Lay Waste To Kim Jong Un Now

September 3rd, 2017 | S.P.
kim jong un

The era of fat, pudgy marshmallow dictators must come to an end in the Korean peninsula. The problems and threats posed by the regime of North Korea will not end, but only delay what appears to be an inevitable showdown. There will not be a right time to lay waste to Kim Jong Un in the future, so we should get the job finished now, before world events set us further back.

The world is not a place of happy unicorns and vibrant rainbows, but it may be the closest to such a paradise as it will ever be right now. Markets are up, ISIS has been drawn ever so close to obliteration, and Americans have not yet chosen Civil War Part Two as their immediate course of action. There is no telling when exactly all of this will change, so now may be the best time of any to act against North Korea.

American markets never reach such historic highs for long before collapsing. With European nations such as Italy on the brink of fiscal chaos, the house of European cards may fall with even the slightest breeze—any day now. People across every continent will feel less pleasant about war when their markets and economies have hit the pavement. Perhaps such a scenario of economic chaos would only embolden Kim Jong Un and give his testicles the brass to make the first move against a vulnerable enemy. A strike on North Korea now may be most opportune for the United States and the world.

Just days ago, North Korea was said to have tested a hydrogen bomb and made claims to have successfully attached a hydrogen explosive to a long-range missile, as reported by CNN:

Hours before North Korea announced it had tested a hydrogen bomb, its state-run news agency had a stark message for the world: We've developed a more powerful nuclear weapon and we can make as many of them as we want.

Pictures of leader Kim Jong Un inspecting the new weapon and showing it being loaded into an intercontinental ballistic missile accompanied the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) report.

North Korea's regime has "succeeded in making a more developed nuke," KCNA said.

The North Korean regime is edging speedily toward developing successful, long-range ballistic missiles while the United States and Europe and Japan sit idly by. Perhaps had North Korea been laid to waste a decade ago, we would not be facing one of the most potentially devastating wars since WWII.

If there are any doubts about Kim Jong Un's claims, let science prove him honest. Days ago, the US Geological Service confirmed a 6.3 magnitude tremor in the region, while China confirmed its own recordings of a large 6.3 earthquake from the Northeastern regions of North Korea, as reported by The Express:

The tremor was recorded at a depth of six miles (10 kilometres) on the east coast of North Korea.

USGS initially recorded the tremor at a magnitude of 5.2, but it was later revised amid World War 3 fears.

China's earthquake administration said it detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Northeastern North Korea, calling it a "suspected explosion," it has been reported.

Recent tremors in North Korea have been caused by nuclear tests, experts have said.

There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The reports of a nuclear test causing a 6.3 magnitude quake were also confirmed by Japan, just days after sirens went off in Northern Japan when North Korea fired a missile into Japanese territory, as reported by The Guardian:

It was the early morning wake-up call millions of people in northern Japan had been warned about for months but which most had hoped would never arrive.

The first inkling that their fears had been realised came with a government text just after 6am local time informing them that four minutes earlier, North Korea had fired a missile that was soon expected to pass through the skies over Japan’s northern regions.

The short distance between the two countries means people were given less than 10 minutes to follow official instructions to take cover, either in scarce underground shelters or in sturdy buildings. The reason, the text message said: “Ballistic missile launch.”

The question now must be: how far will the United States and its allies allow Kim Jong Un to go? Surely the United States and its many allies don't need more evidence that the North Korean regime is advancing quickly toward having catastrophic nuclear capabilities.

There should be no question that Kim Jong Un is emboldened by the inaction of his enemies each time they fail to act against his provocations. There should be no question that Kim Jong Un views the inaction of his enemies as fear.

The rest of us should not be swayed to believe that Kim Jong Un fears a nuclear showdown or any kind of real casualties among his people and army. His provocations and his treatment of his own people must be evidence enough that Kim Jong Un cares only for chaos and fear. Kim Jong Un's efforts are meant to intimidate the world into accepting North Korea as an influential world power, not for the sake of the North Korean people who constantly suffer under food and power shortages, but for the sake of Kim Jong Un and his own ego.

Kim Jong Un's treatment of his people is clear evidence, for all to see, that his efforts to win a seat at the big boy's table are about him, not the impoverished and oppressed citizens of North Korea. The pudgy, grotesque dictator's disregard for his own family members, ex girlfriends and children is enough for every world leader to see his utter lack of humanity. Kim Jong Un has no place at the big boy's table, nor should he ever be given the permission to fraternize with the world's most civilized leaders.

For Christ's sake, Kim Jong Un uses chemical weapons on his own people, as reported by The Telegraph in 2015:

A North Korean scientist who was involved in the regime's biological and chemical weapons programmes has defected to Finland, apparently with evidence of tests carried out on human subjects.

The researcher, who has only been identified by his surname, Lee, was based at a microbiology research centre in Ganggye, close to the Chinese border, but defected on June 6, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.

Mr Lee, 47, fled to Finland via the Philippines, according to a group that campaigns for human rights in North Korea, on the grounds that he "felt sceptical about his research".

Mr Lee was carrying an electronic data storage device allegedly containing 15 gigabytes of information on North Korea's use of humans being used to test biological and chemical weapons.

The time to lay waste to Kim Jong Un is now, before it becomes too late.