What Else Does Hollywood Cover Up?

October 9th, 2017 | R. Rados
hollywood rape and pedophiles

In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, we're reminded of how disgusting and hypocritical Hollywood culture has always been. Weinstein was able to get away with harassing and sexually abusing women for decades because no one had the balls to expose him. As far back as 2004, it's reported that the New York Times killed a story about Weinstein's sexual abuse with the help of people like Matt Damon and Russell Crowe. The amount of time it took to expose Weinstein makes other allegations about “open secrets” in Hollywood more believable.

While Weinstein was reportedly exposing himself to women, celebrities like Matt Damon were trying to keep his behaviour from being exposed. Journalist Sharon Waxman claims that both Matt Damon and Russell Crowe called her in 2004 to encourage her not to publish a story that would have exposed Weinstein's history of sexual harassment and abuse. At the time, Waxman was working for the New York Times and uncovered a case of sexual abuse that had been covered up with cash payments by a man named Fabrizio Lombardo. This was recently reported by the Daily Mail:

Multiple sources told Waxman that Fabrizio Lombardo was actually put on the payroll to help procure women for Weinstein. He worked for Miramax for less than a year between 2003 and 2004, making $400,000 in that span of time.

Waxman also tracked down a woman in London who said she had been paid off after an unwanted sexual encounter with Weinstein.

Once Weinstein learned that the Times was working on a negative story,  he started working aggressively to kill it.

As part of that process, Damon and Crowe called Waxman to vouch for Lombardo. Both appeared in Miramax films produced by Weinstein around that time - Damon in 2005's The Brothers Grimm and Crowe in 2003's Master and Commander.  Damon, it could be said, owes his career to Weinstein, who financed Good Will Hunting - the 1997 movie Damon starred in and wrote with his childhood friend Ben Affleck. The film was critically acclaimed and won Damon and Affleck the Academy Award for best original screenplay. They were 27 and 25 years old at the time (Affleck was and remains the youngest person ever to win the award).

The time gap between 2004 and 2017 is 13 years. That's a long time for serious cases of sexual assault and harassment to go unchecked—but that's exactly what happened. It all happened with the help of people like Matt Damon, who put his own personal interests and loyalties above everything else. So far, Weinstein paid up to eight women to keep quiet. This begs us to ask just how many more cases like this there are in Hollywood.

Before we get into that, let's take a look at what Harvey Weinstein has been accused of doing. I'll warn you in advance that if you've ever seen a picture of Weinstein or know what he looks like, what you're about to read might make you sick. Knowing what Harvey Weinstein looks like might help you understand how unwanted his sexual advances were. If you've ever seen or heard him speak, you'll realize there isn't anything charming or affable about him either. I imagine there's absolutely nothing to desire about Harvey Weinstein if you're a woman.

According to Lauren Sivan, a journalist and anchor, Harvey Weinstein trapped her in a hallway and began to masturbate in front of her. The incident happened more than ten years ago, but has been corroborated by an anonymous friend of Sivan who spoke to the Huffington Post. In the same Huffington Post piece, Sivan claims she told her friends and acquaintances about the incident but remained silent out of fear:

The incident took place a decade ago, according to Lauren Sivan, who at the time was a news anchor on a local cable channel in New York, Long Island 12. She says the experience left her shocked, and that while she told friends privately what happened, she remained quiet because she was in a long-term relationship and fearful of the power that Weinstein wielded in the media.

Given the other claims about Matt Damon and Russell Crowe going out of their way to cover for Weinstein, Sivan's claims about being afraid of Weinstein's power are believable. Imagine getting a call from two Hollywood celebrities telling you to drop what you're doing. For anyone working in show business or in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein could make or break their careers. This is exactly what prevents most so-called “open secrets” from being broken, whether they exist in Hollywood, Washington or Ottawa.

