Dear Canada, Don't Do It

October 10th, 2019 | TC

I've been watching quietly from the state of Illinois, Canada, and I must ask: how could you still be thinking of giving Justin Trudeau a second chance? If your opinion polls are accurate, it looks like his chances of winning a second term are quite good. I know you have minority and majority governments up there, but from what I have been seeing, reading and hearing over the past few months, he deserves neither.

I contribute regularly to Poletical, but I mostly talk about what I know, which is American politics. Just in the past year, however, your Prime Minister has captured headlines around the world and American media has taken notice. I have heard about his trip to India, where he danced around in costumes and was made fun of by Indian media. I also heard about how he invited a Khalistani terrorist to a high level party—which, from what I know, is a giant no-no in India. I also heard about a big scandal involving a multinational corporation in Quebec, in which your Prime Minister interfered in a decision to allow the corporation to get off the hook on charges of corruption. Looking up from down South, I have seen and heard Canadians take several digs at America for electing Donald Trump—so my next question is: have you actually been paying attention to your own Prime Minister?

I know that you probably don't care much for our president, but perhaps you should pay more attention to your own Prime Minister before making judgments about my fellow Americans and Trump supporters.

Our mainstream media, so I have been told, is less corrupt than your mainstream media. You have something called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which is publicly funded. We have something similar called PBS, but it lives off very few government subsidies and earns most of its due from voluntary donations that come from “viewers like you”. From what I have seen so far, it has been American media that has taken your own Prime Minister to task and held him accountable for his actions. It was Time that released the first photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface and it was the Washington Post that informed Americans about an SNC-Lavalin story from the Globe & Mail before your very own state broadcaster bothered to mention it.

At least, our American media is keeping your Prime Minister honest—but what should we come to expect from a country that has a state-funded news network in the first place?

Dear Canada, I ask you, politely, to make your own bed before you criticize your neighbors to the South. It was our journalists who published scoops and stories about your Prime Minister when your own public and private media networks were busy trying to have him re-elected. We may not have a perfect president, but our diverse industry of journalists from all spectrums have kept him on his toes. Which is more than I can say about you.

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"Have you actually been paying attention to your own Prime Minister?"

Your Prime Minister is still polling much higher than he should be. I imagine it has much to do with the way he and his Liberal Party are covered in newspapers and on your CBC. President Trump's approval rating has never surpassed 49% during his entire three years in office. Much of this can be attributed to his personality and how he is covered. Yet, your Prime Minister—from what I understand, who calls himself a feminist—has interfered in your country's Justice Department, fired two females who questioned his interference and then escaped any severe consequences for groping a female reporter and dressing up as a black person.

Dear Canada, look in the mirror.

Your media is corrupt, your journalists ignore facts, your Prime Minister is a hypocrite and you are about to re-elect him and validate his behavior. Why? What exactly is it that you are trying to prove? In America, we see a leader who plays dress-up in other countries, humiliates Canadians on the world stage, does not practice what he preaches, promises grandiose spending and higher taxes, does not face any consequences for being racist (four times) and has no regard for the truth.

Dear Canada, what on Earth are you doing?

I know you have more than two political parties to choose from, which I respect—so why not take advantage of your country's diverse selection? Why choose the same party and the same Prime Minister who has shamed you on the world stage? Down South, we have only two major parties: Republicans and Democrats. You have at least five different parties that hold seats in your national legislature, so why do you continue to act as though you have so few choices?

As an American, I am asking you to give your one and only vote a second thought. As an American, I have only two choices in most situations. I hope that you can understand my confusion when I ask why you would consider voting for a Prime Minister who has cheated and betrayed you on more than one occasion. When you have so many other choices, why are you choosing the same party and the same failed leader?

Dear Canada, please don't do it. Please do not elect the same Prime Minister.

As an American, I have always known Canadians to be kind, reasonable and optimistic. Since Justin Trudeau has been your Prime Minister... I'm sorry to say: your country's reputation has been tarnished. He has made a mockery of your justice system, your foreign policy and your country's reputation as an open and free nation. Above all, he has made Canada look far worse—or just as bad—as you think Donald Trump has made America.

Dear Canada, if you believe Donald Trump is a chauvinistic, corrupt, racist, sexist and disgraceful leader—please, prove that you can be better than Justin Trudeau.

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