Two Inevitable Realities Denied By Conservatives

July 1st, 2022 | DS

There a two inevitable realities that await us on the horizon. Conservatives have resisted both and denied that either could ever happen. However, conservatives should become more open to these realities if they want to avoid the coming shocks and realizations that accompany them. The world is on the verge of change, whether we like it or not, and these two things are waiting around the corner.

Universal Basic Income

Automation is becoming more common and more desirable. By 2040, it is estimated that artificial robots and computers will be capable of writing poetry, responding perfectly to human reactions and understanding the concepts of math and physics. This means, nearly every single job we thought only humans could do will be replaced by automation and intelligent computers.

The pandemic has highlighted the growing need for a workforce that is indestructible and immune to biological setbacks. Corporations and governments are realizing how much they can save on expenses and earn in profits by employing automated machines and intelligent computers. Everything from flipping burgers to writing blockbuster screenplays is on the table.

Self-driving trucks will transport goods across the country, programmed drones and robots will unload the shipments at warehouses, intelligent computers will answer customer service calls and respond to complaints, pizzas and goods will be delivered by automated robots and the orders will be taken online and by speech recognition technology; the possibilities will have no end.

The realities of supply chain disruptions will be no more. Our economic needs will be met with high efficiency and high output. Manufacturing will have no need for human labour and will be better off without it. There will be fewer mistakes, fewer disruptions and much, much more profit. There will be no unions and no employees to pay, leaving the profit books bulging.

There will, however, be a strong need for consumers to keep the economy running. Which is where we humans come in.

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Once every job has been automated and delegated to artificial intelligence, humans will have a lot of time on their hands. To fill the new voids in personal income, governments will have to hand out free money to citizens. The task will be made easier by a net-zero workforce of unpaid robots and computers. With human labour gone, governments will save billions in costs and expenditures while still taking in revenue from corporate taxes and sales taxes.

To make the transition smooth, a universal basic income will have to be put in place before automation takes full control—which will happen within the next 30 years.

To avoid social unrest, strikes and disastrous disruptions, a universal basic income will need to be in place by 2030. It will have to start with those who are chronically unemployed and unemployable—which is the part that will irk conservatives the most. It will then move on to include those who have been laid off permanently and those who will never find another job to fit their expertise. As corporations and governments lay off humans, they will cut costs and realize extravagant savings. These savings can then be reallocated to expanding universal basic income programs.

As automation grows and as robots become more intelligent, nearly every field of human work will be eliminated.

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, police officers, firefighters, engineers—all of them will be robots. By the year 2100, there will be absolutely no demand for human labour. Humans will live in robot-built smart homes with robots and computers that repair themselves, grow their food, serve their food, buy their food, wash their dishes, 3D print their tools and do nearly every task imaginable at near zero costs.

It may become the true definition of a “cashless society”... another thing conservatives enjoy fearing.

Not all of it will be perfect. As a matter of fact, there will be a lot that could go wrong. If you've seen The Matrix or Terminator movies, you might have an idea of the most apocalyptic outcomes, but there is an awful lot that could go right. Rather than slavery at the hands of machines, humans could be set free in ways they never imagined. Without having to work, they could spend more time doing the things they enjoy and engage in more creative endeavours. Imagine exploring the clouds of Jupiter from the comfort of your own home, through the eyes of an unmanned drone sent to the planet on an expedition. Imagine finally sitting down to write that novel. Imagine travelling the world on a carbon-neutral, free airplane and staying in cheap hotels maintained by unpaid, subservient robots.

Renewable Energy

Oil and fossil fuels will run out. It may not happen soon, but all expendable resources will face depletion at some point in our history. When that happens, we will run out of fuel for our homes, automobiles, planes and farms. Our dependence on expendable resources is not only unhealthy, it is detrimental for our long term sustainability as a civilization.

Unless some new technology affords us a way to produce solar panels and wind farms without petroleum, there will still be a demand. However, within 30 years, robots will be extracting our resources and probably refining them and the demand will be reduced when less oil is being used to fuel cars and homes.

"Manufacturing  will have no need for human labour and will be better off without it."

Within 20 years, it is possible that an artificial intelligence could make discoveries that render petroleum products useless. With AI's expansion, problems of physics and gravity could be solved within years, along with several other social and economic problems.

In short, the end of fossil fuels is inevitable. At some point in our history, sooner than we think, fossil fuels will be phased out. Many political leaders are trying to get ahead of the curve too quickly and without reasonable plans to deal with the shortfalls, but the era of renewable energy is here to stay. No matter how badly conservatives in the oil patch want that to be untrue, it is an inevitable reality that they will need to deal with.

Spare The Anger

Conservatives should spare their anger about all of this. Many who started reading this probably weren't able to make it this far. It would be surprising if any of them made it past the first paragraph under Universal Basic Income. That, in essence, is a part of the problem.

Many conservative won't bother considering another perspective or entertaining a new idea. They would rather sneer with anger and dismissiveness than take a moment to think deeply about something that scares them. If they have made it this far and are still reading this paragraph, they have made it one step further than most of their peers.

There is hope for the conservatives that were able to read all of this and to entertain the coming realities. None of us know for sure if any of this will happen the way it has been described, but the advancements being made in AI are making it more possible. If conservatives accept this reality but are choosing to resist it, that is a fair and noble approach.

Acting to resist the coming changes is one thing, denying them and laughing at all of this is another. Dismissing what has been written here as “libtard propaganda” is about as regressive and ignorant as one could get, but it has probably happened and will continue to happen. Accepting the coming reality and working to resist it is another story.

Those conservatives who see and accept the coming realities can and should choose to fight them if they see them as detrimental and dangerous. If the thought of a cashless, robot-run society is something that scares you rather than inspires you, the time to resist is now.

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