Get Vaccinated, Or Lose Your Healthcare?

August 1st, 2021 | RR

You'll notice a lot of people, in a lot of places and powerful positions, saying that we need mandatory vaccines. A new argument popping up in Canada goes as far as possibly revoking public healthcare rights from people who choose not to get vaccinated. This is an ongoing battle many of us have had in protecting our freedoms against angry mobs that are driven by fear and self-righteousness, but it's one we have been losing since the beginning of time. Piece by piece, we always lose the freedoms we gained from past revolutions. Since those who love freedom always end up on the losing side of history, it's time to start fighting back in new ways. It's time to stop letting the self-righteousness mobs dictate the terms of our freedom.

Feminists no longer get to dictate the terms of “my body, my choice”. The harder they push to implement mandated vaccines, the harder we push to outlaw abortion. Without abortion, women still have several choices and available health options. Before getting pregnant, women are faced with a series of alternative choices that no one wants to take away, like abstinence and the morning after pill. If our push results in abortions being outlawed, so be it. Chances are that it won't and that our push would only scare the angry mobs into retreating and giving up their push for mandatory vaccines. Either way, they would lose, or win at the expense of losing one of their own “freedoms”. As would we.

If we don't fight back, they could win without having to give up one of their own freedoms.

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The scared and easily manipulated drones and non-player characters, who are pushing to delete public healthcare for anyone who refuses to get vaccinated, don't get to dictate the terms. If they want to play that game, we should play it harder.

From now on, anyone with too many speeding tickets and car accidents should be disqualified from receiving public healthcare. They can pay for healthcare themselves. Their bad habits and high risk life choices shouldn't be my responsibility. People who choose to ride motorcycles will need to pay for their own healthcare. Football players, particularly the parents of high school players, should definitely pay their own way. From now on, anyone who is overweight by a single pound more than what their weight should be, based on their height and age, should be disqualified from receiving public healthcare. Anyone who chooses a high risk job that involves exposure to carcinogens and dangerous chemicals will need to pony up the money required to pay for future health issues. Cops who choose to patrol dangerous neighbourhoods can probably pay their own way as well.

It's about bad and risky life choices, right? Maybe we should go even further and include Baby Boomers, just for shits and giggles. We should include people over 65, due to their increased likelihood of getting sick and costing us more money.

This is fun. I could go on for six more pages.

Some self-proclaimed conservatives have also made the argument that the unvaccinated should pay their own healthcare bills. That's totally fine, since private healthcare is a big push for a lot of conservatives, but I hope they have the money to pay for it themselves, especially if they fall onto my list of people above. Don't ride a motorcycle or eat too many potato chips, assholes. You don't get a free pass.

Anyone who has lived in the States will tell you that private healthcare is great until you get sick or injured and find out your insurance doesn't cover it. If conservatives want to talk about medical treatments and care being declined, no one does it better than private insurance companies. Ask an American who has ever been declined insurance because of some of the things I listed above. Of course, no one is ever really declined care. No, they get the treatment they need, along with the bill. If they can't pay it, they'll be forced to declare bankruptcy. In many cases, patients are given a quote for treatment that their insurance won't cover and then avoid treatment all together because they can't afford it. Unless Canadian conservatives are confident their lifestyles will either be covered, or that they'll have affordable insurance rates, maybe they should shut the fuck up.

"If we don't fight back, they could win without having to give up one of their own freedoms."

In 2014, Obama made it illegal for insurance companies to have exclusions for pre-existing conditions, but insurance rates and prices are determined by several factors. No one pays one single price for the same coverage and, depending on the state, treatments for obesity are not always covered. Do we have any pro-private fat-fuck conservatives reading this right now? If so, they're probably rich enough to pay for their treatments without insurance. Right?

In countries like the United States, surgeries and treatments need to be approved by the insurance provider. In some cases, they could be declined. When was the last time you had to have your surgery approved and then pay a deductible in Canada? Exactly.

Arguments about wait times and inefficiencies aside, Canadians have it pretty good. Most of the conservatives that push for private healthcare are either rich, or they have no idea how private insurance works. Either way, they've spent years trying to impose their vision on the rest of us. We can all acknowledge that some minor private options could ease the burdens on our system, but that our overall system is something that should be preserved.

People who have had to use our system to treat cancer or to give birth have learned to appreciate public healthcare. It's not always perfect, but we don't pay deductibles and we usually don't get stuck paying extra hospital fees and service fees that aren't covered by insurance. People who aren't rich and can't afford higher premiums, due to their age and medical conditions, aren't being bankrupted to stay alive.

Most rational, non-bubble dwelling Canadians have come to appreciate public healthcare.

With that said, conservatives (and liberals) pushing to exclude unvaccinated people from receiving free healthcare are, basically, pushing to turn Canada's public system into a system that runs like a private system controlled by private insurance companies. Their clueless vision about rainbows, butterflies and fairies sprinkling good health and cheap premiums on everyone in a private system is laughable. Because a lot of rich conservatives can afford to pull high premiums and uninsured treatment costs out of their asses, they think everyone else can too. The poor and middle-class conservatives pushing for private care probably have no idea that private insurance is more costly on an individual basis than public healthcare through taxation, or that some treatments and surgeries are not always covered without deductibles that range in the thousands.

If conservatives and liberals want to exclude people who make “risky” life choices, let them lead by example. They can turn in their cars and trucks, lose weight and start living a life without any risks—not just the “risks” they've selected based on the mob outrage about vaccines.

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