Be A Man, Jagmeet

August 15th, 2020 | RR

Yves-Francois Blanchet did it. Being the leader of a separatist party, the guy always had a big set of balls to begin with—now it's your turn, Jagmeet Singh. The way you've been kissing Trudeau's ass and capitulating to his minority government has been nothing short of pathetic, but I still think there's hope for you and your meandering party of old socialists. It's time for you to be a man and to stand up to Justin Trudeau's corruption.

When Trudeau refused to give Canadians an update on their country's financial forecast, you supported him and helped to keep his government from collapsing. You even voted with him and the Greens to suspend parliamentary sittings until the fall, despite there now being a mandate for masks. Rather than hold the government accountable, you chose to capitulate and to keep Trudeau's cronyism intact without proper scrutiny.

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Jagmeet, you've been a disgraceful leader so far. Jack Layton is probably turning in his grave. Unlike you, he couldn't stand the sight, smell or sound of blatant corruption. Unlike you, he wouldn't have stood by and let it happen.

Jack Layton actually had some principles. Had he stayed with us long enough, he probably would have been Prime Minister—unlike you.

You will never be Prime Minister. You just don't have it in you. But, Jagmeet, you probably already know that. Coming to terms with your own weaknesses is a good thing, but refusing to work on them and to make yourself a better leader is not. There's still an opportunity for you to stand up to Justin Trudeau's corruption and to grasp some basic principles, if you're actually willing to live up to some of the same standards that Jack Layton lived by.

You once said you would never work with Conservatives. That's an odd stance for any NDP leader to have. Layton would have disagreed with you. Unlike you, he worked with Conservatives to finally end decades of Liberal corruption. In the end, voters rewarded him by making his party the official opposition and the next government in waiting. Had he not passed away, I'm sure Justin Trudeau would not be our Prime Minister today. Had he stayed with us, Jack Layton would have took the NDP into a sweeping majority in 2015. Or, at least, the NDP would have remained in official opposition—which is a much better position than your party is in now.

Just like the leader of the Bloc, you won't ever be Prime Minister—but you could be remembered as one of your party's greatest leaders. If you so choose.

Right now, you're just serving Justin Trudeau's agenda. The NDP I remember would have stood up to Liberals and Conservatives equally. The NDP under your leadership is nothing more than an extension of the Liberal Party. Their corruption, the arrogance and the cronyism are something you've chosen to support. While Blanchet sets down an ultimatum, you choose to cower in Trudeau's shadow. That's not leadership.

In Alberta, the NDP was the party voters chose to destroy nearly fifty years of Progressive Conservative corruption. Rachel Notley only lasted one term, but her party has now effectively consolidated the anti-conservative vote in Alberta—permanently cementing itself in a strong leadership position. For years to come, the Alberta NDP will be the biggest threat facing Alberta's UCP.

What have you done, Jagmeet?

You let Justin Trudeau—a drama teacher and snowboard instructor—be a bigger man than you. You let the rich, trust fund kid of an ex Prime Minister win a second term and stay in power. You let a guy, who represents everything socialists hate, escape any major scrutiny and responsibility, despite his obvious and shameless corruption. You let Justin Trudeau get away with all the things he has done wrong, countless times.

"The NDP I remember would have stood up to Liberals and Conservatives equally."

The only way to make yourself resemble anything close to a leader now is to stand up, or step aside. If you aren't willing to lay down some ultimatums, I'm sure Charlie Angus will. After you won your party's leadership, there were rumblings of dissatisfaction. Some called it racism, others called it fair criticism of your weak leadership. It could have been a combination of both, but what's clear now is that those who called you a weak leader were right.

You are weak, but you don't have to be.

Being weak is a choice. Are you that afraid of Conservatives that you won't hold Justin Trudeau accountable? Are you that weak that you're willing to let your ideological fears cripple you? For someone who claims to love Canada, you sure don't act like it. Government contracts are being handed out to friends and family, corrupt multi-national corporations are getting off the hook, the national debt will eventually make healthcare and pensions obsolete, and crony capitalism is running amok. Meanwhile, you're too scared of a possible Conservative government to do anything about it.

There was a time when Conservatives and New Democrats got along well. When the two sides have come together, Liberals have paid the price. Less than nine years ago, there was a Conservative majority and an historic NDP opposition. One of Stephen Harper's fiercest opponents in the House Of Commons was Thomas Mulcair. Before him, it was Jack Layton.

Where are you, Jagmeet?

No one remembers Stephane Dion or Micheal Ignatieff raking Harper over the coals in Question Period. The most memorable exchanges during the Harper era always involved an NDP leader. Mulcair tore Harper more new assholes than anyone and Jack Layton always had devastating one-liners that would have surely sunk the Harper ship in 2015.

It's time to hold Justin Trudeau accountable and to bring the NDP back to its former glory. If you don't think you can do it, you should step aside and let someone else do it. Your weakness will only take you so far. You can choose to go down the same path as Jack Layton, or you can choose to be forgotten as one of the worst leaders the NDP has had since Alexa McDonough.

Make your choice Jagmeet and make it fast.

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