For those of us who find hypocrisy in the liberalism of Hollywood, that same HuffPost piece also reveals some more telling details:

The night of the incident started with Sivan meeting Weinstein and others at Cipriani, a well-known Italian restaurant in Manhattan. She later rode with him and others to Socialista, a Cuban-themed club and restaurant in which Weinstein and Giuseppe Cipriani, who was then the head of the Cipriani restaurant empire, were investors. Sivan noted to HuffPost that Weinstein’s car was “stocked full of cases of Diet Coke,” which she said she found to be odd. In a 2001 profile of Weinstein in New York Magazine, journalist David Carr noted that while sitting at a table, Weinstein had “three Diet Cokes on standby in front of him.”

A spokeswoman for Cipriani confirmed that he and Weinstein have been friends for many years but declined to comment further.


Sivan recalled that, while at the club, Weinstein asked her to join him on a tour of its restaurant, Cafe Socialista. Sivan said she reluctantly agreed and they went downstairs to the restaurant. Just before Sivan left, the friend told her that if she wasn’t back in 10 minutes, she would come to check on her.

Harvey Weinstein, the guy who rails against conservatives, Republicans and gun control happens to be an investor in a socialist themed restaurant and bar. Go figure. He also happens to randomly pull his penis out and masturbate in front of women like it's no big deal. Also: go figure.

The culture of Hollywood liberalism and hypocrisy seems to be caving in on itself sooner than I expected. With even CNN questioning the strange silence in Hollywood about Harvey Weinstein, maybe a change in culture is around the corner. After these Weinstein revelations, we can take a look at some other allegations and claims of sexual abuse, among other things, that have gone unspoken and without exposure. Maybe journalists will finally be compelled to dig deeper into some other open secrets that permeate throughout Hollywood.

If these following allegations don't make your skin crawl, you might be a creep. 

Systemic Pedophilia

In a 2011 interview with Nightline, former child actor, Corey Feldman, said that pedophilia is Hollywood's biggest problem. This interview happened long before the insane and libellous PizzaGate nonsense made waves, but it went mostly ignored by mainstream media and Hollywood. Go figure.

At the time, Feldman was reluctant to name names, but he pointed to very powerful people at the top of the Hollywood food chain. In the interview, Feldman says, “I was surrounded by them when i was fourteen-years-old. Surrounded, literally. Didn't even know it.”

Feldman said that it wasn't until he got older that he realized who they were and how many of them there were. “They were like vultures,” he said. Feldman also claims that the abuse endured by his friend and fellow child actor, Corey Haim, led to his death.

“There's one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim and that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul. And that person needs to be exposed, but unfortunately I can't be the one to do it,” Feldman said.

In a reality show Feldman and Haim starred in together, Haim confronted Feldman about his silence about Haim being raped at the age of fourteen. Feldman responded by claiming he was being molested at the same time. Segments of the show are featured in the Nightline interview, which can be watched here. In Feldman's book, Coreyography, he explains Haim's rape on the set of Lucas.

Over a year ago, gossip blog, RadarOnline, claimed to know the name of Haim's abuser. As part of an alleged four-year investigation by Radar, it was reported that the abuser was an A-list actor with a family and children who would eventually be outed. Of course, the story was published in September of 2016 and no “outing” ever materialized. However, there could be some clues under our noses that make it all obvious—if the allegations are indeed true. Understandably, allegations of sexual abuse are difficult to prove and well-paid lawyers are always eager to pursue libel cases on behalf of their wealthy clients. This explains why most journalists are afraid to go there unless they can prove multiple cases and produce multiple witnesses.

In 2016, RadarOnline reported:

Hollywood is poised to out the A-list star who raped tragic ’80s child star Corey Haim and has brazenly gotten away with the abuse for almost three decades.

RadarOnline is choosing not to name the superstar sexual predator at this time, but can reveal that he is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

In what would be the biggest development yet in exposing the seedy underbelly of organized pedophilia at the heart of Tinseltown, people close to the late Haim — who died in 2010 of a drug overdose at the age of 38 — are threatening to out the pedophile who raped the teen prodigy.

