Backlash, Defiance And A New Kind Of Canadian Conservative

June 9th, 2021 | CW

Conservatism as we know it has been dying a slow death for a long time. Progressive hegemony, specifically of the woke variety, began to dominate in Canada about six years ago. Our ruling class and the infrastructure that goes with it just decided to go all in on the new zeitgeist and, unlike in other countries, there wasn’t much reactionary pushback.

Perhaps it was the typical Canadian response to a Republican in the Presidency. Canada always feels the need to pretend we’re a nation of Democrats in order to position ourselves as correct-thinking individuals. So long as Donald Trump was around, the Canadian inclination was to peacock just how much we all weren’t that!

We’re also pretty slow-witted as a nation. Like so many things… culture, technology, economics… politics and political developments happen later here and when they do happen they typically aren’t quite as sharp and well done. If a country implements a really good policy we’ll see 70% of the policy show up in Canada ten years later. There are exceptions to this of course…mass, unrestricted, taxpayer funded abortion is a pretty pioneering Canadian policy, but for the most part we just follow the herd.

The same goes for political culture. When the tides turned in countries like the U.S. and the U.K in the late 70’s and Reagan and Thatcher were elected on a policy of libertarian supply-side economics and militarism and anti-Communism, Canada decided to stay with old Soviet-loving Pierre Trudeau. When we jumped on the conservative bandwagon in 1984 with Brian Mulroney, we got a watered down and ineffective version of what the U.S. and the U.K. were pioneering 4 or 5 years earlier.

The same thing happened more recently with Stephen Harper. The U.S. elected George W. Bush in 2000, a tax cutting neoconservative. Six years later, Canada followed with our own watered down and less effective tax cutting neoconservative version of the same thing.

Then Obama came along in 2008. An empty suit of a politician preaching empty buzzwords and progressive nonsense. Canada got our own Obama in 2015.

So does this mean our own Donald Trump is on the way?


In fact, the Trump phenomenon is likely dead, but the fundamentals of Trumpism remain. It will be extremely difficult for any Republican to win a Presidential election ever again, unless some sort of new coalition can be built. The Reagan/Bush version of the Republican party can no longer win democratic elections in the United States. The country has changed too much for the party to be competitive. Thus, the schism currently taking place between Chamber of Commerce-type Mitt Romney Republicans and Trumpists will need to result in a Trumpist win in order for the party to be anything other than a controlled opposition for Democrats to dunk on.

Consequently, there is a lot of groundwork being laid in the United States for a new post-Trump conservatism. Conservatism as we know it is changing radically and much of this change is a reaction against the hegemony of woke progressivism. This development is slowly, but surely, trickling into Canada.

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Canada has been a part of the woke brigade for quite awhile now. It has disturbed me how cowed people have become regarding political developments here. It has also disturbed me how ignorant “conservatives” have been regarding what’s going on. The pinnacle for me was last year when Stockwell Day got cancelled for dismissing claims that Canada was systemically racist on CBC.

First of all, he thought he had the moral high ground in sticking up for Canada during the broadcast. He was out of touch and unaware of the zeitgeist, as most professional conservatives seem to be.

Second of all, when the backlash came, he impishly and pathetically apologized for his comments and disappeared from the public eye for six months.

Thirdly, nobody defended him publicly. Why would they? Woke progressivism is hegemonic.

Wokeness marched forward. Everything capitulated in its wake. The Conservative Party of Canada has become totally cucked. Covid has unveiled the authoritarian and thoroughly cucked nature of every stripe of provincial government. Our municipalities are a gong show of ardent wokeness. Our bought and paid for media is thoroughly and unapologetically activist woke. Our universities are hotbed incubators of wokeness. Our public bureaucracy is woke. Our school boards are increasingly woke. Our corporations are mostly fake woke. Canada is woke.

And yet…

When you log off and tune out and get back into real life, wokeness quickly disappears. If you’re not pathologically online and/or watching broadcast news 24/7, life isn’t entirely different from 2010… before this poison started, back when we just had general leftist progressivism to deal with.

