Beyond Canada's Madness: Where You Can Escape

February 2nd, 2022 | JH

It looks like Omnicron is the “Covid evolving into a common cold” variant we’ve been waiting for, but you wouldn’t know it from the corporate media and their puppet-masters in the ruling elite. We’re all supposed to be afraid of catching Covid like it’s March of 2020, and the convoluted menagerie of rules and policy is more theatrical and humiliating than ever. Rapid Covid tests are the new toilet paper, as people scramble and hoard whatever they can. Lockdowns are back in place, since this is the new normal regarding our public health system. The revelation that roughly 70% of Canadians are “Covid Karens” shouldn’t surprised us as it corresponds perfectly to the voting pattern of the country.

Frankly, putting up with living in Canada is getting depressing. I could do a rundown of everything that’s wrong with this place, but if you are a regular Poletical reader I probably need not tell you what you already know. The fundamental problems we face are problems that can no longer be overcome with an election win. Canada is systemically retrograde and culturally diseased. It’s not just our politicians, it’s the people who elect them.

At this point you might be thinking, wow man… it ain’t that bad. Maybe it’s you! Think positive!

I’ll admit, things aren’t bad enough to be really bad, but they certainly aren’t good enough to be really good…especially knowing the potential and opportunity that is deliberately squandered by Canada being Canada. I’m luckier than most people in this country and I am grateful, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see clearly. We have a tsunami of issues heading our way and many of these issues are fundamental, but many of our proposed solutions, if anyone is even proposing any… are not.

In the U.S., when people get tired of living in a poorly run state, they can pack up and head to 49 other spots on the map and seek out like-minded individuals to pursue their interests and achieve their dreams. We’re seeing that happen more and more all the time. California veers hard left and reaps all the consequences of doing so, which entices people to leave for better jurisdictions. The hope is that the newcomers don’t bring their politics with them…which is difficult, but not impossible. (“Don’t California my Texas!”)

In Canada, Alberta used to be the land of opportunity for those seeking to escape the leftist maw. It was the only place in Canada that offered somewhat of a reprieve from total progressive hegemony and instead championed entrepreneurship, initiative, low taxes and common sense.

It was never the Texas of Canada, but it was all we had, and conservatives made the most of it. Today, that Alberta is gone. 

Our province is governed by a Covidian cuckservative desperate to nerf Alberta’s interests in exchange for the system's approval. He’s surrounded by compliant cucks that are basically pay-cheque collectors. They’ll all likely be replaced by the NDP soon. Calgary and Edmonton are governed by city councils that would be at home in Portland or San Francisco, led by climate-thumping mayors whose primary qualifications is “being Punjabi” and thus winning pluralities during those popularity contests we call democracy.

Alberta’s GDP is still lower than where it was SEVEN YEARS AGO. Calgary’s downtown is even more hollowed out than ever, actually breaking records. Nearly a 30% vacancy rate! Alberta has the highest unemployment rate in the country…into the double digits! I could go on with the stats, but the reality is that most people know that Alberta isn’t what it used to be and probably never will be again, even if the oil money rises up a bit and Jason Kenney cheer tweets every sliver of positive news.

So, there’s nowhere to escape to in Canada anymore. Progressive hegemony would see everyone coast-to-coast living in a declining culture of downward mobility and insane wokeness. Even worse, your friends and neighbours are fine with that.

As I look out the window, I wonder how things got this bad and I happen to notice that the weather in Canada is brutal and horrific. Grey skies and pain-inducing freezing temperatures that make even breathing difficult permeate our existence for far too much of the year. “Trying to enjoy winter” is mostly a cope and the grind of six months of hideous “climate” is enough to depress even the staunchest optimist.

Maybe I just need a vacation. Maybe some sunshine would do me good.

So, I went to Florida.

"Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada due to the risk of the Omicron variant that causes COVID-19. This advisory overrides all other advisories on this page, with the exception of those where we advise against all travel." – Government of Canada website on December 15th, 2021

Yeah, whatever.

I arrived in Florida to the smell of fresh, humid air. If you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about. Stepping off the plane and even heading into the airport, you can feel the difference in air quality.

