Our Ideal GOP Tickets 

March 14th, 2016 | Contributors 

Carter: Trump/Cruz

This is still my ideal GOP ticket. If Cruz and Trump can overcome their differences, they would make the perfect winning ticket for November. 

Menuck: Trump/Rubio

As crazy as this ticket sounds, hear me out. The GOP clearly has a rift between its grassroots base and donor elites. What better solution than for the standard bearers of each faction to come together in a unity ticket? The base gets their wall, the establishment gets their man in the White House (sort of).

Hodgson: Cruz/Rubio

I support a Cruz/Rubio ticket to stop Trump. The combined delegates of the both of them might be greater than Trump's tally. It's simply math. Put Rubio on Cruz's ticket and you pull into the lead.

Rados: Trump/Kasich

Trump said he would prefer a VP with government experience. Kasich is favourable among blue collar Republicans and hasn't taken the low road against Trump. Kasich has picked up Rubio's moderate supporters and could do well in states like Michigan. The fact that Kasich is a nice and gentle guy would help balance Trump. They'd be like yin and yang.

Stone: Trump/Christie

What would be better than seeing Hillary's veep candidate get walloped in the vice presidential debate by Chris Christie? The guy is a debate wizard. This ticket would bulldoze Trump right into the White House.