What’s more, the militant nature of the new woke left is such that the backlash, while not overt, is bubbling up under the surface. In real life I’m noticing some exciting and amazing trends.

When I’m working or dealing with friends and neighbours, I rarely get into politics. This is a good lesson for all dissident right-wingers. You have to be smart and know how to thrive in the environment in which you find yourself. Nevertheless, on a few occasions lately, people I know have expressed their opinions unprompted.

One occasion was a colleague openly talking about social media and cancel culture. He actually used terms like “cancel culture” and “liberal left”. I didn’t see it coming, but he volunteered. Another colleague told me he’s given up watching mainstream “news” for the reasons that are obvious to us readers. This guy then went on to talk about Ben Shapiro and intellectual dark web stuff.

Speaking of Ben Shapiro, I was walking through Vancouver airport and noticed a young guy at a table watching a YouTube video of Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan on his laptop. I’m aware that these little examples are minor, but little anecdotal incidents like these seem to be happening more and more and they were basically non-existent even five years ago.

Online examples have also been following suit. The backlash against wokeness found in the U.S and the U.K is slowly arriving here too.

I visit a website quite famous in conservative circles called smalldeadanimals. It’s been a mainstay of Western Canadian conservatism for almost 20 years now. I’ve noticed the content and comments on this site are moving into the realm of dissident right circles. Less and less reactions to whatever CTV or CBC story of the day is or reposting tired National Post editorials by the old conservative guard and more and more clips from edgy podcasters and provocateurs and politicians willing to actually fight back in the Trumpist style.

In the comments sections of a variety of sites, I’m now seeing repetition of sayings like, “Conservatives never conserve anything” and talking points moving way past where old discussions used to end. Things are changing under the surface in ways I haven’t seen in twenty years.

Some of this change has perhaps occurred due to the upheaval brought about by Covid and our ruling classes' response. The insane lockdowns were extremely revealing and radicalized almost everyone I know in some way or another.

A lot of apolitical, middle-of-the-road people who complied with lockdowns in March of 2020, were by March of 2021 full on anti-authoritarian rebels. Sure the Western Standard and Rebel News bunch did some grandstanding with their church and their rodeo shows, but the real story was the masses of people who quietly and subversively broke lockdown rules repeatedly and increasingly, until provincial governments began to realize that they needed to simply switch gears and legitimize something that was occurring anyway. The ones who were too slow to follow the parade are paying the price politically.

The residential school grave sites were the latest round of woke madness to arrive on the national scene. The response from our ruling class as opposed to the common sense of ordinary people is stark.

Most ordinary people recognize the residential schools as a system of education that was a product of the times. Canada was sprawling and sparsely populated and natives wanted Western education. Boarding schools were thought to be the best solution. Kids were compelled to attend school (as they are today, unless you choose to home school) and they lived onsite with strict authoritarian teachers. When these schools were created, Canada was a worse place to live than most third world countries are today.

"When you log off and tune out and get back into real life, wokeness quickly disappears."

No electricity. No running water. No antibiotics. No vaccines. No Tylenol. Freezing winters. Bad nutrition. Grinding work. Oh… and lots and lots of disease.

How much disease?

In 1900 a child under the age of five had a one in three chance of dying. Yes, you read that right. One in three kids died before their fifth birthday in Canada in the year 1900. Even by 1960, that number was still about one in thirty. Today it’s about one in two hundred.

So, guess what? Kids died in residential schools. Likely they were quickly buried in a nearby grave with a wooden cross or something and the parents were notified by mail. This is sad, but life was hardcore a hundred years ago in ways that today it just isn’t. People dealt with death and moved forward.

That is likely the most obvious explanation for the 215 graves found in Kamloops.

Now, the ruling class and their media lackeys pitched a much different story. To hear them tell it, the situation was straight up genocide. These schools were erected for the purpose of raping and killing kids. They forcibly kidnapped children and relocated them to a building in the middle of nowhere, dug a big open pit and then systematically executed them holocaust-style because racism. Jagmeet cries a dry tear and the grifters in the Indian industry lean in hard in order to capitalize on yet more victimhood status off the backs of their suffering ancestors.

