Jagmeet's Collapsing NDP Has Hope

January 2nd, 2018 | R. Rados
jagmeet saves

For any Conservative voter, the fall of a socialist party like the NDP should be evoking shadenfreude on a huge scale—but with the apparent collapse in NDP support comes some real negative consequences for anti-socialists and Canada as a country. A majority of Canadians lean left on most social and economic issues, which is made obvious by historic election results over the past half century. When one left-wing party collapses, its voters and members don't just disappear into thin air, they disperse. With the collapse in NDP support, we're seeing a surge in Liberal support across Canada and that's not a good thing for Conservative voters.

Provincial NDP parties will survive despite having had a rough couple of years in Canada, but the federal party is in real trouble. After the election of Sikh superman, Jagmeet Singh, the party was supposed to surge. It didn't. There are some reasons why the NDP collapsed to 5% in a few important by-elections on December 11, but Singh's election doesn't seem to have done anything to slow the speed of the NDP's decline.

Jagmeet Singh should have at least stalled the NDP's ongoing decline since the death of Jack Layton, but we saw the party collapse to some new lows across the country, not just in opinion polls but in by-elections. The NDP's strong support in past elections in BC have kept Liberals from taking certain seats like South Surrey—White Rock, where Liberals stole a traditionally Conservative seat in December. That seat in particular was always tight and within a 3% margin, but NDP support in the riding did a complete nosedive and took the party to a new low of 4.88%. This 6% spike in Liberal support in South Surrey—White Rock can mostly be attributed to the collapse in NDP support.

So how come Jagmeet isn't having a very big impact?

They Have Jagmeet On Ignore

Canada's mainstream media was kind of obsessed with Jagmeet before he won the NDP leadership. Now that he has won the leadership, they're ignoring the shit out of him. Some journalists have even repeatedly questioned him about the Air India bombing because many Sikh temples hang pictures of Talwinder Singh Parmar—a man allegedly involved in the plot. Of course, we'd never hear some of these same journalists grill Justin Trudeau about his visit to a Montreal mosque that was linked to Al-Qaeda by the US Department Of Defence.

Almost every Conservative voter is aware that the CBC is nothing more than a pro-Liberal, publicly funded PAC. To keep the facade of impartiality, the CBC sometimes breaks negative stories about the Trudeau government only to give them minimal coverage and then overshadow them with something less damning. Most negative Liberal stories that are broken by the CBC receive a day worth of coverage before being followed by something small that gets overplayed and exaggerated—like stories about acts of racism or sexism that happened somewhere in a community no one has heard of. When we compare the CBC's coverage of Liberal scandals to their coverage of Conservative scandals between 2008 and 2015, it's like night and day. We all remember being bombarded by stories about Mike Duffy all the way up to the 2015 federal election. The story about Trudeau being found guilty by the ethics commissioner received a few hours of coverage before being followed up with crickets.

It's about time for Canada's true blood socialists and NDP supporters to realize the CBC isn't on their side either. The more they let Jagmeet talk, the more of an impact he'll have on Liberal support in Canada. That's not something Trudeau's CBC wants. Now that Jagmeet has a platform and is the NDP's official leader, he'll have to work harder just to be heard and to have his message resonate. The CBC won't help him with that. If they feel he's gaining too much traction, they'll try to pull the rug out from under him.

If you thought the CBC's Air India hit job was bad, just wait.  


Jagmeet and his campaign team were brilliant at memes and catchy slogans during his leadership run. As conservatives and Trump supporters know very well, memes and internet campaigns are a great way to bypass the corrupt and pathetic mainstream news media. Jagmeet is a witty guy and that wit and charm will catch on quickly whether the CBC wants it to or not.

Jagmeet will probably be naive in his first year and try to win over Liberal journalists at every network, but he'll eventually realize that he's wasting his time. The most productive way for Jagmeet to break into the mainstream is with online memeology and offline barnstorming. He'll quickly realize that the CBC and mainstream news will only cover him if he does something negative. If he's smart, he'll learn to take advantage of that in the same way Donald Trump did.

So far Jagmeet has been sensitive about the Air India thing, which was concocted by the CBC as a way to suck enthusiasm out of the NDP after his big win. He needs to make light of it and start talking about the things the media uses against him as though they're nothing more than amusing, desperate attacks by ideologically Liberal journalists—which they are. Jagmeet and his team have proven their ability to cleverly spin and humourize things, so they'll need to quit acting like wimps when it comes to serious issues.

When the media hits, hit them back.

The NDP is at an historic low in polls. They haven't been in such rough shape since Alexa McDonough nearly ran the whole party into the ground in the late 1990s. This time it's looking even worse. At this point, they don't have much to lose by being tougher, more fearless and less sensitive.

Forget The Seat, For Now

With numbers lower than 20% in polls and by-election results at 5% across the country, now wouldn't be a good time for Jagmeet to try and win a federal seat. Jack Layton did fine without one and Jagmeet can too.

If Jagmeet were to try and win a seat, it would have to be in a NDP stronghold—which there seems to be very few of lately. Some high profile NDP superstars lost their seats in 2015 and the party hasn't recovered yet. This means star power and high profiles aren't guaranteed saves for the NDP at the moment. To run Jagmeet in a by-election and lose would be a disaster and a PR nightmare for the NDP. That would be the kind of negative press and enthusiasm-sucking coverage that could kill the party completely.

Jagmeet and the NDP are probably best served by using Jagmeetology outside the House Of Commons and sending their Sikh boy wonder across the country. Jack Layton managed to be highly effective outside the House and Jagmeet has far more potential than Layton ever did. Attention-grabbing townhalls and hilarious memes will take Jagmeet to the top against the CBC's will, and it will be awesome—not just for the NDP but for Conservatives.