Goodbye Quebec, Unions, And Mainstream News?

September 1st, 2012 - Poletical Online Survey 

Last month, Poletical asked its readers four questions. With a provincial election just around the corner in Quebec and a national poll reflecting the nonchalance of almost half of Canadians about separatism, this site's visitors were asked if they think Quebec should separate. The results were less polarizing and far more unanimous than expected.

Visitors were also asked about labour unions, bias in mainstream news, and filibusters. 49% of the respondents were from B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. 51% of respondents were from Manitoba, Ontario, and Eastern Canada. Once all votes from outside of Canada and from 'unknown' locations were removed, there were 522 Canadian votes.

These were the results.

These results show a very clear distaste for filibusters, with 87% of all respondents saying that members of parliament should have time restrictions during question period and debates in the House Of Commons.

61% of respondents said Quebec should separate. Respondents for this question were not given an option to be 'unsure'.

57% of respondents said they would not join a labour union if they were given a choice. 'Unsure' was not an option.

A slim majority of respondents said they do not believe that Canada's mainstream news outlets are capable of unbiased political reporting. Only 40% believe Canada's news outlets are capable of reporting political news without some sort of slant.