Does The Conservative Party Really Want To Win?

September 1st, 2021 | CW

There’s an assumption amongst Conservative supporters that the party wants to win elections, but is this true?

When you talk to long-term players in politics there is a cynicism to them and their experience that is uniform. They are professionals and they’ve been around the block. They’ve worked campaigns and they’ve supported candidates and they know how the game works. They often think back to their earnest younger selves and laugh nostalgically at how naïve and idealistic they once were. Now they know better, and politics is just a paycheck.

This is the Conservative Party in a nutshell.

Anyone who has been a Conservative Party supporter over the years has seen the ups and downs that have come with each attempt to affect positive change. Years and years have gone by and the true believers either give up in bitter dismay and jaded disgust or they sell out and accept the system for what it is without aspiring for better. A steady stream of young people fill the political machines with energy and enthusiasm as the older and wiser political operatives either give up and move on or settle in and sell out.

The unpaid volunteer core of the party is fueled with hope and ideology and a desire to make the country better, while the paid powers that be, clink their cocktail glasses and toast to the grift. The volunteers take years to realize this of course as we are all indoctrinated from a very early age about the glories of our democracy. People educated within our progressive system are told that civic engagement in a Western democracy is crucial and the above-board explanation for the way things work is accepted unconditionally by rubes of all stripes. It’s only with life experience that people begin to learn how things really work.

The grifters of the CPC know they probably aren't going to win the election and I don’t think they really care. They’ll all make money charging for their services during the running of a national campaign. If Trudeau wins, they’ll use that disappointment to trigger their donors and spam for more cash. The party will continue to prosper, and the coffers will stay full and the whole process can be repeated again.

With this election Erin O’Toole and the people behind him are gambling on the notion of “veering left to win the centre” and casting off even more conservative principles in the process. The CPC is now to the left of Paul Martin’s Liberal party of 2006, and the critics are still slandering them as Nazis and racists and fascists. How much longer before the CPC looks like Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party of today? Ten years? Five? They’ll still be far-right extremists in the zeitgeist.

"If Trudeau wins, they’ll use that disappointment to trigger their donors and spam for more cash."

One day, as the tides turn and the Conservative Party eventually wins an election, we’ll be greeted with a party telling us how carbon taxes are a long held conservative principle and how eradicating white privilege is a top priority. Basically, everything that was normal for conservatives in the 90’s will be gone, and the new conservatism will be a shadow of what we’re getting from Justin Trudeau today. Travel even further into the future and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP will be to the right of the Conservative Party. It’s just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the grifters of the CPC will keep making their money and soliciting more donations. They’ll be paying off their mortgages and buying boats while the rubes send in their five and ten-dollar cheques in hopes of restoring Canada to some semblance of sanity that they remember from their youth.

This is the real shame of the CPC. They know that they are exploiting decent people’s good intentions and by monetizing their yearning for a better country the CPC is taking advantage of ordinary people’s aspirations. Many ordinary conservative supporters still see Canada as a country worth saving, it’s our home and our future, but the smarter-than-you cynical crowd in the Laurentian triangle would rather just line their pockets and let the country continue a downward spiral.

Part of the reason that our descent into madness continues unabated is that the nature of our system itself propels the very developments that conservatives detest. One thing the cynics have correct is that it doesn’t really matter who wins an election… the trajectory is just a matter of degree. Are we going to descend into madness fast or slow? Course correction isn’t really an option because this is the natural drift of liberal democracy.

Participating in the system is acceptable, but only with the understanding that it is nothing more than performative. Voting is just a big virtue signal. Real power structures will continue to develop behind the scenes and developing our own power is what conservatives should be focused on. Take care of you and yours and let the country fend for itself.

As for the Conservative Party of Canada… it deserves to die. Starve it of your vote. Starve it of your money. Sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better. Like a fever through the body in order to burn out disease, some hardship and consequences from this next election may just be what’s needed in order to give people a dose of reality.

Will this result in a reformation of the Conservative Party back into something more respectable? I doubt it. Even the catastrophic results of 1993 failed to reform the Progressive Conservative Party and they drifted into bankrupt oblivion just in time for Peter MacKay to provide a way out with the 2003 merger with Harper’s Alliance. Any institution that needs reform isn’t worth reforming anyway.

Perhaps Bernier’s PPC can get some traction, or the Maverick Party will create the launching pad for Western Independence. Most likely, we will simply see another slimLiberal win with opposition parties in further disarray.

One thing is for sure, however, the people behind the Conservative Party will keep getting paid.

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