Gender Gaps Are Not A Problem 

June 1st, 2019 | RR

You'll notice the media running circles and chasing their tails when it comes to covering that infamous “wage gap” in the marketplace, or when it comes to covering that “gender gap” in corporate boardrooms. However, when it comes to covering other, more inconvenient gender gaps, we hear nothing from media, activist groups, liberal politicians and feminists. The truth is, there are gender gaps all around us and many of them are natural and exist for a reason. Most of them, though, get ignored because they are inconvenient for politicians and journalists who are trying to maintain a steady and consistent feminist narrative for ideological purposes.

The gender gap in corporate boardrooms is no different than the vast array of other gender gaps that surround us on a daily basis. That gender gap, like the wage gap between men and women, has a logical and very natural reason for existing. Attempting to close those gaps would involve a total and complete violation of the principles of equality and justice. If we applied the very same logic we are told to follow regarding the gender gaps in boardrooms and parliaments, we would end up with a frightening and draconian result. When it comes to the gender gap in salary and wages, countries like Iceland impose legal quotas and pay requirements upon employers and government bodies. But, what if we applied that same kind of mandate to those other, less convenient gender gaps that the media and politicians choose to ignore? The results would be undesirable.

So, let's take a look at some of those less convenient gender gaps and apply some modern feminist logic as a solution.

The Prison Gap

In the United States, men receive prison sentences that are 12% longer than those received by women. In some cases, according to studies, men receive prison sentences that are—on average—63% higher than those received by women for similar and identical crimes. However, this isn't the real gender gap in prisons that I want to talk about.

Prison populations in both Canada and the United States are disproportionately made up of men. In US state and federal prisons, men make up an astonishing 90% of the prison population. In Canada, the numbers are almost identical but slightly worse. In Canada, only 6% of the federal prison population is made up of women, meaning 94% of Canada's federal prison population is made up of men. In provincial prisons, the numbers are a bit better, but not by much. On average, women make up 10% of provincial prison populations.

Several answers to this astonishing gender gap in prisons have been suggested by experts, including but not limited to gender biases in courtrooms and psychological differences between males and females, meaning that men have a higher proclivity to take risks and engage in dangerous behaviour.

Now imagine for a second what the reactions in media and inside the feminist community would be if experts made similar claims to help explain the gender gap in corporate boardrooms and in politics. I'm willing to bet my next paycheck on the reactions being somewhere along the lines of outrage. If experts claimed that psychological and biological differences between men and women were the reasons for women failing to gain traction in politics and in corporate boardrooms, those experts would be doxxed, lynched, shamed and would quickly find themselves unemployed. Just ask Jordan Peterson, who is a well-educated academic. Feminist activists, with the help of media, have tried to have him banned from teaching, lecturing and publishing his books—but with the opposite consequences. Instead, Peterson ended up becoming more famous. However, not everyone is always so lucky.

Now, what if we applied feminist logic as a solution to closing the gender gap in prisons? That would mean police would have to arrest more women and judges would have to sentence more women to prison and longer terms. Regardless of the obvious biological and psychological differences between men and women, more women would need to be arrested and imprisoned for the sake of gender equality. Either that, or fewer men would need to be arrested and sentenced to prison, even if they do, in fact, commit more crimes than women.

Sorry feminists, that's your own logic at work. It's time for some jail time.

"Now, what if we applied feminist logic as a solution to closing the gender gap in prisons?"

The Custody Gap

80% of women are given sole custody by courts in Canada and the United States. These numbers have been shrinking over the years, but there is still a significant gender gap in custody outcomes in both countries. The other 20% of cases aren't even granted to men. Men are only granted sole custody in 7% of custody outcomes, while 13% end with joint custody.

The scientific reasons for this have been explained by fathers being less likely to fight for custody than mothers, while other studies have suggest gender biases in courtrooms. Either way, there is a gender gap in custody outcomes and—according to feminists—gender gaps are a big problem.

So, let's fix this gender gap.

From now on, courts must give more men custody of their children—even if they don't want it—until the gender gap is closed. More women must lose custody, even if they want it, just for the sake of fixing this outrageously disproportionate gender difference. More deadbeat dads who can't afford their children or be trusted to look after them, but really want custody, must be granted custody.

Sorry feminists, that's your own logic at work again, not mine.

