An Energy Crisis Could Set Us Straight

November 1st, 2021 | RR

It's scary, but rolling blackouts in the dead of winter are exactly what we need. That isn't sarcasm, it's the truth. Some of history's harshest lessons have been learned through experience. If all of these self-inflicted catastrophes amount to anything, it will be another one of history's valuable lessons. In the end, if we actually learn anything from it, we will come out smarter and stronger.

Society, particularly Canadian society, needs to be set straight. With all of the pandering to green zealots and the suppression of our own energy industry, it's surprising we haven't faced an energy crisis sooner. Now, with the disruptions in global supply chains, it's finally happening. All of the dead pipelines and fossil fuel protests have fulfilled their destiny. The chickens are coming home to roost and Canadians are getting exactly what they had coming.

I don't know about you, but my favourite kind of justice is poetic justice.

To all the whiny punks who periodically emerge from their parents' basements to protest pipelines and fossil fuels, the end is here. The day of reckoning is around the corner. Mommy and Daddy won't be able to afford your phone and internet bills much longer, but it won't really matter. Without electricity, you won't be able to publish your TikTok videos and misguided opinions about capitalism. You won't be able to wokescold a Boomer on Twitter with a dead iPhone battery.

How about that cozy, warm little bed in the basement? You'll probably need to move upstairs, or double up on the blankets. Basements can get really cold in the winter. You could always sleep with Mommy and Daddy if all else fails.

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Let's not just blame the jobless, tree-hugging virgins for all of this. There are a few more groups that deserve some recognition. The wealthy industrialists in the United States and Saudi Arabia played a role, but so did everyone who supported closing down the global economy for a sickness with a 98% survival rate. The global measures helped speed up the process and show us what a world without basic and affordable goods would look like. In all honesty, we should be thankful.

In less than two years, we learned that you can't just flick the economy off and back on again without any repercussions.

We're left with historic inflation rates, unsustainable debt, clogged supply routes, bankrupt businesses and food shortages. The energy crisis that's emerging now is another part of a chain reaction, but it could have been eased with more Canadian oil and gas production. Instead of spending a decade boycotting our own industries, we could have been building them up. We could have expanded our capacity to refine and extract oil, but we caved to a bunch of basement-dwelling punks and their wealthy American backers. Canadians ate up the fear and shame like hungry pigs in a trough, so here we are.

Despite contributing only 1% to global carbon emissions, Canadians chose to punish themselves to save the world. It's like some weird, cultish behaviour that's reminiscent of Jim Jones, or the self-flagellation inside a bizarre Christian sect from the dark ages. It makes no sense and it's based solely on an ideological belief with no roots in reality.

Canadians are a strange, self-righteous bunch.

A long winter without electricity should do the trick. Shaking a population out of a slumber is most effective with massive suffering that stretches across every corner of the country. The breadlines of the Great Depression eventually led to one of the most prosperous times in history. What we need right now—and deserve—is some suffering. It'll wake us up and set us straight, paving the way for a new era of prosperity and advancement.

Things will get worse before they get better. There is no way around that fact. Unfortunately, our leaders will go out of their way to make it even worse—whether intentionally, or by their own stupidity. At the end of it, their policies will have heightened the suffering and expedited the fall.

They Are Making It Worse

At the latest G20 summit, our leaders agreed to a global minimum corporate tax. This is the start of accepting global tax rates, which will eventually lead to a global minimum income tax, carbon tax and luxury tax—all in the name of saving the planet.

If you haven't heard of ESG scores yet, you will. Those, too, will become a new global mandate in the near future.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance. This new scoring system for corporations is already in the works and aims to make all companies and corporations as woke and as green as possible. Like a personal credit and social score, identical to the ones we see in China, corporations with low ESG scores will be punished, penalized and shamed.

In preparation for this new global scoring system, many corporations are going woke at an alarming rate. We see it in their ads and their social stances.

"Shaking a population out of a slumber is most effective with massive suffering that stretches across every corner of the country."

In combination with a minimum global corporate tax rate of 15%, these new ESG scores have the potential to transfer their costs to consumers, which will further contribute to inflation. As companies face higher taxes, higher operational costs and possible fines and penalties, they shouldn't be expected to absorb those extra costs. Those costs, like always, will manifest in higher prices for consumers.

With additional penalties on fossil fuels, a new global mandate on climate change will start punishing other fossil fuel producing countries around the world, like Norway, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela. Soon, Canada won't be the only country forced to keep its oil in the ground. When this new green mandate goes global, energy prices will soar even higher as demand grows.

Canada Is Doomed For Three More Years

The Liberals and NDP are, reportedly, in talks on an agreement that would prevent an early election for three years. That means that the two parties will come to an agreement on certain policies that will make Canada's inflation problems worse. A Liberal/NDP government is sure to produce more spending, more deficits and less fiscal stability.

For those who think Justin Trudeau is the furthest left of any past prime minister, wait until you see him capitulate to NDP demands.

The NDP wants a universal basic income, higher taxes and more “free” housing—as well as a universal pharma-care program, which would cost upwards of one billion dollars. The NDP also wants billions more in healthcare funding, universal childcare and social programs. If Jagmeet Singh promises to keep Trudeau in power for three more years without a confidence vote, the NDP might get most of what it wants.

At the losing end of the stick will be ordinary, middle-income Canadians.

At first, it'll be great. Many of us will get free money and more handouts, but over the course of several years, someone will have to pay the bill. With inflation at 5%, it will all be temporary relief with a lot of long term pain. All of the extra spending might even make inflation worse in a shorter span of time. The Modern Monetary theory hasn't been proven to work, but we'll all be living through the experiment—just like we did with the new “fact-scenes” (say it out loud) from big farma.

(We're trying to bypass the social media and search engine algorithms here.)

My advice to these ordinary Canadians is to take the handouts. Take every last penny, because it all belongs to you. Soon, we'll all be scrounging for scraps and experiencing real hardship. Whether you take the handouts or not, the fall is coming. You might as well take every penny, so you can enjoy some short-lived comfort before it all comes crashing down.

There Is No Way Out Of What's Coming

Had Canadians been able to elect a more conservative government, the collapse might not have been as bad as it's going to be. With global leaders acting in unison to bring about the inevitable collapse, Canada could have been one of the outliers. There will be some countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, that will withstand some of the fallout, but Canada won't be among them.

What we need now is a strong, unapologetic government that will restrain spending and only invest in profitable ventures with guaranteed returns. We don't have that government and we won't until after the collapse, or during the collapse. It is only when people taste real hardship that their personal beliefs go through a radical transformation.

During the Great Depression, many voters in Europe elected fascist governments—so, let's hope the outcomes are bit different this time. We can only hope that voters have learned from history and will, instead, move toward governments that promise radical freedom and capitalism to solve our current ills, which have been brought about by censorship, repression, authoritarianism and too much socialism.

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