Dear Jagmeet Singh, Is It A Sin To Be Gay?

November 10th, 2019 | RR

It's typical to see Canada's Pravda journalists continue to harp on Andrew Scheer for refusing to answer whether or not he thinks being gay is a sin. Despite pledging to never open the debate, journalists just won't settle with the fact that a political leader can have personal views that might contradict his public policies. Stephen Harper did it for ten years, while his government actually strengthened same-sex marriage laws by legally recognizing foreign same-sex marriages in Canada. Despite him being personally opposed to gay marriage and abortion, ten years under Stephen Harper passed without any of those topics being revisited. The same would happen under a new Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer. However, we don't know much about what would happen to Canada's existing marriage laws under a government led by—what would be—Canada's first Sikh prime minister.

First, it would be necessary to discern which types of Sikh preachers Jagmeet Singh follows—if any. Generally, Sikhism has no real focus on sexuality and it views the human soul as genderless, however, like all other religions, Sikhism puts an emphasis on marriage, family and reproduction. Knowing that homosexual couples are incapable of producing a biological family, some prominent Sikhs have openly condemned homosexuality.

In Sikhism, there are five seats of power. One of those seats is the Akal Takht in India, where a prominent Sikh who once headed the temple declared homosexuality to be a sin. In fact, the head of this powerful Sikh body once encouraged Canadian Sikh MPs to block any legislation that would further promote homosexual behaviour in Canada, as per the CBC in 2005:

Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, the highest Sikh authority, said he personally reminded six visiting Sikh-Canadian MPs of their religious duties when they visited him in January. They were among a group of MPs travelling with Prime Minister Paul Martin.

"The basic duty of Sikh MPs in Canada should be to support laws that stop this kind of practice [homosexuality], because there are thousands of Sikhs living in Canada, to ensure that Sikhs do not fall prey to this practice," he said in a report published Monday.

Martin had been scheduled to make a personal visit to meet Vedanti and visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar, but it was cancelled to make time for stops in Thailand and Sri Lanka in the wake of the Dec. 26 tsunami.

However, the Sikh-Canadian MPs were able to meet with Vedanti, and received a stern lecture about the importance of voting against the gay marriage bill currently being debated.

We have already seen Jagmeet Singh dodge questions about the violent Khalistani movement he supports in India, so it would be interesting to see how he would answer similar questions about his religion's views on homosexuality. Many pundits on Twitter have already posed the question, but no journalists have yet bothered to ask the NDP leader.

It seems fair to ask Jagmeet Singh about his views on same-sex marriage, especially if he plans to form government one day. When Justin Trudeau made his views on abortion public in 2011, it landed with little fanfare—until 2019, when his personal pro-life views came back to haunt him. Trudeau quickly re-framed his views and publicly declared that his views on abortion had “evolved”. The question now is: does Jagmeet Singh personally believe that gay marriage is a sin?  We know he marches in pride parades, but what exactly are his personal views?

If it matters for Andrew Scheer, it should matter for Jagmeet Singh.

We also know that it's not unusual for many socialists, particularly within the NDP, to have some very socially conservative views. In Saskatchewan, the birthplace of the NDP, it has always been illegal to serve alcohol in strip clubs and abortion, indigenous laws and same-sex marriage have always been taboo topics in some of the province's richest NDP strongholds. 

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" This powerful Sikh body once encouraged Canadian Sikh MPs to block any legislation that would further promote homosexual behaviour in Canada."

No one really believes that Justin Trudeau is a staunch and pious Catholic, so it's no real surprise that he would take an opposing view on abortion just to win an election. The current Pope himself has declared that abortion is a sin, just as many prominent and powerful Sikhs have done with homosexuality. If Jagmeet Singh follows the teachings of some of his religion's most influential leaders, it would be important for Canadians to know what those teachings are.

The problem now is that our journalists and media won't ask the questions that matter. Whether they're afraid it may offend Sikhs or bring to light the religion's negative, regressive views on same-sex marriage, it has become apparent that something is holding our Pravda back from exploring the truth. Conservative journalists can't ask the question, because it would be shrugged off as just another attempt at spreading bigotry. So, it's up to a few journalists at Unifor and PostMedia to do their jobs. You know, like real journalists.

If we have to watch Andrew Scheer dodge the same question over and over again until the writ drops again, why is Jagmeet Singh getting a free pass? If pious Catholics aren't allowed to have their own personal beliefs while leading a diverse political party, why are Sikhs?

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