Liberal Voters Must Be Held Accountable

September 15th, 2021 | Spartacus

Inflation hit 4.1% in Canada during the month of August. It was the highest since 2003 and it blew past what economists were predicting. It's a sign of bad things to come. In combination with national pandemic restrictions and Justin Trudeau's poor fiscal management, inflation has risen to historic levels in Canada. The cost of ordinary consumer goods has increased for families and individuals, leaving a new financial burden that has surpassed all predictions and could cause unprecedented levels of poverty.

The price of meat has risen 6%, gasoline 30%, new and used cars by 7%, appliances by 5% and milk and dairy products by 13%. The numbers are staggering and the prospects of another Liberal government show us that Canadians have not learned any lessons. Justin Trudeau and his Liberals should not be in the lead anywhere in Canada, yet they are ahead in Ontario and catching the wind in British Columbia. They are ahead in Atlantic Canada and gaining in Manitoba.

Your Liberal friends, family and neighbours need to be held accountable. Do you see that neighbour down the road with a Liberal sign in his yard? Don't let him escape accountability for bankrupting your children. It's time for a reckoning.

Don't Be Friendly

Does the Liberal neighbour down the road give a crap that he voted for more inflation, more fiscal mismanagement and bigger debt for future generations? Probably not, so treat him accordingly. Don't cut his grass in the summer or shovel his sidewalks in the winter, no matter how old he is.

Don't bother saying hi or waving at him.

If you happen to catch a conversation with him, grill him about why he supported Justin Trudeau and why he voted you and your family further into poverty. Don't be afraid of a stern conversation. “Hey Bob, I noticed you voted Liberal. That was an ignorant thing to do. Care to explain yourself?”

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Yes, Bob owes you an explanation, even if he says he doesn't. All Liberal voters hereby owe their neighbours, friends and family an explanation.

Don't ever assault Bob or step foot on his property. Don't resort to violence or name-calling or harassment—it only gets you in trouble. Have a strong, firm conversation with Bob the next time you see him. Let him know how you feel about him bankrupting your children and re-electing a government that has damaged the economic prosperity of several generations to come.

Stop Spending Money, Stop Supporting Liberal Businesses And Charities

Does that neighbour down the road run a local business? Find out. If he does, make sure to leave a horrid Google review and to never step foot inside his establishment again. If someone ever asks you about his business, tell them to avoid it. Bob is an asshole and his business deserves the same bankruptcy and financial hardship his vote has caused.

Search public party donor records.

Find the local corporations and businesses that supported the Liberal Party and boycott them. Leave bad reviews, block their ads on social media, find other establishments to support and move your business elsewhere if needed.

Start taking this seriously. Liberal voters and supporters have damaged this country and done significant harm to your children and their financial futures in Canada. This is not to be taken lightly.

Ban Your Liberal In-Laws And Family

That grandmother or cousin who only ever bother to call when its convenient and always post on social media about how amazing Trudeau is—expel them from your life entirely. Tell them not to call you anymore and grill them how you grilled Bob. Ask them the tough questions and let them know they owe you and your children an explanation.

If they ever want to see their grand kids or nieces and nephews again, make them write an apology letter. Humiliate them. If they refuse, expel and ban them from your life and from the lives of your children.

"All Liberal voters hereby owe their neighbours, friends and family an explanation."

Sorry grandma. It was bad enough that your generation voted big entitlements for themselves with no regard for future generations. Now, you are also supporting Justin Trudeau? No thank you, granny. Explain yourself in an apology letter, or your grandchildren won't know who you are.

This Is Serious

Many Canadians don't realize how serious our economic predicament really is. It's time for us to begin treating it like a matter of life and death. We have family members we don't need in our lives and businesses in our towns and cities that don't deserve our money. Start acting like the lives and health of your children matter more than anything! This is not a joke.

You make your children wear seatbelts and you probably get them vaccinated. As a parent, it's your job to fight for their health and well-being.

Liberal supporters have threatened the well-being of your children. Their own stupidity and ignorance have caused an economic situation that could propel the next generation into a state of unprecedented poverty. Housing costs, grocery bills and energy costs are set to rise to historic levels because of Liberal policies. Your children will struggle to live because of Liberal voters.

It's time to act. Voting is no longer sufficient by itself.

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