Five Women Better Than Hillary

October 11th, 2016 | T. Carter
hillary clinton is the worst
Electing the first female president seems to be the only mission for Democrats and liberals. That would have been the case even if Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush had won the Republican nomination. The latest Wikileaks releases show the Clinton campaign's plans to use sexism, misogyny and character assassination to defeat any one of her Republican opponents. Exchanges in the Podesta email leaks show that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were the preferred candidates for the Clinton campaign because of their less mainstream views and personal pasts. The only candidate that would have successfully neutralized Hillary Clinton's sexist campaign would have been Carly Fiorina, but her chances were minimal in a male dominated field.

The truth is that America has a healthy supply of potential female presidential candidates that have never mishandled classified information, lied to the FBI, defended rape victims, or used their gender as their only merit. In no particular order, here are five female Republicans that are better than Hillary Clinton and wouldn't force millions of Americans to lower their standards just to make history.

Joni Ernst

She's an Iowa Senator with a background made of real merit. Ernst retired from the military in 2015 after spending 23 years serving as a lieutenant colonel and commanding officer in the National Guard. She even served in Kuwait during the second Iraq war. Put together, Joni Ernst's 23 years of service to her country makes Hillary Clinton's lazy and incompetent 30 years in public service look like 30 years of lazy and incompetent service. While Hillary was sitting on her butt and selling out Americans for personal gain, Joni Ernst was serving to protect them.

ia Love

She's a wholesome Mormon with strong principles. She said she couldn't vote for Donald Trump, but don't let that turn you off if you're a fellow deplorable. If Donald Trump doesn't win on November 8 and his defeat becomes the Clinton landslide that some Republicans and Democrats think it will be, Mia Love will have saved herself in Mormon Utah. She was born to two immigrant parents from Haiti who found freedom and faith in America in 1973 after fleeing the politically repressed and impoverished country. Love started her political career as a city councilor in Saratoga Springs and became the first black female Republican elected to Congress in 2014.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

She is the highest ranking female Republican in Congress and has a pre-law degree from a Christian college. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been an outspoken Republican who has defended the Constitution and religious liberty during her five terms in office. She has continuously voted to repeal Obamacare and she wrote a letter in 2013 blasting Democrats and Obama for defiling the Constitution. McMorris Rodgers also accused Obama of ruling by decree. The constant attacks from the left have made McMorris Rodgers one of the most valuable conservative voices in Congress.

ikki Haley

South Carolina likes to spend some elections being a swing state. Nikki Haley has been the state's governor since 2011, which has made her one of the more well-known female Republicans in the country. She may not be a favorite among Trump's deplorables, but she has a high approval rating in South Carolina and she bodes well with the mainstream media. Her husband served in Afghanistan and she was born to Sikh parents, but she describes herself as a Christian. Haley's South Carolina has been attracting big business since 2011, including several Fortune 500 companies and Boeing, which opened an aircraft manufacturing plant in Charleston.

ondoleezza Rice

Her name has been passed around as a vice presidential candidate in the past two presidential elections. Rice first became a speculative candidate before John McCain settled on Sarah Palin, then she allegedly appeared on Mitt Romney's shortlist in 2012. According to some in Washington DC, Rice has turned down offers from both Romney and McCain. Her resume stretches back years, but her most important achievements happened during her term in the Bush administration. The only terrible thing from Condi Rice's past is her praise for Hillary Clinton in 2008, when she called her "terrific" following her appointment to Secretary Of State.