An Election Hijacked By Duffy 

September 1st, 2015 | K. McGregor 


Since the beginning of Election 42, the most dominating topic has been the Duffy Trial and whether Harper was involved in the $90,000 Duffy payback. The Liberals and NDP alike are both hoping they can tar and feather Harper with the Duffy scandal to sink the Conservatives ship. Unfortunately, the daily Duffy show produced by the media is distracting from important issues, like jobs, healthcare, UN involvement in Canada, etc.. The election is not about what each party can do in tough economic times, but about whether Harper is a bad guy. Personally, I want to know what each party is going to do about the big issues.  

One issue I would like to hear more about is how Canada is being influenced by the UN's Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) also under the title "Sustainable Development" and first signed by 180 countries at the Rio Earth Summit Conference in 1992. This 40 chapter document is like the world economic bible being used by all levels of Canadian government. It influences everything from private property rights, resources, education, healthcare, consumer habits, population, etc.. It pretty well covers every aspect of life on earth. This document all but tells us where our tax dollars will be spent in the future. 

Why aren't we discussing this important topic? The Duffy trial has absolutely no impact on my life, but the UN's 21st Century document is already having an impact on all of us by the many provincial government's and US government's refusal to allow pipelines like the Keystone, Gateway and, most likely, the east coast pipeline from Alberta.Thousands of jobs will be affected just by the refusal to build pipelines, but not a word from the media. But there are thousands of media pages written on the Duffy trial.

Another important issue for me is taxes. Presently, the average middle class Canadian is paying 44% of their wage to taxes and fees to the 3 levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), leaving us with only 56% of our earnings to live on. I can hardly believe I'm hearing the NDP and the Liberals think we should be paying more. How much do they think is enough? I want an answer to this question. 50%? 60%? What do they want? In Alberta, the bottom 47% of wage earners don't pay any taxes, leaving the tax burden to the top 50% of wage earners. I believe it's similar on the federal level. Many middle-class people, like myself, are simply being crushed by taxes.  

I would also like to see a little more imagination involved in solving the cost of our heathcare system. Presently, our healthcare system is guided by the Canadian Health Care Act of 1984, a 30-year-old document. The provincial and territorial health insurance programs must conform to universal coverage of all insured services in order to receive federal transfer payments under the Canada Health Transfer. Healthcare spending is spiralling out of control and is taking up huge portions of provincial budgets with no signs of slowing down. It is simply not sustainable. There should be some debate about the scope of what should be included as "insured services". We simply can't insure everything.

There is a lot of other important issues voters would like our political parties to talk about besides the Duffy Trial. Justin Trudeau's Liberals and the NDP can only grasp on to Duffy for so long before voters are going to want to hear their policies. Tough economic times could be on the horizon. Canada needs a good economic manager and less Duffy.