Destroying Gender And Facts

May 1st, 2018 | S.P.
destroying gender

There is no shame in being a boy and growing up to be a man, but this is something we will never hear our educators tell our children. Those days of being honest and honestly trying to guide children who may be grappling with gender confusion or dysphoria down the right path are forever gone. Educators across Canada are being mandated to teach gender fluidity and to aide, rather than to repair, any notions of shame, guilt or confusion that may come with being a young boy. Those such feelings, of course, are being embedded into the minds of children through pop culture—they are feelings of uncertainty, confusion and shame related to gender and you will find them being encouraged in music, television, film and art.

Walt Heyer has slowly been making in-roads into mainstream cycles with lectures and videos about the problems and troubles with transgenderism. Walt Heyer is a former transgender who reverted back to his biologically characterized gender after years of being guided down a path of gender confusion by educators, friends and his own grandmother. Rather than telling him that he was a handsome young boy with great potential to blossom into a strong and stable young man, Heyer's grandmother encouraged him to travel further down a path of gender confusion and dsyphoria. Today, Walt Heyer regrets it and he is travelling the globe to warn people about what he believes is a dangerous, politically motivated ideology.

Heyer authored a book entitled Gender, Lies And Suicide: A Whistleblower Speaks Out, of which the synopsis reads:

Walt Heyer analyzes the issues which fuel the tragedy of transgender suicide and shares selected stories from the many people who write him seeking to undo the tragic consequences from their decision to change genders.Transgenders undergo hormone injections and irreversible surgeries in a desperate effort to feel better. The media and transgender activists claim the radical treatment is successful and regret is rare, yet at the same time, they report that transgenders, even after treatment, are attempting and committing suicide at an alarming rate. Back in 1979, Dr. Charles Ihlenfeld, a close colleague of Dr. Harry Benjamin, the father of the transgender movement in the U.S., reported that 80% of those seeking a sex change should not have one; frequently too many of them committed suicide.

In his lectures, Heyer teaches that if we could all choose to be what we are, he would choose to be taller and younger. By affirming that there is something wrong with children for being what they are, parents and educators are enabling a dangerous ideology to take hold, says Heyer.

“There was no one around to tell me that it was not possible. There was no one around to tell me this was total insanity”, Heyer often tells his audiences. Heyer laments the notion that surgery and hormone replacement therapy are the most common answers to gender dysphoria.

Heyer believes that gender dysphoria is a self-diagnosed disorder that no doctors can verifiably confirm or diagnose. For the most part, Heyer is correct. There are no legitimately reliable tests to diagnose or confirm the existence of gender dysphoria outside of the patient's own psychological experiences. Doctors and psychiatrists can only diagnose gender dysphoria using the information shared by those who claim to be suffering from the condition. Somehow, however, the most common treatment has become surgery and hormone therapy, rather than deeper evaluation and psychological treatments. In many cases, gender reassignment is unsuccessful and patients face irreversible consequences—which too often lead to suicide.

“We're ruining lives. We're doing barbaric things,” Heyer says. “You don't change genders. It's cosmetic. It's not real.”

Heyer should know, having gone through the experience himself and having reverted back to his original gender many years later. He is often slandered by the LGBTQ2 community and attacked by activists, but Heyer is one of many who have come to regret the decision to change genders. He is one of a very few who have chosen to warn others about the consequences and the lack of science behind gender dysphoria and the “insane” treatments used to “cure” it.

In part, Heyer attributes his gender confusion to his grandmother, who cross-dressed when Heyer was a young boy. Many liberals will begin to bubble at the the notion that Heyer's grandmother's cross-dressing somehow influenced his gender dysphoria, but just wait, there is more to the story. Heyer's transgender grandmother did not reserve her cross-dressing for herself. Heyer's grandmother impressed her fantasies onto her young, four-year-old grandson, Walter.

Heyer often recounts the time his grandmother made him a purple dress and dressed him up as a little girl. “She wanted me to be a little girl,” Heyer says. Heyer's parents eventually found the dress—which young Walter kept—and barred the boy from visiting his grandmother. By then, however, it was too late. Young Walter had spent years believing that he should have been a little girl, or that gaining the same amount of loving attention from his grandmother (or any adult) required him to be a little girl. As a little girl, Walter's grandmother showered him with a kind of love and attention that seemed absent when he was a boy.

As a young boy, Heyer was also sexually abused by his uncle.

The story of Walt Heyer is a fascinating and insightful one, but rather than hear it, radical activists tune him out and walk across burning coals to discredit him. His story does not fit the liberal narrative or the liberal ideology that is trying to tear apart our long-standing institutions and understandings of gender. Heyer, in part, believes that this dangerous ideology aims to destroy the nuclear family, the institution of marriage and the current social structures that have enabled our civilization. For the most part, he is right.

To undo a civilization, one must first tear apart the fabric that holds it together. Liberals and leftists hate Western civilization and their motives to reform it have never been more clear to see. Their distorted view of a masculine patriarchy built on capitalist greed is one created by Marxism. In order to reform it, they must first destroy the foundation. That foundation has long stood firmly in the concrete ideas of gender, family and religious faith. It is no surprise that liberal Marxists—those who seek to bring down our current Western patriarchy—have worked tirelessly to rip apart commonly held ideas about men, women, marriage and God.

Constructed gender roles evolved naturally based on biology and heredity. Most great societies were built upon gender roles and those roles were not always necessarily pre-determined or against the free will of men and women, but quite the opposite. Men have done men things and women have done women things, because those were the things they were good at, or the things they enjoyed most. There evolved the gender roles that built Western civilization and many of the civilizations that came before it. Each of our predeceased civilizations faced a deterioration and destruction of these roles before their deaths, so there is no reason not to expect our own fate to unfold similarly.

To hear more from Walt Heyer, watch him share his story with Ana Samuel and the Love & Fidelity Network: