It's Time To Crush Environmental Terrorists

March 1st, 2022 | RR

When the next Conservative government invokes the Emergencies Act for their own reasons, remember who did it first. It was a woke Liberal government that set the precedent and it will be the next right-wing government that invokes it again. You heard it here first. In fact, all conservatives should be on board with invoking it to crush environmental terrorists, like the ones who attacked pipeline workers in B.C. with axes and destroyed millions worth of equipment. When the time comes, racist movements like BLM and totalitarian activists like Antifa will be crushed as well. Their finances will be seized, their families will be doxxed, their rights will be suspended indefinitely and police will use brute force to shut them down. All of it will be supported by conservatives and ordinary Canadians alike.

The next railway blockade will be dealt with swiftly. The next group of activists to block or sabotage a pipeline will be crushed quickly and effectively, while media is banned from the premises. No one will see the damage and the police will be free to spread whatever propaganda is necessary to cover up their actions—just like they did in Ottawa.

If you don't like what's being said here, you shouldn't have supported what police did in Ottawa. You shouldn't have supported Trudeau's invocation of the never-before-used Emergencies Act.

It's on.

Canada's energy sector and energy infrastructure will be protected, at all costs, by the next right-wing government. If that government happens to be the Conservative Party, its leader will be brave and bold enough to invoke the Emergencies Act—or we will remove him. He, or she, will be forced out like a wimpering dog with their tail between their legs. Mark my words. Bookmark this page.

All of the foreign money that funds environmental activists in Canada will be seized, exposed and redistributed to pro-oil causes. Under the Emergencies Act, you can do almost anything. Any politicians involved with such groups will be brought to trial, maybe for treason, and dealt with accordingly. Any politician who advocated for, or accepted money from such groups, will be charged with whatever crimes necessary. They will be held accountable for destroying and damaging Canada's valuable energy sector and its infrastructure.

Make no mistake about it. Working on behalf of foreign agents to disrupt and damage your country's resource sector is treason.

It won't matter how long ago it happened. If previous prime ministers, Liberal or not, are connected to foreign groups bent on wrecking Canada's energy sector, they will be brought to trial. This will, eventually, be the reality. You can doubt it now, but with this new precedent, it is only a matter of time before a real strongman comes to power and shows us his backbone. That strongman, of course, won't be from the woke side of the political fence.

Trust me.

It won't just be politicians and activists that face the brunt of this beautiful, right-wing crackdown. It will be anyone who helped fund such groups and political movements. The names of every donor will be leaked, either by hackers or by government agents who seize the information from private entities, like GoFundMe. The CBC will be defunded, abolished, or fully commandeered by right-wing interests by this time, so the culprits won't be able to count on journalists to refuse publishing names.

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While all of this happens, we will cheer it on. Just like they did in Ottawa. In fact, many of us will support and encourage it. Hell, I will be demanding it. A few years ago I would have been appalled by these kinds of things, but because of what has unfolded in the past two years, I am more aware of what needs to happen. Our enemies are relentless, amoral and unforgiving.

This is a war and our principles have gotten us nowhere. After we win the war, only then can we talk about enforcing strong ideals. In an unprincipled world, our principles will cripple us. To win the war, we need to think like our enemies. If we continue to restrain ourselves like we have, we will continue to lose. When the balance of power tilts slightly in our favour, which will be soon, we will need to crush our enemies in the same way they tried to crush us. If we don't, they will try it again and hit us harder the next time. Like a cancer, they will keep coming back stronger and more malignant.

When the opportunity arises, we will need to seize it.

As foreign money pours into our country, malicious players are continuing to destroy and diminish our prosperity. Some of those players are your neighbours, your friends and your politicians. While the cost of everything goes up, others are getting wealthy. They're taking money from China, Russia, the United States and Saudi Arabia—all while our energy sector and its employees suffer. With rising inflation and crippling carbon taxes, we continue to pay more and earn less, while our leaders cash in their cheques from wealthy, foreign agents.

If you doubt any of this, keep reading.

Follow The Foreign Money

This has been a national security crisis for decades. For the most part, it has been ignored by every prime minister and government since it started, including Stephen Harper, who addressed it, but never really bothered to deal with it in an effective way. Now, Canada has become internationally known as an unfriendly nation for investors, innovators and energy giants. Our country has become hostile toward the fossil fuels we need to heat our homes.

It's all thanks to foreign influence from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Aside from most Western provinces, a majority of Canada hates its own fossil fuel industry. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes have imported most of their oil from Saudi Arabia and Russia for more than 30 years, so it's no wonder that Saudi Arabia's royal family and the Kremlin would be two of the biggest investors in the movement to destroy our national energy sector.

The United States, on the other hand, has been on a mission to achieve energy independence since the end of the second Bush era. One of the biggest impediments to its energy independence is the growth and availability of Canadian oil. That's why pipelines that intend to supply American states with Canadian oil are shut down, boycotted by environmentalists and eventually killed by American policymakers. American industrialists, like the Rockefeller family, are nationalists when it comes to oil and natural gas. They want Americans supplied with more American oil, which is better for the country and for their family's investments.

The money to fund most of this resistance to Canadian oil comes from American and Saudi interests.

"All of the foreign money that funds environmental activists in Canada will be seized, exposed and redistributed to pro-oil causes."

In there, somewhere, is probably Russia. Russia supplies parts of Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada and China with oil. When Canada starts to build pipelines that could supply parts of Europe and Asia with oil, it becomes a threat to Russian exports. The same is true for the United States, which exports more than eight million barrels per day to 175 countries.

Canada threatens to cut into these exports when it builds pipelines and expands its resource development.

By allowing these investments to pour into Canada and to fund astroturf environmental movements, politicians and lawmakers in Canada are committing treason. When they accept money from such donors, their crimes become even worse. Organizations like the Tides Foundation accept money from international environmental movements, which in turn, receive most of their money from American and Saudi industrialists—which is sometimes funnelled through other organizations before it reaches Tides, when it is then distributed to local activist groups in Canada.

The money becomes increasingly more difficult to trace back to the Rockefeller family and other American and Saudi industrialists when it is first funnelled through other non-profit organizations before reaching the more radical elements of the environmentalist movement in Canada. In fact, the American industrialists whose money ends up in the hands of radical environmentalists can easily deny their involvement in any acts of protest or radicalism that happens in Canada—because the system of filtering and legally laundering the money is so complex.

By the time Rockefeller money reaches radical fringe groups in Canada, it has been siphoned through four or five other organizations.

The next time you see a grubby Vancouver hippy tied to a tree at a pipeline protest, remember the inorganic nature of what is happening. That hippy is legitimately an environmentalist, which is why she joined a local fringe group—but, somewhere along the way, the information, propaganda and directives designed to motivate and support her group came from a larger activist group that received free money from another, even larger group above it—which received its money from an even larger group that received the initial disbursement from the Tides Foundation.

You get the idea.

One of the leading researchers in all of this has been Vivian Krause. She started uncovering the foreign funding that worked to undermine Canadian salmon farming over ten years ago, then she began to uncover the foreign money fuelling the destruction of Canada's energy sector. As her research as shown, much of the environmentalist movement in Canada is inorganic and heavily influenced by people and entities with no real interest in protecting the environment.

Krause traced some of the money back to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Anyone who is familiar with the Rockefeller family knows that environmentalism isn't what made them rich. The family's first patriarch, John D. Rockefeller, founded Standard Oil in 1870. At its peak, the company used aggressive tactics to destroy competitors and to corner the market, allowing it to control almost 90% of America's oil market by 1890. In 1911, Standard Oil was declared an unreasonable monopoly by the Supreme Court and ordered to break up.

Today, the family invests heavily in America's largest oil producers, like Chevron and Exxon.

As for Saudi Arabia and Russia, the two countries have been accused of funding several kinds of astroturf movements in North America. We all remember Hillary Clinton's accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which leaves the door open to other possibilities.

Why wouldn't Russian interests throw money at suppressing Canada's energy development?

One of the most famous opponents of Canadian oil is Leonardo DiCaprio, who spends a lot of his time partying on yachts with Saudi prince, Abdul Aziz bin Fahd. In 2016, the two rented a fancy bowling alley in Manhattan and entertained guests like Naomi Campbell and Toby McGuire. In 2014, DiCaprio rented a yacht from another oil mega-power: Sheikh Mansour of the United Arab Emirates. In 2016, the same Leonardo DiCaprio produced a documentary called Before The Flood, which put Canada's oil industry in a highly negative spotlight. DiCaprio has never produced a documentary, or spoken out about, Saudi Arabia's oil sector—let alone the country's treatment of women and gays.

Do the math. You can read more in depth about the foreign influences here and here.

Money buys influence. When the interests of rich and powerful elites from Saudi Arabia, the United States and Russia are under threat of being diminished, they shouldn't be expected to take it lightly. Every powerful empire has been built and sustained by eliminating the competition. In this case, Canada is a viable competitor when it comes to exporting oil. Even when it comes to supplying its own people with oil, the Canadian energy sector is viewed as competition by Saudi Arabia.

Several Canadian politicians, celebrities and journalists have been compromised by foreign interests. In most cases, it's called “dark money”. The Liberal Party, the Conservative Party and even the NDP have likely, at some point, had foreign money funnelled into their campaigns. The Pierre Trudeau Foundation has received a significant influx of foreign cash since Justin became Prime Minister, according to the National Post, which estimates that more than half of its donations in 2015 and 2016 were from foreign donors.

If Canadians don't hire a government that is willing to tackle this crisis, we'll keep seeing a continued decline in our prosperity. Our children will grow up with fewer opportunities, while the United States and Saudi Arabia continue to build their wealth and power using the same resources we refuse to extract. Our nation's own energy sector will continue to be undermined, diminished and demonized by people inside our own borders. If we don't act soon, we will no longer have the wherewithal to get our oil to market at all.

This is our country's most urgent crisis and it is a matter of national security.

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