For Gun Enthusiasts: Other Ways To Protect Yourself

November 1st, 2016 | C. Wang

As a conservative, I am in favour of strong gun control laws. Not because I hate guns, but because there are so many low quality people in society that shouldn’t even be taking up space, let alone purchasing weapons in a gun shop. The freedom of gun ownership ranks less on my priority list than keeping guns out of the hands of crazy losers and sub-human garbage.

Most responsible gun owners agree with some restrictions, but one canard that keeps coming up in the gun control debate is, “What if the government goes full Nazi and I need to defend myself from tyranny?” In other words, we can’t allow the government to set too many standards or regulations, because if they become the enemy, we’ll be screwed.

The biggest problem with this philosophy is that having guns and being willing to use them against the government are two separate things. Tyranny doesn’t usually make itself completely obvious all at once and even people who live under such institutions, still usually have too much to lose by fighting.

People don’t want to be early adopters when it comes to trigger pulling.

Look at the Bundy stand-off. Gun enthusiasts descended from around the country in order to support a belligerent rancher. They upscaled the conflict into a fight against THE MAN. End of the day, it failed to kick-off a Turner Diaries-styled revolution, so everyone who wasn’t arrested just went home. Deep down nobody really believed they were fighting tyranny. Deep down nobody wanted to pay the price for being a cop killer.

So here’s the thing.

Gun owners that want to enjoy owning guns need to jump through the hoops and put up with the red tape and the expense and live with the fact that they can’t own any gun they desire. Regulations and restrictions keep mass-killing weapons out of the hands of all the scum that’s out there.

As for tyranny prevention…

5 Things Gun Enthusiasts Can Do To Survive or Prevent Tyranny Besides Loosening Gun Laws.

#1. Martial Arts like Krav Maga

Krav Maga was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld during his street fighting days against Nazi thugs prior to World War 2. He made his way to Israel where he taught his techniques to the special forces.

I’ve taken Krav Maga at only the level 1 stage and it is a fantastic beast of a self-defense class. Real world skills and a great philosophy of brutal violence provide an ideal training regime to survive the apocalypse. Entire workshops are offered on disarming attackers carrying guns and breaking fingers with trigger guards and knife fighting without having a knife. These skills will come in handy against jackbooted thugs and you’ll never have to worry about running out of bullets. In other the weapon you wish you had!

#2. Staying in shape in general

A lot of gun enthusiasts look like they couldn’t run up an escalator at the mall without having a heart attack. If you can’t lift a hundred pounds or walk a few miles in the heat you’ll be a sitting duck in a totalitarian climate. Sitting around with your gun over your belly isn’t going to stop the next Hitler.

By staying in shape you’ll be able to adapt and hustle with more guile and subterfuge than just walking around with a big-ass gun. Surviving takes a lot more than pulling a trigger...use the Navy Seals as a point of comparison. In fact, here’s your resource link for military fitness training.

#3. Survivalist training

If you need to prepare against a fascist takeover of the government, then you’d better prepare for some off-grid living. Camping gear from Big Bass Pro isn’t going to get you far if you’re living in an environment like Defiance or Red Dawn.

Lot’s of outdoorsy schools and military-styled training centres offer classes and workshops. You could also just get books and do internet research and go out into the wild. Just try not to Chris McCandless yourself in the process. Best to learn little-by-little. Hunt. Fish. Take a class. Build a shelter. You stuff.

#4. Knives

Knives are ubiquitous and if you get a good one you can use it need to reload. They are concealable, versatile and have more utility than a gun. You can buy everything from a machete to throwing-knives and there’s no permit required. The best part is you can use your knife to kill an unsuspecting fascist jackboot and then take his gun. That’s how winning is done!

#5. Fire

Guns have nothing on fire. From a single match you can unleash an insatiable beast. Billions of dollars in infrastructure can be destroyed with a jerry can and a roman candle. Molotov cocktails are what you want to invest in. Click that hyperlink and you’ll see how effective those bottles of boom really are.


If you’re not a dirt bag then you can buy a gun. Jump through those hoops and stop worrying about THE GOVERNMENT coming for your stuff. If the world really does end you just have to keep the guns you’ve got and use the above tools and advice for survival.

But the most important thing to do is flex your civil rights before the world ends. Countries with strong participative democracies rarely turn totalitarian. Gridlock, corruption, inertia, incompetence...yeah that’s democracy. Winston Churchill said it best…

“No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

So you might not like an election outcome, but the democratic system will still provide a bulwark against worst-case scenarios.

Get involved. Write your representative. Join a campaign. Run for office. Say what you think, in public without shame.

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