As soon as I hit the terminal, I ripped off my surgical mask and made my way to Burger King. Immediately the staff struck up a conversation in a way that only Americans do. No vacant and placid expressions while begrudgingly taking your order, in the U.S people who work jobs tend to be happy doing them.

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I finished my snack and caught my ride. It was about 26C, and the palm trees lined the airport. Traffic was heavy as we made our way to the hotel. Orlando was bustling

“We’ve gone from 15 days to slow the spread to 3 jabs to keep your job. Florida is taking a stand to protect the Constitution, the economy, and the right of Floridians to earn a living and to make their own individual health decisions.”  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis


Florida, much like Texas and a variety of other (red) states in America, have decided that governing like Soviets isn’t in the interests of the public. While Canada openly applauds authoritarian control over everyone’s lives (while simultaneously handcuffing our healthcare system to old ideological impediments), in Florida people are ready to embrace freedom and choice.

Leaving Canada’s Covid tyranny, grey skies and freezing temperatures and stepping into the pastel-coloured sub-tropics of sunshine and freedom was a breath of fresh air. People were friendlier and happier and more liberated from Covidian madness than I’ve experienced in a long time.

We went to Sea World and watched shows amongst thousands of people, maybe 5% wore masks. We went shopping maskless and without having to show vaccine passports at every store. Our kids played in pools with other refugees from the north and did so without talk of social distancing. Life was good, normal and fun.

“In Florida we salt Margaritas, not sidewalks”

I’ve visited Florida more than once and it always amazes me how lush and lively it all is. I’m sure living there is less romantic than viewing it through vacation eyes, but nevertheless I can’t deny the vibe I see and the culture that permeates the place. Florida is booming. Business is flourishing. Tourism is excelling. There’s no state income tax. The weather is fantastic. The people are friendly. It’s no wonder the population is growing so rapidly.

I’d like to move to Florida, but I’ve attempted to live in the United States in the past and I have no illusions as to how hard it is to do that. In a recent poll roughly 138 million people would immediately move to the United States if the borders were thrown wide open. Dig further into that article and the number rises to over 700 million. Consequently, the U.S. is a tough place to get into, unless you are content to do so illegally and spend your life living off grid and raking leaves for $4 an hour.

The other problem is that as a middle-aged Canadian, I am firmly established and entrenched in Canada. I still have too much to lose and not enough to gain from starting over from scratch in another country. If things keep progressively deteriorating in Canada, I might not have a choice.

When the “vaccine passport” nonsense started, a friend of ours related a story about her Polish colleague who quit her banking job and moved her whole family back to Poland. Canada was becoming frightening to her, and she wanted out. I’m sure our boomer readers can barely comprehend this last sentence. “A Polish immigrant in Canada, left Canada because it was too threatening and totalitarian for her and she fled back home to Poland for safety and freedom.”

Let that sink in.

There has been much hyperbole about the Soviet nature of our government’s Covid response. Covid has dropped the mask (no pun intended) of liberal democracy and the “constitutional rights and freedoms” that go with it. The charade of our system is easily disposed of with a little push. With the slightest excuse the government can and will take away today, what you assumed were your “rights” yesterday.

When you combine this horrific realization with an incompetent and pandering ruling class that hates Western Canada, natural resource development and fiscal/monetary sanity… when you then add in a voting base of brainwashed morons cheering them onand atrocious weather on top of it…that’s a recipe for national disaster.

"People were friendlier and happier and more liberated from Covidian madness than I’ve experienced in a long time."

So why is the disaster not happening?

Canada has been blessed with natural bounty and a neighbour that is the richest and most powerful in history. These two factors alone help stop us from reaping the total insanity that we sow. But for how long? I would’ve thought there would be more severe consequences by now.

In the meantime, if you can afford it, take a trip out of Canada. We all know it’s a huge hassle and you have to do tests and whatnot, but for your own mental and physical health, visiting some warm and sane U.S. states like Florida can refresh the soul and remind you that there is life beyond the Canadian madness. Who knows, if enough of us do this, it may lead to us bringing back a contagious freedom virus and infecting all the Covid zombies living in Canada. I suspect it’s futile, but maybe people will wake up.

There’s always hope. 

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