Trick Or Treat: Halloween Is Not Cancelled

October 1st, 2020 | SP

Trick or treat, my little disobedient hooligans. The air is ripe with the stench of authoritarianism this Halloween, which is precisely why we will take our children door to door this year to collect the candy that is due. From the sparkling coasts of British Columbia to the jagged coasts of PEI, Canadians should relish their God given rights to dress up, enjoy the brisk autumn air and indulge this fun annual event.

We should not let the likes of politicians and journalists ruin our fun. As children head back to school across the West and East, there is no more safe an activity than walking door to door in ghoulish masks. Zombies and princesses alike can—and should—enjoy this centuries old tradition before they attempt to deprive us of yet another small indulgence. How long do we give our masters before declaring these festivities illegal in order to protect the public good?

With their guns blazing, our friends in media have told us that we must cancel our festivities this year, speaking on behalf of their friends in high castles:

The scariest thing on Halloween night will be the invisible threat of COVID-19, and adults and children should change their plans to minimize that danger, according to new guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The top US health agency issued a new set of coronavirus safety recommendations on its website late Monday, in what it described as a “supplement” to existing safety measures in various states and cities. The guidelines are some of the first to emerge on a national level ahead of the Halloween season in the United States and Canada.

And Canada, Global says? An American organization telling Canadians to avoid tricking and treating? Or just Global News attempting to Canadianize a message from authoritarians in America? It matters not, since Ontario's weasel-in-chief, Doug Ford, has sent parents in his province a message of his own:

In Ontario, for example, Premier Doug Ford said he’d prefer it if parents did not take their children trick-or-treating this year.

It just makes me nervous, kids going door to door with this,” he said earlier this month.

Halloween is certainly not cancelled,” Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, said recently. “It will look different this year.”

B.C.’s top doctor, Bonnie Henry, echoed that message on Sept. 9.

I think we can rescue Halloween,” she said. “We should be looking at doing it outdoors, in small groups, and I would encourage groups to get together and have little areas where they can have things pre-packaged.”

Well, at least our friends in the West have more open-minded leadership. Perhaps they would not mind if we jolly Ontarions with similarly open minds made a road trip to enjoy the festivities in their provinces. Of course, we would be courteous in the time of Covid and wear our masks and keep our distances.

Just kidding, of course. We will stay put this year.

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On a more serious note, perhaps our leaders here in the East could begin to send coherent messages followed by coherent policies on the matter. As our children head back to school, some told to wear masks and others not, some clear guidance and consistency could go a long way. As cases rise to alarming numbers while deaths and hospitalizations remain stable, perhaps some more honest numbers and reporting could also be of value.

As Brian Lilley pointed out, the way Ontario reports its Covid fatalities should raise some eyebrows.

As we know now, Ontario has been reporting anyone who has died and tested positive for Coronavirus as having died of COVID-19 related issues:

My decision to look into this came after a revealing tweet from Toronto Public Health. From the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve heard claims that COVID death counts include people who died with the coronavirus in their system but not necessarily from COVID-19.

Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto,” TPH tweeted in reply to a question on the issue.

To me that sounds like we may be inflating our COVID-19 death count. Was this the case across Ontario? Was this the case across Canada?

I reached out to local public health units across Ontario and found out that was the case; someone who was infected when they died was considered a COVID death even if they may have died of another cause.

This is an extraordinary and infuriating revelation. According to information provided to Lilley, other provinces are guilty of the same unethical practice:

In the other provinces that responded, every single one will record a death if the person died while still infected with COVID-19. Quebec’s health ministry went so far as to say health officials in that province would count a COVID death on someone who had not been tested.

A spokesperson for the Quebec health ministry told me via email that a COVID death was possible if, “the person had clinical manifestations compatible with COVID-19 before his death without having had a test to confirm COVID-19.”

Each province may vary slightly in how they word their policy but it boils down to the same end result: COVID-19 doesn’t need to be present for a COVID death to be added to the count. Outside of trauma or some other unnatural cause, the infected person is marked as dying from the virus.

In a time when Canadians complain of misinformation from Donald Trump and Americans who tout “conspiracy theories about Coronavirus”, we have provincial leaders and health professionals in our very own country publishing falsified data.

Make no mistake about it, friends. That is exactly what this is. It is falsified data.

"We should not let the likes of politicians and journalists ruin our fun."

This data has been used to justify devastating lockdowns, unlawful violations of freedom, suppression of free speech, fear-mongering and various other sorts of political power grabs. According to these falsified statistics, we should all be afraid of a virus that could rip through our schools and communities with devastating death tolls.

Except, many of the recorded deaths so far may have died from unrelated complications. Unfortunately, that would not fulfill the agendas of those who have been falsifying the data right under our noses. Much of that same falsified data also happens to leave out the truth. No reliable records or examinations are made available of those who have died of “Covid related complications”. In the name of privacy, we may never know the true mortality rate of this virus.

What we can most definitely surmise, however, is that the death rate is much lower than what we have been told. Globally, if other countries follow similar reporting protocols, we may be in for a big future shock when their numbers are revised. As stated by Lilley, Alberta has already scratched off a few deaths from its Covid tally following a review.

More recently, Alberta removed a highly publicized 20-year-old man from its Covid tally.

One thing is made more certain by all of this. We must not surrender to fear. The only things we should be “fearing” this Halloween are the tiny ghouls, demons and unicorns that will be begging for tricks or treats on our doorsteps. We will not fear them for the reasons we have been asked to fear them. We will fear them in the ways we have been fearing them since Halloween became a wondrous and joyous celebration of fun and fright for children across this beautiful, free country.

Trick or treat, friends.

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