Hillary Is A Basket Case

June 10th, 2016 | D. Stone
hillary clinton is nuts

Much has been made about Donald Trump's temperament. They say he's unfit to hold office and shouldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes, despite the fact he was against the Iraq War and that the nuclear codes aren't just handed over to any sitting president without due process. It seems the media is reluctant to address Hillary Clinton's temperament and her scandalous history, while they continue to dig into Trump University and Trump's business dealings.

To go where mainstream media won't, let's take a look at Hillary's dubious past and her questionable temperament.

Hillary Is Violent

Former presidential reporter, Kate Anderson Brower, told of a time when there was “blood all over the president and the first lady's bed.” This happened after Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. It's all laid out in high detail in Brower's 2015 book, The Residence: Inside The Private World Of The White House.

In her book, she writes about how maids and staff were frantic, and how they scurried around the White House trying to clean up the bloody mess. Everyone in the White House at the time knew that Bill and Hillary fought that night and that she had probably “clocked him”; but Bill went around insisting that he had just banged into the bathroom door and caused the injury that required more than ten stitches.

In another incident described by former White House staff, Hillary once threw a lamp at Bill Clinton and called him a “goddamned bastard”.

Feminists will call Hillary Clinton's violent outbursts against Bill justified because of the Lewinsky scandal, but such violent behaviour would never be tolerated by any man or child. The same pundits that defend Hillary's violence would denounce other acts of violence committed by any other person for the same reasons.

A brand new book by a former Secret Service agent tells an even darker story about Hillary Clinton. In his forthcoming book, Crisis Of Character, Gary Byrne compares Hillary to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He describes how White House staff lived in terror while Hillary served as first lady and that she would regularly scream obscenities at Bill, the Secret Service and White House staff when things weren't done in a particular way. Byrne also describes how he once walked in on Bill having sex with a woman who was neither Hillary or Lewinsky, how Hillary often tried to sneak out for late night excursions, and how Hillary tried to ban the Secret Service from being inside the White House. At one point, Byrne describes fears among the Secret Service that they would have to protect Bill from Hillary. The book isn't available until June 28, but it's already stirring controversy.

A book written in 1998 by former FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, describes much of the same. In his book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside The White House, Aldrich describes Hillary lashing out at staff and using vulgar language to berate them. The book is available for purchase here. Another book detailing Hillary's violent history, called The Clintons' War On Women can be purchased here. In that book, Roger Stone tracks Hillary's violence against Bill all the way back to his time as Governor of Arkansas.

In October, Clinton campaign aides complained about crying fits and temper tantrums. As the New York Post reported, Hillary even berated a low-level staffer for making a scheduling mistake. When the staffer turned her back, Hillary grabbed her arm and pulled her backwards. Rumours of behind-the-scenes meltdowns also made waves on NBC, ABC and CNN last year, when campaign insiders said they had been encouraging Hillary to “direct her anger” at Republicans instead of her own staff.

Hillary Is Unhinged

One of Hillary's closest associates, Huma Abedin, warned her colleagues that Hillary is “often confused”. The warning was uncovered in a series of emails released under the Freedom Of Information Act between Hillary, her aides and some world leaders. In the email, Abedin expresses the importance of going over scheduled phone calls with Hillary before they happen, because she is often confused. Hillary Clinton was Secretary Of State at the time of the emails in 2013, when she was described as “confused”.

In a set of documents called The Hillary Papers, written by a close Clinton family friend, Hillary is said to have blamed her husband's affair with Lewinsky on his political rivals. This was around the same time that Hillary publicly blamed the Lewinsky scandal on a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband. In the papers, Hillary is also described as ruthless and angry.

In one of the books described above, Crisis Of Character, Hillary is said to have been paranoid and obsessed with secrecy. It is also said that Hillary and Bill had phone lines in the White House re-routed to avoid having their conversations overheard. Hillary's current email scandal, in which she “unknowingly” used private servers to store top secret information, is an indication of how paranoid Hillary may actually be. Her current email scandal also makes more sense given the revelation that she was so obsessed with her own privacy during her time as first lady.

More recently, Hillary was caught lashing out at a Greenpeace protester who asked her about donations to her campaign. That video can be seen here. In the video, Hillary is seen pointing her finger and yelling, “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me!” This happened a year after she lashed out in front of a committee on Benghazi, where she said, “At this point, what difference does it make?!” when referring to how four Americans died on her watch as Secretary Of State.

Hillary Has A Past

Just before leaving office, the Clintons took up to $200,000 worth of furniture and appliances from the White House. After being called out publicly, the Clintons announced that they would pay the US government $86,000 for what they had taken while returning the rest. The incident was widely reported in 2001 and has since resurfaced in memes during the 2016 campaign. The LA Times even reported that the Clintons had began shipping items out of the White House and to their new home in New York one year before leaving office.

Between 2009 and 2013, Russia began its takeover of one fifth of the US's uranium production capacity. In a deal penned by Canada and the US State Department – headed by Hillary Clinton – Uranium One (Russian) became one of the world's largest uranium producers and suppliers. During the deal, which made Russia a major uranium player on the global stage, Uranium One's chairman made a $2.3 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton and her foundation, for obvious reasons, purposely failed to disclose the donation while she was Secretary Of State and responsible for overseeing the deal. The entire New York Times report on the deal can be read here in higher detail.

To any outside observer, the entire Uranium One/Clinton Foundation deal wreaks of corruption. This deal, however, is only one of many involving the Clinton Foundation. During her time as Secretary Of State, Clinton used her foundation to get wealthy by approving contracts through the State Department. As seen here, some of those deals weren't in the best interest of the American people.

The evidence is clear that Donald Trump is the least of anyone's worries. The media won't cover most of what has been outlined here, because they view Trump as the real enemy. Coverage of Trump University will overshadow the dark and shady dealings of Hillary Clinton, as well as her scary temperament. All of this will be ignored because Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate to come from outside the media-industrial establishment that has been running amok in Washington DC since before most of us were born.