What Is Donald Trump?

February 1st, 2019 | Spartacus
donald trump

You can call him an asshole. You can call him a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a lunatic or a man-child—you can call him what you'd like, but it won't change what Donald Trump is and why some of us supported him and continue to support him. You can call us those same things, but that doesn't make it true. Mainstream journalists and media have been controlling social norms and policing our thoughts since as long as I can remember. Not everything Donald Trump says or does is right, not morally or otherwise, but his presidency—even if it only lasts four years—needed to happen more than anything else. Donald Trump is the villain we needed and the villain we deserve.

You probably still remember those catholic kids in MAGA hats who surrounded a native American elder named Nathan Phillips. If you're one of the journalists or blue check marks on Twitter who called to have them physically harmed or shamed, you're probably trying to forget the whole thing. If you were a part of the manufactured mob, you might not have heard the truth yet. As a longer, more detailed video of the incident made the rounds, everything started to go quiet. Like nothing happened, the media and journalists moved onto the next story. As the truth became more clear, those with dignity apologized, while the same sleazy journalists who helped stoke the flames pretended like nothing happened. None of this is new, it's just another cycle. This kind of thing has been going on for decades and those who have perpetuated it have been getting away with it for just as long—that is, until Donald Trump showed up.  

Since Donald Trump has been president, the mainstream media's credibility has sunk to historic lows. According to Pew Research, nearly 30% of Americans have no trust in news media, while only 49% have “some trust” in news media. Only 21% of Americans have “a lot of trust” in mainstream news media.  

With stories like the Covington Catholic boys and Buzzfeed's story about Trump directing his lawyer to lie to Congress—which was discredited by Robert Mueller's own investigative team—it's shocking that Americans have any faith left at all.

Before Trump came along, the media was as bad as it is now. The only difference was that the misinformation was more subtle and fewer people took notice. Once Trump joined the race, journalists became more emotional and the mainstream media lost some restraint. They couldn't be subtle anymore. When Trump actually won, they went into full mental breakdown. They couldn't even hide it.

Journalists have become so hell-bent on defeating and destroying Trump that facts are no longer at the forefront of journalism. Everything is about feelings now and facts don't matter anymore. Donald Trump must go and journalists will stop at nothing to end him. However, in the process, they're destroying themselves and exposing their decades-old techniques of selective editing, deception and social engineering. They've been getting sloppy for a while—which is why Donald Trump won in the first place—but now they've lost that tiny bit of self-control they had left.

The steady decline in trust started with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Coincidentally, the next year was when Pew Research started compiling reports on the state of news media. (Their archive can be accessed here.) Undoubtedly, it was the “weapons of mass destruction” narrative and the eventual revelation of its falsity that started sinking America's faith in news. In cooperation with faulty (or deliberately false) intelligence reports from branches of the American government, mainstream media helped push the idea that Saddam Hussein was in possession of nukes or dirty bombs. In return, they received historic ratings from one of the most sensationalized wars in history by gaining on-ground access with American military forces.

The Iraq War was a spectacle, manufactured by media and driven by a false, made-up narrative handed down from the Bush White House.

Don't we remember the “shock and awe” footage that was edited together by the Pentagon and sent to all of the major news agencies to be aired? Sure we do. What about the whole Jessica Lynch rescue? How about the clever staging of troops draping an American flag over a statue of Saddam Hussein while a group of “liberated” Iraqis cheered them on? Look it up, maybe it'll refresh your memory.

It's been downhill ever since.

The laziness and political biases of modern journalists started getting noticed during the 2012 presidential election, when dirt on Mitt Romney was scarce and the ineptitude of Barack Obama was on full display. The economy was weak, Russia was getting bold and racial tensions were rising. Yet, Mitt Romney strapping a kennel to the roof of his car was the biggest scandal of the election cycle.

During the third and final presidential debate, Romney called Russia America's biggest geo-political foe. Barack Obama responded with what the media would replay and go on to call a “zinger” for weeks to come. Obama said, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War's been over for twenty years.” Zip to 2019 and Obama's zinger is a total dud. Apparently, Russia still is America's biggest threat and Donald Trump is their Manchurian candidate—and stuff, or something.

Journalists went on to criticize legitimate business deals at Bain Capital, one of Mitt Romney's companies, and to take shots at his religion. Trendy pop culture magazines like Rolling Stone blamed Mitt Romney on job losses and the wealth gap in America, while Vanity Fair ripped into his Mormon faith and his work for the church. Meanwhile, Time and other magazines ran covers praising Barack Obama for every one of his menial life accomplishments. Because of all of this, 2012 was one of the most pivotal years in journalism and the beginning of a silent revolution against the established media.

All of Donald Trump's scandals were rendered inconsequential in 2016. This wasn't the result of Americans becoming dumber or more amoral, it was a destiny of mainstream media's own making. They brought this on themselves. Everyone who made their own, shameless biases visible in 2012 made Donald Trump happen. Everyone who thought Hillary Clinton was a worthy candidate helped make it happen. Congratulations to them, they created Donald Trump and the anger and resentment that fuelled a lot of his supporters. Journalists and establishment media tried to help Hillary Clinton win, but Americans learned from 2012.

Half of America lost so much faith in media and the country's established institutions that Donald Trump's most heinous misdeeds didn't matter. For many of his supporters, it was all the same, typical political bullshit journalists tried to pull in 2012. They weren't going to buy it and, even if most of it was true, America needed a human wrecking ball like Donald Trump to set things straight.

Donald Trump is a nuke. He is a big middle finger. He's the wrecking ball that Americans sent to smash the corrupt institutions. Donald Trump is a correction, like the ones that hit financial markets every so often.

Draining the swamp ain't easy. All kinds of things live in the swamp. Vicious lizards with sharp teeth have been calling the swamp home for a long time, so we can't expect them to go quietly. Donald Trump has a fight on his hands and I'm surprised he has survived this long. The people who ran the CIA and Pentagon during the “weapons of mass destruction” era shouldn't be expected to go down without a fight. Former CIA interns, like Anderson Cooper, shouldn't be expected to hang their heads in shame and pass the baton to an honest generation that seeks the truth. Not without a fight.

It's ok, because Donald Trump won't go down without a fight either. That's why his supporters voted for him and continue to support him. To his detractors, he's a narcissistic child who throws temper tantrums, and their opinions of him won't ever change. That's ok too, because it's not really their opinions of him that matter. It's their opinions of mainstream media, journalism and the status quo that are changing. That's what matters more.

That's the point of Donald Trump.

We'll keep hearing that Donald Trump is a monster, a Russian agent, the next Hitler and a misogynistic white nationalist—but we'll also keep seeing journalists and pundits lazily and hastily distort the truth, leave out facts and manipulate reality in order to convince us. The more we see it, the less faith we'll have in them. Only more lay-offs will happen if they choose to keep it up.

As the next generation sees these lies unfold, their hunger for the truth will grow. They don't need to like, love or even appreciate Donald Trump, they just need to see their own institutions and establishments do everything to hide the facts and mislead the public. The lower the establishment sinks for self-preservation, the higher the chances of a dramatic change in course.

After he is gone, Americans won't be able to un-see the truth. There is no going back.

Donald Trump is a revolution.