Federal Poll Results, 2013 

December 1st, 2013 | Poletical News 

Through the month of November, Poletical asked Canadians who they would vote for in 2015 and whether their voting intentions have changed since this time last year. Included in the poll was a question asking who Canadians think is the most competent to lead the country. The poll was spread via Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media, reaching Canadians from coast to coast. Only Canadian IP addresses were counted and multiple votes were discarded.  

The results are broken down below.

When asked if their voting intentions had changed since November, 2012, 69% said yes. The results based on each party break down as follows:

Conservative Party: 

Yes:    5%

No:   95%

Liberal Party:

Yes:  61%

No:    39%


Yes:   41%

No:    59%


Yes:   45%

No:     65%


Yes: 100%

No:       0%

To see the national tracker which creates an average based on all available polling data, click here.