The story has faded away and hasn't been spoken of since. However, the story needs to be approached with caution, given who owns RadarOnline. Hint: The National Enquirer. To Radar's credit though, they broke Charlie Sheen's HIV status before he did. On the record, Charlie Sheen has admitted to paying hush money regarding his HIV status. What a guy, hey? Luckily, nobody has been buying Carlos Estevaz's “family man” story for a while now.

With that said, both Coreys made the same claims of sexual abuse and both talked about powerful people or people with powerful connections. What's more is that they aren't the only ones to make such claims. Nor have such claims always gone without justice.

Just last year, Superman director, Bryan Singer, was hit with a lawsuit alleging the rape and sexual abuse of a young boy. Again, the alleged assaults took place fifteen years before being exposed. Michael Egan alleges that Singer and four other men—including former Disney executive, David Neuman—forced him to perform sexual acts at extravagant parties in Hawaii.

The Hollywood Reporter covered the allegations and lawsuit, also adding:

Singer long has been known to have an affinity for a certain type of man. "Bryan's always had a reputation of being with guys that look young," says a high-level studio executive who oversaw one of the director's big comic-book movies. "Whether they were underage or not, I have no idea. [But] for 20 years he's had young guys around him, whether they're assistants or friends. However they were described to you, they were always around."

But as several industry observers note, Singer is hardly the only Hollywood figure, gay or straight, with wealth, power and an eye for pretty young things. "Come on -- that's a time-honored tradition in this town," says a producer long acquainted with Singer. He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, "I've only seen a very gentle side of Bryan."

Is your skin crawling yet? The fact that Hollywood producers have normalized certain kinds of behaviour tells us what we need to know about Hollywood's sick culture. These are the same people who keep telling us to stop normalizing Donald Trump. These are the people who churn out moralistic, progressive nonsense on a daily basis. I won't go into the lurid details of what Egan was made to do. You can look that up on your own if your stomach isn't turning yet.

In 1987, pornographic photos of children were found in the possession of Bob Villard, Leonardo DiCaprio's former manager. Last year, Elijah Wood went on record to say, “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.” He was talking about his years as a child actor and about how he would have fallen into the same pattern of abuse had his mother not protected him. Wood went on to say, “There is a darkness in the underbelly. What bums me out about these situations is that the victims can't speak as loudly as the people in power.”


Bill Cosby, as we know, spent a vast majority of his career as a television superstar drugging and raping women. This went on for years and it wasn't until he reached status as a senior citizen that anything came of it. This sounds similar to the case of Jimmy Savile in the UK. It wasn't until he died that allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia emerged.

Most of us have heard about Roman Polanski and his criminal charges. To this day, Polanski receives standing ovations at award shows and gets honoured by Hollywood for his talents. To this day, he's still avoiding the United States so he doesn't have to answer those charges—still Hollywood reveres him as a hero.

Recently, Ben Affleck's brother stirred controversy when he won an Oscar. Casey Affleck has been accused of sexual assault in the past, which caused an explosion of Twitter rage among feminists when he won an award for his performance in Manchester By The Sea. You'd think, after all of this, that feminists would have learned that Hollywood doesn't care about rape. In Hollywood, sodomizing children and date-raping women is perfectly normal.

At this point, there really isn't a need to talk about Woody Allen. I think we get the picture.

While Cosby was drugging women, Hollywood stayed silent. While Polanski fondled underage girls, Hollywood embraced him. When Woody Allen fell in love with his own step-daughter, Hollywood kept giving him Oscars. When Casey Affleck was accused of sexual assault, Hollywood turned a blind eye—then gave him an Oscar too. If these patterns of behaviour don't tell you something, maybe you're not as smart as you think you are. I mean, what will it take for you to turn off the Oscars and reject the false morality being sold to you? If you're not careful, Hollywood will teach your children all the wrong things.

It's time to wake up. Rape and pedophilia shouldn't be rewarded. People who stay quiet about rape and pedophilia shouldn't be either. Now might be a better time than any to stop taking advice from Hollywood liberals. Where is Jimmy Kimmel now?