Stop Tolerating Liberal Supporters

March 1st, 2020 | AR

Justin Trudeau's Liberals have passed your children a bill for $780 Billion. That is the current public debt held by Canada, but worry not—you will be long gone when the time comes to pay for it. It will be your children, your children's children and their children that end up paying for it with higher taxes, a lower quality of life, a depleted pension system and crumbling infrastructure. If you didn't vote for Justin Trudeau in 2019 and you are angry about the burden his voters have placed upon your children, you may want to consider showing less tolerance toward Liberal voters in your everyday life.

It was recently revealed to me that a friend of mine had banned his own mother from entering his home. The reason? His mother voted for Justin Trudeau's Liberals in October. Being the father of a newborn child, he found his mother's choice to be repugnant, unacceptable and disgraceful. Thinking he had to be joking, I questioned him and slightly chuckled at his statement—until I realized he was being serious.

An important caveat to note is that he never really got along with his mother to begin with. It was her support for Justin Trudeau that finally broke the camel's back.

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My friend is not alone. Many Canadians, particularly in Alberta, have found it more difficult to get along with friends, neighbours and family who have chosen to express support for Justin Trudeau. Besides his repulsive treatment of women, Justin Trudeau has divided the country along regional lines, condoned corporate corruption, made a mockery of ethics codes and worked tirelessly to destroy Western Canada's ability to extract, refine and sell its resources in global markets. He has done this while bowing to Iran's foreign minister, giving China access to drill for oil off Canada's Eastern coast and allowing paid protesters to illegally block railways and roadways.

If you believe it might be too extreme to ban Liberal voters from entering your home, seeing your children and being anywhere within a five metre radius of your family, consider how badly Justin Trudeau's Liberals have damaged your country and how they have compromised the future your children will inherit.

If you still think it is inappropriate to treat a bunch of degenerates who pissed away your children's futures with disrespect, leave now. If you are on board with treating Liberals and their supporters with less tolerance and respect, here are some ways you can proudly exercise and express your glorious intolerance.

Do Not Support Companies And Brands Run By Liberals

Canada is rife with corporations and companies that have supported Liberals or donated to the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau. Large multi-national corporations like SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier have not only supported Liberals, but benefited directly and indirectly from Liberal policies, handouts and legal interference.

The East Coast's Irving Family, who owns and operates Irving Oil and refines mostly imported Saudi Arabian oil, is one of Justin Trudeau's biggest supporters. The family has such close ties to top ranking Liberals that they were able to spike a shipbuilding deal that was signed by their competitors and the Harper government and have it replaced with a deal signed to Irving Shipbuilding.

Directly harming the pocketbooks of the Irving family would be difficult for most Canadians, as the family controls so much of Atlantic Canada and does not operate many direct-to-consumer businesses. Much of their work involves government contracts, behind-the-scenes deals and something they like to call “vertical integration”. However, there are many more ways for Canadians to directly impact Liberal companies in Canada.

Brunswick News is a news conglomerate solely owned by James Irving. It owns the following newspapers that citizens and Canadians can unsubscribe from: Telegraph-Journal, Times & Transcript and The Daily Gleaner in Fredericton. To further the impact, advertisers and small businesses in New Brunswick can and should cease all advertising operations with those publications.

Irving Tissue manufactures the toilet paper brands Majesta and Royale in Canada. Canadian consumers can simply switch to generic brands or other brands.

CHSJ Country 94.1 and 97.3 The Wave are two radio stations in Saint John owned by the Irvings under Acadia Broadcasting. Turn them off and cease all advertising operations your business may have with these stations. Country 105 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, is owned by the Irving Family as well.

Another wealthy family, the Sobeys, have had a history of supporting Liberal governments and candidates in Canada. Under the Empire Company, the family owns the following grocery chains: Safeway, Sobeys, IGA and Thrifty Foods in BC.

In Ontario, EllisDon Construction donated more to Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne's Liberals than any other provincial party in the province at the time. The company is listed as a donor to the federal Liberal Party in 2003.

Seaside Communications, which offers internet and wireless services to Nova Scotia, is a known Liberal Party donor.

Donovan Insurance Brokers in Waterloo supported the campaign of their local Liberal candidate, Andrew Telegdi in 2006. Credit Union Central Of Ontario has donations listed to the federal Liberal Party as far back as 2005, with next to nothing going to other federal political parties.

There are many more to list, but readers and fed up Canadians can easily research their local businesses, restaurants and contractors to ensure they are not Liberal supporters. To summarize, I will list the ones I mentioned here by province:





Brands: Royale, Majesta

Atlantic Canada

Telegraph-Journal, Times & Transcript, The Daily Gleaner

CHSJ Country 94.1 FM

97.3 FM The Wave

Seaside Communications


Donovan Insurance Brokers

EllisDon Construction

Credit Union Central Of Ontario

British Columbia

Thrifty Foods

Search this database for any individual or organization you suspect of giving support to Liberals.

Alienate Unworthy Friends And Family

It would not be wise or rational to alienate valuable members of your family, or friends, just over a disagreement in politics. Family and friends who have been with you through thick and thin, supported you through hard times and been loyal companions should never be alienated over political disagreements. This suggestion applies to the friends and family who have been distant, combative and shown you little support through the years. It is for those friends and family who have only come around and been supportive when it fit their schedules or when it was convenient.

"Justin Trudeau's Liberals have passed your children a bill for $780 Billion."

If you were looking for an excuse to unfriend someone, or to ban an in-law from your home and life—there is no better reason than their support for Justin Trudeau. Keep in mind that liberals are some of the least tolerant people alive.

As the Liberal government divides this country and shatters our economy, now is a good time to unfriend some unworthy people—but don't do it quietly. Tell them exactly why you are expelling them from your life and do not be afraid to delve into some flowery words and aggressive descriptions. While you are at it, make it hurt by bringing up other, more personal reasons for expelling them.

Weak and distant friends and family who vote Liberal are not worth keeping around.

Speak Up To Strangers (no violence)

Next time your waitress or server openly makes a remark about being proudly Liberal, don't tip them. Of course, you should refrain from placing anymore orders after you have made your anti-Liberal views blatantly obvious. If you overhear a manager of an establishment, or its employees, referring to Justin Trudeau or Liberals positively, make your opposition and distaste loud and clear. Afterwards, make it clear that you will stop doing business with them.

You don't need to be nice to strangers, unless there is long term value in building a relationship.

Trashing strangers who express support for Liberals can be thoroughly satisfying, particularly when there is an audience. That waiter, that barista, that ex co-worker, that long lost “friend” you ran into at Superstore—they should all hope you don't find out they voted Liberal.

Never fear ripping a proverbial strip off any hole-in-the-wall who means nothing to you. Opponents of Trump have been encouraging a similar lack of tolerance since before he won the presidency, so it is up to us to show our Prime Minister the same respect—without the violence. Under no circumstances should you initiate violence. Let a Liberal take the first swing.

These are just some ways to to express intolerance toward the same Liberal degenerates who voted away your family's future. If you have other non-violent suggestions, please comment below.

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