Harper's Replacements - Part 3

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June 2nd, 2013 | J. Hodgson 

In 2015 I predict that Stephen Harper will run and win the general election. I think the NDP and the Liberals will kill each other for the same voters and the Conservatives will tear through the middle with an even bigger majority than they currently have now.

What happens next?

I predict Harper will serve three out of four years and then step down. This will open up a leadership race within the Conservative Party. There will undoubtedly be many people lining up for the job, but there are a few frontrunners for the job.

9 Reasons Maxime Bernier Should Be Leader After Harper

1. He’s an athlete.

Bernier played football and was a member of the Séminaire de St-Georges Condors, the team that won the Gold Cup at Olympic Stadium in 1980. Time on the gridiron can shape a person for the rest of their life. Bernier knows about hard work, strategy and team playing.

2. He’s got the right education.

Bernier got his degrees in business and law. He’s worked in finance and insurance. He knows money and free markets. Establishing a private sector foundation is a huge plus for becoming Prime Minister. This allows first hand experience to guide decision making in regards to economic policy.

3. He is an activist conservative.

He helped establish the Montreal Economic Institute, a right-wing think tank akin to the Fraser Institute. Their front page has a picture of Milton Friedman on it with articles that are both anti-union and pro-free market. He also operates his his own right-wing website, posting articles and ideas that are libertarian, without apology.

4. He’s from Quebec.

Quebec has an enormous amount of seats and the people there are predisposed to voting for their own. Most Prime Ministers over the past 50 years have been from Quebec. With Stephen Harper as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, only 10 seats have been collected during an election.

The homefront advantage with Bernier at the helm could translate into a major breakthrough in Quebec.

5. He wins big.

You might be thinking, “How could a guy like this bring about a breakthrough in Quebec?” Well, he does it in his own riding. In fact, he wins with massive, blow-out majorities not seen outside of Alberta. If anyone can turn Quebec from the morass of socialism, it’ll be Bernier.

6. He’s a skeptic on Climate Change.

Most conservatives understand that “climate change” is just a leftist buzzword aimed at implementing socialism, via the eco-cult. Harper has spent 7 years trying to talk the talk without having to walk the walk. He fights within the mainstream liberal framework and we’ve had a lot of progress keeping Canada away from that morass of leftism as a result.

Every once in awhile, however, conservatives can speak their minds and test the waters of popular opinion. Maxime Bernier has boldly come out in favour of climate skepticism.

With each passing year the skeptics will be vindicated and by the time Harper steps down, we may be able to elect someone that doesn’t need to pretend to care about this inconsequential and economically detrimental debate.

7. He wants to freeze the Federal budget.

As detailed in this Poletical article, Maxime Bernier advises: “That after the 2016-2017 budget, and for the four subsequent years (thus until 2020-2021), the federal government freeze spending at 300 billion dollars per year in current dollars.”

This would provide real spending limitations and allow for paying down some of Canada’s enormous debt. A freeze would ensure that money was prioritized and efficient. Bernier is advocating fiscal conservatism far beyond the ambitions of Stephen Harper.

8. He is not a Keynesian.

A lot of spending that has taken place since 2008/09 was simply a form of panic. The economic crash led many governments around the world to look for a quick fix solution. Their idea was massive amounts of government spending. After all...if the private sector won’t fuel the economy, why not government?

This has led to massive debt increases and wasted taxpayer dollars. This has also led to a less than stellar economic recovery. Bernier’s a student of Milton Friedman and isn’t afraid to promote anti-Keynesian ideas such as #7 on this list. Moving forward, Canada is going to need a stronger, more strident approach to the competitive nature of the 21st century.

9. The name, “Mad Max”.

The media gave him the nickname "Mad Max", due to his ups and downs in the press. Rather than fret about this, he should embrace it. “Mad Max” is a bad-ass connotation referring to this series of movies from the 80's. There will soon be a remake released, which will make the name more relevant again. Prime Minister Mad Max has a branding ring to it that would be fantastic on the world stage.