Harjit Sajjan Is Protected By His Ethnicity

July 1st, 2021 | SP

Many of the minorities and women put into power in little Justin's cabinet were put there only to shield their offices from criticism and scandal. To this date, no one has been fired from Trudeau's cabinet who is a member of an ethnic minority, except perhaps those who have been accused of serious sexual misconduct. In such cases, the dismissals were only out of necessity to protect the Trudeau government's title as feminist. As of this moment, Harjit Sajjan is still the Minister Of Defence because of his ethnic background and religious identity.

Do we remember the very first doozy of his tenure? Allow me to refresh your memories.

In 2015, Sajjan took credit as “the architect” of Operation Medusa. On more than one single occasion, Sajjan referred to himself as the architect of that failed military mission in Afghanistan. He first made reference to his genius in an episode of Conversations That Matter, where he told media that Jonathan Vance had viewed him as the “architect” of the operation, which sought to eradicate the Taliban from Kandahar. Of course, Sajjan was not only NOT the architect of the mission, the mission was a stunning failure.

Sajjan repeated his false claims again in 2017, during a speech in India, where he said, “On my first deployment to Kandahar in 2006, I was kind of thrown in an unforeseen situation and became the architect of an operation called Operation Medusa, where we removed about 1,500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield.”

Uh, ok.

After the Canadian-led mission, the Taliban retained their power in Kandahar and the mission was viewed as a significant failure. So, if our little friend Harjit wishes to take credit for it, perhaps we should let him and not be so bitter about it. However, the truth is the truth is truth and Sajjan was called out by fellow officials in the Canadian armed forces for his “bald-faced lie”. Many called his claims “outrageous”.

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All the while, Sajjan survived an attempted no-confidence vote by Conservatives and Justin Trudeau rushed to his defence, refusing to accept his resignation.

Now, here we are again, friends, finding Sajjan wrapped up in yet another scandal, this one involving sexual misconduct with none other than his good friend, Jonathan Vance. As you may have heard, Vance was terminated for sexual misconduct only years after the allegations were brought to Sajjan's attention. It has been confirmed by several sources that Sajjan was aware of the allegations, but proceeded to do nothing.

It has been said that Trudeau's office was aware, but proceeded to do nothing.

The Trudeau government went as far as shutting down an investigation into the allegations, designed to determine when they were brought to the attention of the PMO and Sajjan's office. That's right, friends. The highly feminist office of the prime minister, and his fellow Liberals, shut down an investigation into sexual misconduct inside Canada's military. Any evidence of Harjit Sajjan covering for his good friend Mr. Vance will never see the light of day.

Recently, we saw Sajjan's office finally let go another deviant who had been accused of misconduct. A reserve officer who had been caught in an inappropriate relationship three years ago by the Vancouver police, was terminated from Sajjan's office. The culprit, Greg McCullough, was found guilty of misconduct in 2018 for his relationship with a woman who later took her own life.

When contacted for questioning by media, Sajjan's office claimed they did not know about McCullough's past.

Pardon me, but is that not a stunning statement? We are expected to believe that Harjit Sajjan, who is a former intelligence officer, knew nothing about McCullough's past? We know the two had served together and were good friends, but we are told to believe that Sajjan knew nothing about what had happened in 2018. We are also expected to believe that Sajjan had nothing to do with McCullough's hiring. The audacity and arrogance of his office is astounding, to say the least. They believe Canadians are fools, which may very well be an accurate assessment, simply due to the lack of attention and anger that Sajjan and his office have earned not only for this scandal, but for the previous scandal.

At what point in time will Canadians tolerate less from Harjit Sajjan?

So far, Sajjan has escaped unemployment, disgrace and discipline. Those who have criticized him have been called racist and bigoted, while with every new scandal he receives the prime minister's continued praise and blessing. How on Earth could that be possible?

"As of this moment, Harjit Sajjan is still the Minister Of Defence because of his ethnic background and religious identity."

Well, friends, I hate to play Captain Obvious, but we all have a hunch as to why Sajjan continues to escape the proper fate that would normally befall any white, non-diverse politician.

With so many egregious scandals under his belt, Sajjan has escaped severe punishment because he is a practicing Sikh and has a rare background in intelligence and military service. Harjit Sajjan is, for the most part, a token minority with a high rank inside the Canadian government. Many within the Liberal Party fear that tarnishing the only token Sikh defence minister will look bad for the party and discourage other minorities from seeking positions inside the Liberal Party and future Liberal governments. At all costs, Liberals must defend him for the sake of diversity... no matter how corrupted he becomes. At all costs, Canada's first Sikh minister of defence must be a success!

The Liberal Party's lapdogs in media will do Trudeau's work for him. This is why not one journalist has aggressively questioned the validity of Sajjan's office's claims that it knew nothing about McCullough's history and played no role in the hiring process. In a sane world, these would all be silly answers that deserve aggressive follow-ups. In Canada, our reporters prefer to put their heads in the sand.

For the sake of diversity and inclusion, the Liberal Party and media will not aggressively pursue answers in Sajjan's latest scandal, or pursue his resignation. Minus a few brave voices, Canadian journalists will accept every answer Sajjan gives as the truth, if not only out of fear of being called racist by high ranking Liberals and, henceforth, being cancelled.

Harjit Sajjan would have been fired after his first grandiose lie about Operation Medusa had he not been an ethnic minority and a member of Canada's Sikh community. Such blatant and bald-faced claims not only wreak of narcissism, they would be grounds for immediate dismissal in any Conservative government. Had Sajjan been a white man, journalists and Liberals would not have hesitated to destroy his career and his future.

You know it, I know it, we all know it.

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