The New College Gap

Women in the United States now make up 56% of the country's college and university population. The gender gap is growing in Canada as well. In the 1970s, men made up 58% of America's college population. Albeit, colleges are trying their hardest to reverse this growing gap by advertising and creating campaigns geared at attracting more men. But, what if we just applied some feminist logic?

In order to create a parity between men and women in college, governments must impose quotas. Once a college has surpassed a 50% female enrolment rate, it must stop accepting women until more men are enrolled. Those women who have been rejected, despite being qualified and having more than what it takes, must either wait or find a college or university somewhere else in the country. Similar to government imposed gender quotas in the workplace, any qualified individuals looking for a job or an education will just have to go fuck themselves. Go wait tables somewhere until there is an opening, you privileged whiners!

Too bad, so sad. Gender gaps are unjust and must be stopped.

The Modelling Gap

Female models earn more than double—sometimes quadruple—what male models earn. In the porn industry, the same is true. Female actors make almost ten times more than their male counterparts, regardless of how well endowed their male counterparts are.

In the modelling industry there isn't really any standard or payment structure to follow, all models are awarded contracts that vary from person to person, but female models out-earn their male counterparts on average by two to four times.

The Hard Labour/Dirty Work Gap

Men make up several of the hard labour and dirty work industries by extremely disproportionate numbers. For instance, the waste management industry is dominated by men at a ratio of 100/1. This means, for every one-hundred men who pick up trash and dispose of it for a living, there is only one female doing the same job. The numbers work out to be 99% male and only 1% female.

Now, let's be honest. Women aren't actively seeking out careers in waste management, despite the pay being extremely high when compared to other dirty jobs. It's not like women can't do the job, they're just choosing not to. The same can be said about most other hard labour jobs, like construction and warehouse work. All of these sectors are almost exclusively dominated by men, not because the employers discriminate, but because women simply don't apply for these jobs.

Most of the trades, like plumbing and electrician work, are exclusively dominated by men. Feminists don't seem to be concerned about these obscene gender gaps, but why not? We only ever hear the media and activists talk about the gender gap in boardrooms and politics—the physically easier jobs. That wage gap we hear about might have something to do with fewer women choosing high-paying, dirty jobs like plumbing and waste disposal. Most garbage men will earn close to $100,000 per year by the time they retire, so why aren't more women flocking to these positions? Perhaps if they chose waste disposal instead of positions in largely female dominated sectors like front-line banking and retail, the wage gap would start to narrow more quickly.

But, who are we (men) to judge? It's not like we earn more than women on average because we're choosing to do the jobs they don't want to! Woe is me.

The Suicide Gap

On a much bleaker note, men are more likely to commit suicide than women—globally. No matter which country you look at, men make up more global suicide victims than women by an average of 2:1. In the United States and Canada, men are three times more likely to kill themselves than women.

Whatever the reasons, this is one of the more bleak gender differences. Even jokingly, I'm not going to apply feminist solutions to this one.

The Feminist Double Standard

If we're actually looking to achieve honesty between each other, we have to come to terms with the fact that modern feminism is almost solely dependent on double standards, hypocrisy and misandry. The very fact that feminists don't care about the gender gaps mentioned here proves a heavy, highly obvious double standard.

At the very root of all of these double standards and hypocrisy is misandry, or the hatred of men. Modern feminists maintain these glaring double standards, shamelessly, not because they are oblivious to their existence, but because they hate men. They don't care about the other gender gaps because their movement is about beating men down, destroying their positions in society and replacing them as the dominant gender within every facet of society that matters most, like politics and economics. Their goals aren't true equality and parity, but female dominance.

According to modern feminists, men deserve it. For too long, men have ruled the world, so their day of reckoning is upon us. Feminists are driven by their resentment and hatred of men, not by equality. The proof is in the pudding.

Their goals depend on training young women and girls to believe that men are the problem. There are a lot of negative consequences involved in teaching girls this, but the worst is the affect it has on girls and women as they enter the real world. They enter schools, the workforce and every other field believing that they can't—or won't—get ahead because men are the problem. This destructive feminist ideology teaches women that they are victims of their gender and that the only way to get ahead is to beat men down.

Sorry, but I won't be teaching my daughter this nonsense and neither should you. A true, real feminist teaches their daughters to grab life by the balls, appreciate men and women alike for the roles they play, and to never resent themselves, men or other women for any reason. True feminists teach their daughters to value their womanhood and to cherish their men, while teaching their sons to value their manhood and to cherish all women.

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