Jagmeet Singh Scares Justin Trudeau

September 23rd, 2017 | R. Rados
jagmeet singh

I hate to break it to Conservatives and New Democrats, but NDP support has been collapsing and going to the Liberals. At least, that's according to Nanos Research, which has a pretty good track record of predicting outcomes. As of September 2017, the NDP are at their lowest point in a long time with only 15.9%—which is down 3.3% since August. They're about to select a new leader, but they could become a part of Canada's history if they make the wrong choice. If this happens, Conservatives won't win another election for 15 years. As it stands now, the fate of two political parties hangs in the balance of one leadership race.


There is one NDP leadership candidate that seems to have the CBC and mainstream media mesmerized. The Conservatives already chose the best option between a true conservative and a flaky libertarian, but now it all comes down to the NDP. Will they choose a washed up punk rocker with the charisma of stale bread, or will they pick the one guy who stands out like a blazing torch of hope and renewal?

Jagmeet Singh seems to be inspiring people. Like Maxime Bernier, he has sold more party memberships than any other candidate in the race. People who haven't voted before are admitting to buying NDP memberships just because of Jagmeet. This might not win him the leadership, but it'll take him pretty close to it.

It's not always a good thing to have your own political party flooded with outsiders with backward principles and utopian ideas, but in Jagmeet's case, the NDP is already a party based on failed ideas, idealism and utopianism. As far as socialism goes, Jagmeet isn't threatening Canada's hard-left party with any new ideas—he's just preaching the same nonsense. When it comes to making Jagmeet their leader, the New Democrats don't really have much to lose.

The NDP lost its way under Thomas Mulcair by drifting too far into the middle in an attempt to win Liberal votes. They failed because Thomas Mulcair is a terrible leader and a loathsome hypocrite. If the polls are correct now, it looks like the Liberal Party's slow shift to the far left under Trudeau is draining the blood out of the NDP. The social justice movement seems to have fallen in love with Justin Trudeau's style of identity politics.

When it comes to socialism and the far left, nothing matters more than identity politics. Socialism is about producing equality, rather than accepting social inequality and treating everyone as equal individuals under the law—which is what conservatism is supposed to be about. To produce equality by redistributing wealth and changing laws to unnaturally elevate visible minorities, socialism uses something called “social justice”. The social justice movement has grown stronger over the years and Canada's version of it seems to have taken a liking to Justin Trudeau. His talk of gender parity, feminism, inclusion and equality has attracted Canada's meandering left like a sponge. As for his policies, they don't seem to mind most of those either. But, like I said, the left cares more about identity politics than actual policy. Despite being an idiot, Justin Trudeau knows this—mostly because Gerald Butts knows it.

If the NDP wants to survive Justin Trudeau, it needs to elect someone like Jagmeet Singh, not someone like Charlie Angus.

He Can Win A Seat Later

Jagmeet is such a hurricane of optimism and personality that Angus has nothing else to complain about but Jagmeet not having a federal seat. It's almost like Angus forgot how Canada's Westminster system works just for the sake of politics. Theoretically, aside from common precedent and convention, the Prime Minister doesn't even need to have a federal seat as long as he has the confidence of a majority of the House Of Commons.

With that said, Jagmeet would still be expected to eventually win a seat. Until then, there are ways he can be present in the House Of Commons, including being invited to speak by the NDP or to ask questions on their behalf. Unless the current Liberal Speaker makes decisions based solely on partisan ideology, there is no reason to disallow the NDP's requests.

Canada's 10th Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, lost his seat in 1925, but stayed on as leader and Prime Minister. His corrupt Liberal government and leadership were propped up by the Progressive Party Of Canada.

Some things never change.  

Charlie Angus Is So Lame

Even if the NDP was the only party left in Canada that was closest to the right on the political spectrum, the party wouldn't get my vote. I hate socialism and social democracy that much. I'd rather see Justin Trudeau run the country for 25 more years. However, I can still like and respect an NDP leader. It happened with Jack Layton.

When it comes to Jack Layton, even Stephen Harper liked him. The guy lived and breathed what he preached. Even when we despised his ideology, we still had reasons to like Jack Layton on a personal level. He rode his bike to work, just like Jagmeet does; he kept Harper on his toes; he always managed to be respectful and courteous after heated debates; he never cracked under pressure; and he had a way of speaking to ordinary Canadians. Jack Layton was the reason the NDP made history by becoming the official opposition in 2011.

Despite being “so cool” and an old-school punk rocker, Charlie Angus would be a repeat of Thomas Mulcair. Nobody liked Thomas Mulcair, not even a majority of the party's membership. Canadians as a whole rejected his arrogant, hypocritical and angry leadership style.

There's nothing inspiring about Charlie Angus either. As a Canadian who liked Jack Layton, I can tell you the NDP needs someone more like him. Jagmeet Singh is closer to Jack Layton than Charlie Angus ever will be. Jagmeet will do what Layton did: get all Canadians to respect the party as a check and balance in the House Of Commons—or as some would call it, the “conscience” of the House. None of us respected Thomas Mulcair—in fact, we kind of despised him. Charlie Angus seems to be headed down the same road as Thomas Mucair and his leadership could mark the end of the NDP as we know it.

Mainstream Media Is Obsessed

Although they were obsessed with Conservatives like Kellie Leitch, the media only drew their obsession from their infatuation with destroying Conservatives. Any talk of Conservative leadership candidates always centred around proving to Canadians how evil Conservatives are. The NDP has always had the same advantage as the Liberal Party when it comes to being treated objectively by mainstream media and the CBC. For the most part, even Thomas Mulcair got a fair shake compared to Stephen Harper—despite the media turning on him closer to election day.

At the moment, Canada's mainstream media is obsessed with writing and airing positive things about Jagmeet Singh. It's kind of adorable. Journalists spanning from the Toronto Star to the CBC and Globe & Mail are all enamoured by this jovial, stoic Sikh marvel.

Having mainstream media on his side helped Justin Trudeau. Dividing their ranks with Jagmeet Singh is in everyone's best interest—well, except in Trudeau's interest. It should be obvious at this point who the Liberals fear most in this NDP leadership race. It's the guy who journalists can't quit fawning over.

On October 15, I hope to see this energized, inspiring Sikh man named Jagmeet (or Jimmy) become the new leader of Canada's New Democrats. As much as New Democrats hate conservatives, we're on the same side when it comes to taking power away from Justin Trudeau. The NDP will never win government, but if they want to get their Layton groove back, now is their chance.

Conservatives and New Democrats can go back to being enemies again when Jagmeet Singh becomes the official opposition to a Conservative government.