28,000 Birds And Counting

September 2nd, 2014 | K. McGregor
The Ivanpah Solar Plant, co-owned by Google and launched on February 13 at Ivanpah Dry Lake near the California-Nevada border, has turned into a bird incinerator, killing 28,000 birds (71 different species) in 6 months. There has hardly been a peep from the news media and environmentalists, unlike the huge outcry in 2008 when Syncrude tailing ponds in the Alberta oil sands killed 1600 ducks. Syncrude was trashed and demonized for months with calls to close down the entire project.
So, Let me get this right...Syncrude was fined $1875 per duck for killing 1600 ducks in their tailing ponds in April 2008. Using these numbers, Ivanpah should be fined $52.5 million for the 28,000 birds they've burnt to death since February 2014. 

Fat chance. It's more likely that the whole incident will be buried by media in a week or so, since there are no real protests, no Neil Young and Willie Nelson, no Greenpeace and Sierra Club, no saintly David Suzuki, no World Wildlife Fund, no Tides Canada or organizations that want to stand up for the wild life being fricasseed by solar technology. Instead, all of them must have decided that the Alberta oil sands are the only dastardly environmental hazard on the planet, marking their silence a shining example of hypocrisy within the environment lobby.
Considering that the original estimate for Ivanpah Solar was only one thousand annual bird deaths, one has to wonder what kind of experts are developing the plans for these projects in the US and Canada. California should also be concerned about other planned solar plants around the state. If they use the same experts, disaster is just around the corner. This solar plant powers only 140,000 homes. Considering California has some 11 million households, solar would fry some 4 million birds per year if it were to go all solar, not to mention other environmental damage. Wildlife experts are calling Ivanhpah a ‘mega-trap’ for wildlife due to the amount of insects it attracts. Birds come for the insects and wildlife come for the bird carcasses. But, the scientific community fell into a deep coma on this one.
To take this a step further, the American Bird Conservancy estimates that wind turbines slay 440,000 birds each year, with another analyst, writing for the Wildlife Society Bulletin, saying that it’s actually closer to 573,00.  In addition to the birds being killed, lets not forget the 888,000 bats being butchered by windmills. Again, I don't hear the same outcry that's given to the Alberta oil sands and 1600 ducks.
Today, we have enough oil and gas to last for hundreds of years. There are roughly 2.5 million barrels of oil per day for over 200 years just from the Alberta oil sands, plus thousands of years of energy from clean, safe Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, which are presently being tested. So why are we destroying our vegetation, millions of birds, bats and other species to develop a source of energy that might only work depending on whether the sun shines or the wind blows?
The liberals, environmentalists and news media have convinced themselves that we have to have these solar and wind energy sources at any cost, overlooking the huge environmental hazards and inefficiencies they cause, and the huge benefits of the oil industry, which is likely the most highly regulated industry in the world.

1600 dead ducks, one time only, and they want the oil sands shut down. 28,000 dead birds in 6 months and they say there's no problem with solar. If that's not environmentalists being hypocritical, what is? Why would anyone listen to these people?