Contradiction? Being Gay And Conservative 

August 1st, 2013 | D. Stone

Through the months of June and July, Poletical asked its Canadian readers if they thought that being gay and conservative is a contradiction.  The results were a loud "No", but it was still a bit  too close for comfort. 

39% of Canadians still believe that being gay and conservative is a contradiction, while 8% are unsure. 

53% isn't really a big majority and the age old stereotype that paints all homosexuals and lesbians as liberal is still alive and well. More disturbingly, 36% of Canadians still believe the stereotype applied to conservatives, which paints them as homophobic bigots. These negative and bigoted stereotypes may be what have kept some gays and lesbians from expressing their true political colours. 

The Harper government has been recognized even by left-of-centre publications, like the Huffington Post, for its stance on gay rights. John Baird, a known homosexual and staunch conservative, has fought against gay rights abuses around the world, including Russia's recent ban on homosexual propaganda. 

Regardless of efforts by some conservatives to convince others that conservatism is not based on homophobia or bigotry, a large percentage of Canadians refuse to believe anything else.

To expand our understanding of these damaging, negative stereotypes, Poletical has decided to dig a bit deeper. If you have a moment, please fill out the short survey below. 

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