Economic Discrimination

February 16th, 2013 | T. Carter 

The very egalitarians who supported the Occupy Movement have helped engulf the world's political war zones with further division and partisanship. Because of these totalitarian monsters, we have an economic system that is based on discriminatory principles. For those who thought our free market, capitalist system was discriminatory and unfair to begin with, it has now become common to categorize and further segregate individuals and groups based on their fiscal capabilities. The catchphrase of the Occupy Movement was a reference to the 1% and the unfortunate, unfairly treated 99%. The message carried by this destructive movement seems to have stuck. References to the 1% have become more and more common in mainstream media, news, movies, and literature. The message is overly simplistic and uncharacteristic of anything motivational. The message makes it clear that inequality is a product of capitalism and that the 99% is forever doomed to poverty and failure because of it. The Occupy Movement and its message have written off the 99% and made individual achievement and wealth something to be frowned upon. The message is devoid of anything inspirational and aims only to tear down the 1% and anyone who has risen from rags to riches. Whether through inheritance or hard work, wealth has been demonized and those who possess too much of it have become the targets of envious, angry, slobs.

Cronyism and corruption do not just go hand-in-hand with capitalism. Cronyism and corruption are actually far more prominent in systems of socialism and communism. The process of masquerading behind the idea of social equality, while favoring particular groups and establishments, is a hallmark of Marxism and socialism. This new, but very old, form of economic discrimination, which has grown out of the Occupy slob movement, has eroded any possibility of peace and cooperation between various economic classes. This new and overt breed of discrimination has been inherited by America's 44th presidential administration and will slowly be embedded into the moral fabric of future generations. Soon, abundant wealth will be considered immoral.

Once we reach this moment in our history, when the wealthy are forced to give up their wealth and the 1% are torn down to the same level as the 99%, our society will collapse. All individuals will be robbed of the opportunity to rise, grow, and become more than their neighbors. Their neighbors and friends will frown upon the very idea that someone else could be more successful, innovative, and wealthy. Competition and individual achievement will no longer be rewarded, but shunned and punished. Sharing will no longer be a choice. Economic redistribution will be the moral right.

The reason our society could not survive such a paradigm shift is obvious. When individual talents and abilities are either suppressed, or made the property of an entire nation, any senses of pride and achievement are quashed, making the desire to succeed, compete, and grow non-existent. As much as human beings strive for social and collective success, such successes are grown out of personal achievement and desire. Without the sense of personal achievement and growth, there can be no such thing as collective prosperity.

Since instances of innovation and ingenuity are few and far between, a society could not progress technologically or socially without individualism. Most new ideas and creations often stem from a single mind, rather than several. It was Nikola Tesla, not an entire nation of people, who made crucial discoveries that have transformed how we consume and distribute electricity. It was Albert Einstein who changed our view of the universe, not a group of one thousand individuals. It was Galileo who originally challenged our position in the universe, while entire groups and establishments rejected his ideas and chose to punish rather than embrace him.

Collectivism and individualism are much like yin and yang. They are co-dependent. Discrimination is a destructive force in any society, and one that aims to suppress or segregate individuals based on their class is no different than one that allows racial segregation. Human beings are not equal. Each individual has separate capabilities, all of which should be granted equal value by any government or ruling establishment. Some of us will never be members of the 1%, but that fact gives us no moral right to demonize and devalue the wealthy among us. It serves us no purpose to suppress our own desires for wealth and achievement.

Many members of the self-labeled 99% will argue that poverty is like a vacuum. They will say that the “poor hard-done-by 1%” have nothing to complain about. They will argue that poverty itself is a violation of human rights, only because there are others among us with exorbitant wealth. The concentration of wealth in the hands of a few is considered morally unjust, but seldom is it ever seen for what it really is: fair and natural. Economic equality is unattainable, unrealistic, and impossible. There is no social or economic system that will ever change that. The only system that brings us closest to economic fairness and equality is capitalism.