In real life I hear the first version of this story. Online and on television I hear the second version of this story. Never before have the narratives been so radically disjointed. We are living in parallel universes.

The ZMan over at the ZBlog has written at length about the French Revolution. He said shortly before the revolution the common people were meeting in salons and coffee shops and street level places and talking about their realities in late 1700s France.

Meanwhile the ruling elite was becoming more and more distant from the people over whom they ruled. As things worsened you get to the fabled story about Marie Antoinette being informed that the people are starving and have no bread and she is baffled and responds with, “Let them eat cake.”

It’s an embellished anecdote, but it stands the test of time because it illustrates how out of touch the ruling class was with the people of the nation. Eventually it led to revolution and guillotines. ZMan sees parallels to our society today as our ruling class gets more and more insular and ideologically out of touch. The ruling elite is embracing wokeness and the people on the street aren’t.

He writes about America, but everything is pretty much applicable to Canada. The road of progressive degeneracy is much faster travelled here and insular “Laurentian” elites are even more alien to most common people from coast to coast than the American example. This includes our professional Conservative Party of Canada. Need an example?

In order to celebrate Pride month (yes, apparently the entirety of June has been deemed a month-long celebration of fringe sexual dispositions by our ruling class) Conservative MP Michelle Rempel led the charge to repeal a ban against sexually active homosexuals from being able to have their blood used for blood drive donations.

The reason there is a ban is because the rates of HIV (and other STD’s) among homosexual men is radically disproportionately higher than the average rates for the general (heterosexual) population. More than half of Canadian HIV patients are homosexual men. Don’t you think it’s just generally safer to not use the blood of homosexuals to provide emergency transfusions to highly at-risk hospital patients?

Michelle Rempel doesn’t!

This was the Conservative Party’s big play to appeal to the LGBTQ etc. crowd. “We’re advocating high risk homosexual blood transfusions in order to celebrate Pride month! Take that Libtards!”

It’s truly appalling. And according to recent polls I’m obviously not the only one thinking so.

“Who else are you going to vote for? Gotta get rid of Trudeau right?”


The Maverick Party is on the move. In Alberta, Paul Hinman is back with a new and independence-minded Wildrose. Maxime Bernier is desperately trying to latch onto these new conservative developments that are bubbling up throughout the culture, but unfortunately for him, people know that he’s grifting. Max doesn’t really get it… not really. We know that. Something new is happening and it won’t be him leading it. In fact, whatever “it” is, might not be traditionally political or partisan at all.

Things are happening at local levels. School boards are getting earfuls from angry parents that critical race theory is being shoe-horned into curriculum. Girls' sports have radicalized parents against the push for tranny inclusion. Every time a statue is toppled it’s met with more and more disgust and annoyance from ordinary folks. People are openly questioning why police aren’t policing and when they do it’s to arrest a Christian for going to church or a family for gathering together. Gun sales are soaring. Facebook usage is dropping. At the time of this writing, Jordan Peterson has two books on the best-sellers list.

Things are happening. Things are changing. Green shoots are rising.

So, tying this screed up…

1. Canada follows world trends it doesn’t invent them.

2. Woke Progressive Hegemony is now complete in Canada.

3. The reaction against woke progressive hegemony is manifesting in a bottom-up form of red-pilling normal people, resulting in the development of parallel narratives, cultures and perspectives.

4. The chasm between our ruling class and ordinary people has become unbridgeable.

5. Traditional conservatism is finally dead. The development of a new conservatism, mostly pioneered elsewhere, is arriving in Canada.

How will all this shake out? Who knows. But for the first time in a long time it feels like things are happening and they’re happening in a way that will look much different from the past. Don’t get black-pilled and remember despair is a sin… as crazy as things appear to be, we may be in the early days of something much better on the horizon and not even know it. 

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