Canada Keeps Useless Restrictions, Rejects Return To Normal

May 1st, 2022 | CW

Covid hysteria is now over, but here in Canada, of course, we’re still dragging our feet on getting back to normal life. The glorious Truckers For Freedom convoy helped scare the hell out of our ruling class and incentivized getting the bulk of the mandates rescinded, but one element of the mandates is stubbornly remaining on the docket. Proof of vaccination in order to fly on a commercial plane in Canada is one of the last remaining rules left in place. This poses a problem for Canadians who have chosen not to get the Covid vaccine and unconstitutionally restricts their ability to travel and leave the country and return.

There’s a lot of whining about this rule amongst the unvaccinated in Canada. Millions of travel restricted Canadians are angry that they can’t fly and/or leave the country. If you’re one of them then I encourage you to consider what I’m about to write.

I fly a lot. I’m on a plane roughly 20 to 30 times a year. Obviously, when news came down that vaccine passports were going to be introduced, I was eager to learn about what would be required for flight admissions. I got my first Covid shot in early 2021, had some heart complications, but followed it up with a second shot in summer of 2021. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on these “jabs”, but I’ll focus this article on flying experiences.

When it was announced that airlines would require proof of vaccination, there wasn’t a lot of lead time for information regarding what would be required as proof. Government issued QR codes hadn’t happened yet, and people carried around paper vaccinations or in my case, a little card the nurse wrote out. At my next flight I decided to ask for clarification and approached the people I thought were in charge of this new development, the Air Canada employees.

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The first people I approached were a young man and a woman dressed in sharp new uniforms. I asked them about the vaccine passports that we were going to require in order to fly. I think at this point there was about one week until that rule would be in effect.

They had no idea what I was talking about.

I tried to explain, and the man thought that I was talking about international passports. He smiled condescendingly and explained to me (like I was a dimwit) that Canadian travellers don’t require passports to fly within Canada. I didn’t argue and decided to write off the exchange and find someone who was better informed.

The next Air Canada employee I asked said she didn’t have any information and told me to talk to someone at the information kiosk in Vancouver. When I got to Vancouver, I asked the woman at the kiosk about the vaccine passports. She said they didn’t have a lot of info. I showed her my non-QR code vaccine card that I had at the time, and she shrugged and said it looked fine. She said they didn’t have anything to cross check it with at that point so whatever I had as proof would be accepted.

Real rigorous.

Here’s the thing:nothing has changed.

Recently I tried to check-in online for a flight with WestJet. There is a requirement upon checking in to upload your proof of vaccine card. I now have a QR issued government code that I keep on my phone. As horrific and 1984 as that is I am complying because I need to work more than I need to make a stand against the system.

I tried to upload my QR code during the online check in process and it didn’t work. It never works. This requires me to check in at the check in desk at the airport. So, I that’s what I do now.

Here’s the thing that unvaccinated people need to know. The employees doing the check in process thoroughly don’t give a shit about your vaccine passport.

One time I checked in and they forgot to ask me about it altogether. They just printed my boarding passes and I went on my way. The last time I checked in, the young guy doing the check in process asked to see it and I pulled it up on my phone. The version I pulled up on my phone was basically a full screen shot of the QR code that I zoomed in on, in hopes that I could use that to check in online, but it didn’t work. Nevertheless, that’s the first version I pulled up and showed him. They look like this.

He took a glance at it and said thanks and printed off my boarding passes. I could have been showing him a QR code from a picture taken off the back of a box of Ritz crackers and it wouldn’t have mattered. There’s no scan or central database of provincial records regarding Covid vaccines, cross checked with the airlines check-in counter computers. It’s all just an empty process.

The airlines hate all this nonsense as much as we do. They are understaffed and overworked. They’ve got a line of people with suitcases twenty people deep and they have to get people through as quickly and efficiently as they can. They’re not going to dick around trying to find out if your proof of vaccination is legit or not. They just need you to flash a QR code so they can see you did it.

Like a lot of things in life, confidence is key. If you’re unvaccinated and you need to fly for some reason you probably can. If you confidently display a fake vaccine passport to the hurried check-in worker, they are unlikely to quibble. Once you have your boarding pass printed off, there are no other vaccine checks throughout the process of getting to where you want to go.

I can’t vouch for the process regarding international flights. There’s a ArriveCan pass and a pre-boarding questionnaire that seems more intimidating, but I suspect the more adventurous among us would be able to get by in that situation as well.

There are a few things to consider here.

First of all, bureaucracy can work in our favour. The infamous inefficiency of too many people involved in too many checks and balances allows things to slip through the cracks. Most of the time we are victims of bureaucracy in the form of process delays and extra work and red tape, but exploiting the weaknesses of bureaucracy is something more of us will have to get accustomed to as big, bloated, overreaching government continues to evolve in a dark fashion.

"The airlines hate all this nonsense as much as we do. "

Conservatives are usually principled people and the idea of lying to fly is likely to cause anxiety and moral struggle. I suppose the greater question one must ask is whether or not what the government is doing regarding travel restrictions is morally right. If you want to submit to bad law rather than skirt the rules in protest, that’s up to you. I’m not sure I’d recommend playing with fake QR codes just for a fun weekend getaway, but I hear these stories about people not being able to see dying parents, or missing weddings, and it’s heartbreaking and wrong.

I once had a professor that told me that if you try to do everything by the book you’ll never get anywhere. At the time I was a pretty straight and narrow guy that took pride in being pedantic about following not only the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law as well.

Today, however, we have Justin Trudeau and his car of clowns writing bad laws and making wrong rules. Can you honestly respect such a situation?

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