O'Toole's Resignation Is Past Due

December 1st, 2021 | SP

The Conservative Party's election loss was marred by shameful flip-flops, policy pivots and inexcusable betrayals of the party base. In fact, my conservative friends, there has not been a Conservative Party loss this shameful and foreseeable before. The party was never destined to perform as badly as polls predicted, but from the beginning of the campaign, their loss was sealed. The party's cursed shift to the deep centre of the political spectrum had the outcome we all knew it would. Despite of our many warnings, the party's loss came about because of Erin O'Toole and his flagrant whoremongering to Liberal interests.

The party's reluctance to have another leadership contest is stepping in the way of the party's need  for new leadership. Come the next election, the Conservative Party will again take a gamble with O'Toole and commit the same felonies that amounted to its most recent loss. In fact, many within the party's top echelons have suggested moving further into the middle. To many Conservative officials, the party did not move far enough left to win the hearts and minds of Canadians. Perhaps, they think, the next time will bring some lucky charms.

My friends, under Erin O'Toole's leadership, luck is the only force of nature capable of putting the Conservative Party into a majority.

Moving further left is a recipe for disaster which the party's top officials have neglected to realize. They neglect to realize that conservatives have become disenfranchised and that only some, not all, will hold their noses to vote for O'Toole simply to defeat the dainty half-wit, Justin Trudeau. The others will drift to the PPC or abstain all together in protest. Party officials have refused to admit that many conservatives have deep-rooted principles, principles they will not defy simply for the sake of transplanting the Liberal Party with another party that stands for nothing.

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The ejection of Conservative senator, Denise Batters, was another example of Erin O'Toole's blind lust for unchallenged power.

Erin O'Toole should have resigned months ago, after losing the most winnable election since 2019. Justin Trudeau has become the first prime minister in Canada's long history to win government with 33% of the popular vote, which proves another failure by O'Toole and his campaign team. What should have been an easy win for the Conservatives was another easy win for the Liberals and a boon to Maxime Bernier's People's Party.

At this point in time, O'Toole has few options. His time to save the party is running out quickly, as many conservatives seek to find shelter under the PPC tent. His federal brand also jeopardizes the brands of provincial parties across the country, particularly those in Ontario, Alberta and Atlantic Canada. Many in Ontario and Alberta have begun to seek refuge among new parties like the New Blue, PPCO and Wildrose Independence Party Of Alberta.

For those of my conservative friends who are seeking alternatives, allow me to help.

New Blue Party Of Ontario

This party was formed by an ousted federal leadership candidate and his wife, who was ousted from the Ontario PC caucus last year. Jim and Belinda Karahalios have been working hard to draw support from grassroots conservatives in Ontario to oppose Doug Ford's chaotic and authoritarian regime. Slowly and surely, their brand is gaining recognition around the province, particularly in my own rural riding. Whispers about the Karahalios party are becoming more common in ridings like Kenora—Rainy River, Owen Sound and Algoma—Manitoulin, which I visit often and where I hear rumblings about Doug Ford and and his upside-down brand of conservatism.

To find out more about New Blue, visit their website and follow its leaders on social media.

Jim Karahalios: Twitter

Belinda Karahalios: Twitter

Wildrose Independence Party

For our friends in Alberta, this party is a sort of reinvention of a previous party with the same name. Prior to the creation of what is now known as the United Conservative Party in Alberta, there existed a dynastic PC Party and the Wildrose Party. Since the merger and the election victory of Jason Kenney, things have not gone smoothly for the United Conservatives. Many have framed Jason Kenney in the same context as Erin O'Toole and Doug Ford.

To find out more about Wildrose Independence, visit their website and follow their leader on social media.

Paul Hinman: Twitter

People's Party Of Canada

As many of our readers know, this party has solidified itself as a worthy and capable alternative to the federal Conservative Party. Winning 5% of the national vote on a platform based on individual rights and freedoms, Maxime Bernier has taken the party to new heights. It is the only other right-leaning party to win such a high share of the national vote.

Doubters, such as myself, have become more willing to give this party a chance, especially now with the failed leadership of Erin O'Toole and his party's reluctance to have him removed. Many conservatives have begun to accept that the current incarnation of the Conservatives must be replaced and that the PPC is the only party that can do it at the moment.

Contrary to what our friends and foes in media say, this party is not a fringe party of lunatics and white nationalists. Quite the opposite of those things, Maxime Bernier's upstart party is welcoming to all nationalities, religious affiliations and ideas. The party has absolutely no policies that discriminate against Canadians based on their gender, religion or sexuality. Perhaps this is why the media and CPC have felt so threatened by the PPC's existence and its presence on the political landscape.

To find out more about the PPC, visit their website and follow their leader on social media.

Maxime Bernier: Twitter

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