If A Quake Doesn't Sink Hollywood, We Will

July 1st, 2012 - PsykoPundit 

An earthquake. Wishful thinking. The liberal machine on the golden coast will sink at the hands of the conservative battalions. No more shitty movies. No more Giorgio Armani. No more frappe lattes. The U.S. election will be a referendum against Hollywood. They won't win this time.

Hollywood won't remake The Fountainhead. They'll remake Robin Hood over again until the message sinks in. This is the problem. Liberal patriarchs allocating their resources. Monopolizing a medium. Unworthy of continued existence.

Let's end the business. No more talk of revolutionizing it. We don't need them anymore. Our dollars only strengthen them.

We're all nuts. We must be. For thinking that they have an agenda. Every message, every virtue, every scene – meant to indoctrinate and to normalize an idea into the status quo. Like ironing wrinkles in, not out. The cloth of our minds, stained. Any doubt about Hollywood's liberal agenda? Read this article. Even the Hollywood Reporter has taken the facts into account.

It's time to sink it all. Start fresh.

It's not difficult. All you have to do is stay home.


Tom Hanks. Boycott. He makes films with his politics in mind. He narrates political propaganda like The Road We've Traveled. The man wasn't doing much acting when he portrayed Forrest Gump. His career must end. Don't be fooled by his likeability. This is what they use to win.

Stephen Spielberg and Dreamworks. Boycott. It won't be hard. He hasn't made anything but a flop in years. Dreamworks SKG is one of the Democrat's biggest donors. The masterminds behind many enthralling Obama ads.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Boycott. Enough said.

Bono and U2. Boycott. The 1% is too wealthy. They should give more and not live in houses that are bigger than the White House. Unless their names are Bono. Good music? Maybe. Learn to compromise.

Johnny Depp. Boycott. Probably the biggest liberal working in Hollywood. Chooses to live in socialist France because Americanism is evil. Hypocrite. Look it up.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Boycott. He says that Obama embodies the dreams of America. Someone forgot to ask which America. Next big movie: Django Unchained. Released by the Weinstein Company. See below.

The Weinstein Brothers. Boycott. Over one million to Obama Super PACS. Their company churns out liberal morality and stories of self sacrifice.

Jack Black. Boycott. Obama supporter. Latest movie: Bernie. A film that stereotypes the southern states and Texans as racist and primitive.

Will Ferrel. Boycott. Funny guy. Too bad but necessary. Look it up.

Robert Downey Jr.. Boycott. Yes. I'm sorry. He appeared at the Clooney/Obama fundraiser.

Mark Ruffalo. Boycott. A liberal green-freak. Supporter of Keystone XL protesters. End his career before it begins.

George Clooney. Boycott.

James Cameron. Boycott. In case you haven't noticed. His films are recycled, socially critical rubbish.

Morgan Freeman. Boycott. The Tea Party is racist because he says so. Obama is the messiah and Freeman is God.

Sean Penn. Boycott. He pals around with Hugo Chavez and admires Fidel Castro. Enough said.

Matt Damon. Boycott. He may have slammed Obama, but he is still a Democrat.

Jane Lynch and Glee. Boycott. Shitty show. Shitty politics. Watch it. Look it up.

Game Of Thrones. Boycott. HBO has a political agenda. Everyone knows this. Recently aired an episode with Bush's head on a stick.

ABC and Disney. Boycott. Ripe with political biases. Shows. Movies. Cartoons. News programs.

David Letterman. Boycott. He isn't funny anyway.

30 Rock. Boycott. It stars Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey.

These are just some. Not enough time to carry on. Do your research. Fuck Hollywood. Don't let them narrate this show.

Two people whose movies you should not boycott: Adam Sandler, a conservative. Vince Vaughn, Ron Paul supporter. Look it up.

PsykoPundit on location. Signing off.