Climate Science Running Cold

July 1st, 2012 - J. Hodgson 

“The IPCC is like punching jello. Every time you strike it down, it squeezes up somewhere else.”  - Eric Lougheed, Co-Founder of Friends of Science


It’s a dark and stormy evening at the annual general meeting of the Calgary based, Friends of Science organization. In the basement of a local recreation centre, a screen is set up and the room is alive with talk of science. I’m greeted by Michelle Sterling, the new public relations person in charge of promoting the organization. She has her work cut out for her, since revenue for the group has been a struggle. This may, in the long run, prove to be a blessing rather than a curse, but we’ll get back to that later.

The Friends of Science group was established in 1999 by a group of science fans that were growing increasingly unsettled by the global warming/climate change hyperbole. When Michael Mann of the International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) published his seminal alarmist report featuring the now infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph, the Friends of Science decided to take action.

They began attempts to educate the public through media campaigns, resource distribution and events such as public lectures and presentations. In 2006, however, Al Gore released his panic ‘documentary’, An Inconvenient Truth, and the public began buying into the global warming hysteria wholesale. If it wasn’t for the economic meltdown of 2008 and the ClimateGate scandal of 2009, climate change may well have sprouted horrible enviro-Marxist policies that could have set the standard for generations to come.

“If it (global temperature) goes flat for another ten years, I don’t know how they’ll look at themselves (IPCC) in the mirror.” - Eric Lougheed, Co-Founder of Friends of Science

A funny thing began happening after the ClimateGate scandal of 2009. The issues surrounding the politicization of climate change began to steer in favour of the critics. It was noticed that according to many readings, temperature averages worldwide were no longer rising. Earlier predictions about the consequences of climate change were failing to come to pass. In 2005, the United Nations predicted that by 2010 there would be 50 million “climate refugees”. In 2010 the story and the prediction became fodder for ridiculing the alarmists. Polar bears are thriving, the ocean levels have dropped, hurricanes aren’t as common...what happened to the dire predictions?

What happened was that the science wasn’t actually science, it was speculative fiction by leftists pushing an agenda. As the predictions failed and life on Earth stayed the same, the general public simply stopped caring about what happened and moved on with their lives. The false predictions and the 2009 scandal were enough to slowly denigrate the whole enterprise. With each passing year the climate scam is becoming more and more obvious to everyone involved. Even James Lovelock, the godfather of global warming, has admitted that many things went wrong with the study of climate. As a scientist, he was disgusted that climate change slowly morphed from scientific study into a green religion. The Friends of Science were disgusted too.

During our interviews I quickly realized that these members weren’t political activists that the critics of the organization claim them to be. They are people that really love science and despise what is being done to science in the name of pushing a green agenda. Everytime I try to delve into the eco-socialist aspects of the fraud, they quickly steer the conversation back to ice core samples from Antarctica or the history of solar cycles. I didn’t need convincing, I was already on board. It did occur to me, however, that perhaps the reason the funds are smaller than they used to be, is simply because this organization is winning. Perhaps the small victories in battle after battle are adding up to decisively winning the war against the warmist alarmists? Current President of Friends of Science, Len Maier, doesn’t disagree. “Our ultimate goal is to keep educating,” says Len.

With the recent Rio Summit being heralded as an “epic failure”, and the Copenhagen summit previously being seen as much the same, perhaps we have finally reached a zenith in the politicization of environmental issues. With Europe in a state of economic collapse, Obama looking to lose the election and Harper entrenched in 24 Sussex for another 3 years, the global warming agenda is sure to fade away in the short term. Science fans and political conservatives must be vigilant, because the tentacles of socialism are always looking for the next opportunity for progress. Global warming, climate change, sustainability, green’s always something.

In the meantime, the Friends of Science will carry on watching, defending and, most of all, educating.