What Trump's Imminent  Re-Election Means For America

January 5th, 2020 | TC

The left in America will never be truly defeated until they are beaten, again, by the very man they despise. All of their virtue signalling, victimhood peddling, race baiting, gender politics, censorship and intersectionality trash came crashing down when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. To keep it all down and to stop them from rebuilding, Donald Trump must win again in November.

The job wasn't finished when Trump won the first time, it was only the beginning. After a widely publicized Russia collusion hoax and an unconstitutional and ludicrous impeachment attempt, this is the American left's last stand. They are on their very last leg and a second win for Donald Trump in November will be the final nail in their coffin. For the rest of us, Trump's win would signify the final phase of a Great American Purge and the long overdue cleansing of America. The corruption of our mainstream media, the corruption of Hollywood and the corruption of Washington will all face their final days if Donald Trump wins a second and final term.

It is already happening. Americans have seen the results of Donald Trump's presidency, all while continuing to reject the gender politics and racism of the Democrats and the left. Americans have wholly rejected Hollywood's brand of intersectionality and gender politics by sending films like Ghostbusters (2016) and Terminator: Dark Fate into the record book of Hollywood flops. Americans have rejected CNN and MSNBC, sending their ratings to historic lows. Americans are tired of being lectured and the results are starting to show. Driven mostly by profit, Hollywood's very survival now depends on rejecting “wokeness” and embracing old fashioned American values.

As the Democratic primary debates launched in the fall, every potential Democratic rival to Donald Trump has since sunk in the polls. According to the latest poll from USA Today and Suffolk, Trump now leads every major Democratic contender:

Trump over Biden by 3%

Trump over Warren by 8%

Trump over Sanders by 5%

Trump over Buttigieg by 10%

Trump over Bloomberg by 9%

For anyone who has watched the Democratic debates, the answer as to why the contenders are sinking is obvious. Every single candidate has been consumed by their own need to virtue signal about gay rights, gender equality, trans rights, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and the need to be more civil and politically correct. The Democratic debates have been playing out like the same old left-wing spectacle Americans have grown sick of.

Further to that, the Democrats and their candidates are too blind and out of touch to see how sick and tired of their games Americans have become.

Any possible win Democrats had in their sights for 2020 has since evaporated—all because they opened their mouths. The fake impeachment in Congress hasn't helped either. The only Americans who care about impeachment are those who suffer from severe Trump Derangement. The rest of America is busy at work under an historically low unemployment rate, while everyone else who was paying attention has managed to see right through the Democrats' attempts to undo the results of an election that failed to end the way they wanted.

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"Any possible win Democrats had in their sights for 2020 has since evaporated."

Hillary Clinton was not only a terrible candidate, her endless pandering to minorities and her gender politics worked in Donald Trump's favor. Americans have been tired of it for years, but they never found a true warrior in John McCain or Mitt Romney—or in any of the other 2016 Republican candidates. Before Donald Trump, Republicans and conservatives had no one to fight for them and no one to call out the corruption in America's mainstream media and in Washington DC.

The Democrat-controlled establishment in media and the intelligence community is now being purged. Americans have the wrecking ball they need to get the job fully done. Trump's re-election in November will change America forever.

If Donald Trump were to somehow lose in November, everything we have accomplished up until now would be reset. Globalism would make a quick comeback, the FBI would return to being partisan servants to the Democrats, all of the virtue signalling leftists would feel victorious and all of our enemies would be restored to their former glory. If Trump were to lose, we would go back to square one. The media would have no need to tell the truth, because their lies would have succeeded. We would be looking down a long, dark road ahead.

The best chance Trump has is if two current trends hold through summer and fall. Democrats must continue coming across to normal Americans as nutbars and the economy and employment rates must stay stable and strong. If Democrats somehow snap out of it and realize that Americans do not subscribe to their nonsense, even then, Trump may still win if the economy remains strong. The likelihood of black America continuing to see the highest employment rates in history will also bode well for Trump.

The Russia hoax failed, impeachment will fail and every scandal thrown at the Teflon Don has gone nowhere. At this point in time, there isn't much that could bring Donald Trump down. Americans have grown tired and wary of the manufactured scandals—so much so, that any real scandal would be brushed off as just another ploy by the Democratic media establishment. The mainstream media and Democrats have worn their credibility so thin that Americans have lost faith in everything they see, read and hear when it comes from any major and “reputable” source.

Just like his enemies in the Republican Party, Trump's enemies have slowly tumbled and withered away into the ash heap of leftist history, along with Marxism and Communism. Those same enemies also happen to be the enemies of America's heritage, culture and prosperity. After eight years of failed progressive Democrat policies, Americans are finally seeing the light. The organized left's establishments in Hollywood, academia, news and intelligence are crumbling.

All that's left now is one final kick. That kick is the re-election of Donald Trump.

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