloggers at Salon to whip up some more myths about how they are winning the online war and beating the conservative media machine that – they admit – won television and radio. Unfortunately, some of their writers have issues with spelling and proof-reading.

Fueled by white guilt, hatred, and fear, these left-wing monsters have managed to lose the trust of the American people. It has taken a while, but the events surrounding the Boston bombings have cemented the true nature of deceit – that drives the left – into the minds of Americans. What Americans witnessed in the days following April 15, was a disgusting last act by America's left-wing media. It was an act of desperation and it did not go unnoticed.