It Wasn't The PPC, It Was Erin O'Toole

September 21st, 2021 | RR

Just like the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party is filled with elitists who think they know everything. Unlike Liberals, however, they don't know a damn thing. The Liberal Party knows how to win elections, Conservatives don't. Winning one single majority in 2011 isn't winning, nor is it the result of anything resembling a coherent strategy. In February, I successfully predicted that Erin O'Toole would lose. For a brief moment, as Afghanistan fell apart, O'Toole showed some promise—but that quickly faded as reality set in and Liberals pulled out their old tricks. As usual, Conservatives snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

This election started as Erin O'Toole's to lose—and he did it, with flying fucking colours.

Many people want to blame Maxime Bernier and the PPC, but that's not a legitimate excuse for losing. Had Erin O'Toole been a real conservative with an effective strategy, the PPC would not have been a factor. The only reason the PPC picked up support was because Erin O'Toole failed. There is no other reason.

Blaming the PPC for splitting the vote shows a lack of accountability.

In 2019, Scheer was enough of a conservative to keep PPC support at 2%. Had Scheer stayed on as the leader, he probably would have performed better than O'Toole. However, because a bunch of losers inside the party thought they had a better solution, they forced him out and installed one of the most liberal leaders the party has ever had. In fact, Scheer out-performed O'Toole by massive margins. O'Toole went on to lose more than 600,000 votes and 2 seats. 

So much for their genius strategy.

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Their beloved new leader managed to erase everything Andrew Scheer accomplished in the last election. By moving so far left that even Liberals were shocked, the party's brass pushed grassroots conservatives to the PPC and failed to win over enough moderates to make it count. Now, here we are, with a stronger Liberal minority and at least two more years of Justin Trudeau.

In hindsight, the party's shift to the full left was a giant mistake. What makes it so much worse is that most of us saw it coming, but we couldn't do anything to stop it. The geniuses in the CPC had their minds made up. They were going full retard and nothing we could say was going to stop them. They were going to let Erin flip-flop on carbon taxes, guns and healthcare. They were certain that being more liberal would finally work this time.

You can't make this stuff up. The stupidity of the Conservative Party and its gaggle of clueless strategists is unmatched.

The people who are stuck with a lying, cheating Liberal government for another two to four years have every right to be pissed off. Canadians are fed up with Trudeau and they were ready to punt him, but Erin O'Toole's spectacular failure let us all down. What needs to happen now is obvious, but we should never underestimate the hubris and arrogance of the internal CPC brass.

O'Toole Needs To Retire And Disappear

He needs to resign and resign immediately. The fact that he hasn't yet is a sure sign that the same morons who lost this election have some more brilliant ideas. Are they planning to keep this stone cold loser on for another round? Give me a break.

Not only does O'Toole need to get lost, everyone who supported him from the beginning needs to sit down and shut up. If you backed O'Toole for the leadership, you need to kick your own ass out the door. You're a disgrace to the party and to yourself.

The strategists responsible for this disaster need to own up to their mistakes. They need to be fired by anyone left in the party who has a set of balls and some common sense. You don't get to lose the way you did and keep your job. That was the problem to begin with: some of the senior strategists, who helped both Harper and Scheer lose, got to stick around. They should have been gone after Harper snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in 2015.

My children are stuck with a trillion dollar debt because Conservatives have failed, repeatedly, for generations. Inflation is killing jobs and livelihoods not just because of Liberals, but because of the failed Conservative strategists who have led their party to repeated defeats over the course of two generations.

"Many people want to blame Maxime Bernier and the PPC, but that's not a legitimate excuse for losing."

Until we see a total purge, we should never give the CPC another dime or vote.

Crush The People's Party With Some Conservatism, Or Get Crushed Again

What were grassroots conservatives expected to do while the CPC embraced a carbon tax, safe injection sites, gun bans and vaccine passports? The CPC lost votes to the PPC because Erin O'Toole moved so far left that he could have gotten an endorsement from Karl Marx. Of course grassroots conservatives voted for someone else. Why wouldn't they?

It's true that Stephen Harper softened his conservatism to win a majority, but it was nothing like what Erin O'Toole did. In their hearts and souls, grassroots conservatives knew that Harper was a true blue conservative who was doing what was necessary to win. The same cannot be said about Erin O'Toole.

Erin O'Toole is no Stephen Harper.

For a minute, during the Afghanistan debacle, O'Toole gave off real leadership vibes. Once the story disappeared and amnesia took hold, Canadians moved on and O'Toole flip-flopped on gun rights, healthcare and anything else that got him some bad press. As quick as his leadership vibes came, they were gone.

Real leaders hold firm, they don't flip and flop when the going gets tough.

O'Toole could have taken some lessons from Harper and Scheer, who both held firm on several controversial positions. In 2019, Scheer came under fire for refusing to do pride parades and for refusing to change his personal views on abortion. He held firm on both and won the biggest share of votes since Brian Mulroney. His leadership wasn't perfect, but it was better than O'Toole's.

The minute O'Toole was accused of wanting to legalize the same guns used in mass shootings (as per the Liberal attacks), he backtracked, flipped, flopped, slipped, tripped and walked himself all the way back to square one. We can almost pinpoint the exact moment this happened on a poll tracker and how it affected O'Toole's numbers. Within days, O'Toole sank from a high of 35% to 33% and then 30%. At the same time, PPC numbers spiked. That tells us exactly what happened. It was real conservatives, not liberals who jumped ship from the CPC because of O'Toole's fatal flip-flop.

Had O'Toole done some research and learned how to counter Liberal smears on gun control, he could have held firm on his positions and fought back. Instead, he capitulated to Liberal demands and went running scared when things got heated. Erin O'Toole did the same on healthcare. Despite having some reasonable and totally innocuous policies on private options, O'Toole did a dance for Liberals when they accused him of wanting to overhaul the entire system. To ordinary voters, he came out looking like a sleazy liar.

Then, drilling the nail deeper into the coffin, O'Toole expressed support for vaccine papers, but failed to clarify that he wasn't fully supporting vaccine passports. Or was he? Who knows.

Had O'Toole not flip-flopped on these things and instead fought back against Liberal attacks, he could have won. Instead, he quickly abandoned every single remaining conservative policy he had when he got scared. By the time election day rolled around, the Conservative Party had nothing left that resembled a real conservative platform.

As a result of O'Toole's full-retard liberalism, the PPC picked up a big share of the grassroots vote.

Just Give The Leadership To Pierre Poilievre

There is one person who could zap the life out of the PPC and return the Conservative Party to its glory days. That person is Pierre Poilievre. He has already exhibited the defiance and strength Conservatives need by holding Trudeau's feet to the fire and never backtracking on his positions. When it comes to being in the kitchen, Poilievre isn't afraid of the heat.

Poilievre doesn't carry much social conservative baggage and much of his focus would be on fiscal policy, debt and getting the economy back on track. He would have likely stood firm on gun rights in the face of Liberal smears and called out their lies with gusto and pride. He would have fought back and stayed true to the principles .

Had Poilievre ran for the leadership last year, he would have won very easily. Despite all that has happened so far, conservatives would come rushing back to the Conservative Party under Pierre Poilievre. He was the top pick in 2020 not only among grassroots conservatives, but among moderates and libertarians.

All is not lost and Poilievre would be the unifying figure the party needs to win the next election.

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