Activists Looking To "Out" Kenney

February 16th, 2019 | R. Rados
jason kenney

Identity politics is how some politicians and political parties thrive. You'll notice them spouting off about women, the LGBTQ community and various other minority groups and about how their vision for the future is the most inclusive and tolerant. You'll hear them imply or directly suggest that their opponents are racist or homophobic for not saying this or that, or for not marching in the local pride parade. It's an endless game of chasing virtue and trying to scrape up votes from the gutters of every marginalized community they can find. It's sad, but it's effective because voters fall for it. There is no party in Canada—aside from the federal Liberals—that shamelessly utilizes identity politics like the NDP. Going into Alberta's next election, the NDP and its supporters are looking for identity fuelled narratives to beat Jason Kenney—even if it means having to break their own rules about what it means to be tolerant.

Parties like the NDP and Liberals have a double standard. It's racist for anyone to imply that crime is higher in “racialized communities”, unless it's the NDP or Liberals trying to sell a policy. When conservatives imply or directly state that racialized communities have higher rates of crime and poverty, they're racist—but when a New Democrat or Liberal promises to lift non-whites out of poverty and crime, it's virtuous. This is how NDP and Liberal logic work. This same logic seems to be at work right now in Alberta.

According to most in the LGBTQ community and NDP caucus, it's wrong to “out” a person who is sexually attracted to the same sex. Individuals who are gay must choose to come out when they're ready—or if they choose not to come out at all, it's their own business. It's never right to out a person for being “in the closet”. Who we are sexually attracted to should never be a political issue—unless you're a New Democrat or Liberal trying to prove a point.

A few days ago, I received a message through Poletical's contact page from a guy who calls himself Ron. Basically, Ron was asking me to provide proof that Jason Kenney is secretly gay. He wanted photos, friends with stories or any kind of proof I could provide. Being curious, I emailed Ron to ask him a bit more information about who he was and who wanted this proof. It wasn't long until Ron replied.

“I am asking on behalf of the LGBTQ community here in Edmonton, Alberta. Mr Kenney throughout his career has been very anti-LGBTQ and the community through myself wishes to notify the public that Mr. Kenney is indeed gay. They do not understand why he is doing this as a closeted gay man. This is why we require proof such as a picture, etc.,” Ron told me.

I assume Ron found a piece I had wrote in 2012 called “The Gay Word”, in which I talked about gay conservatives and openly gay members of the Conservative Party. I mentioned Jason Kenney in the article and talked about his attendance at the CPC's Fabulous Big Blue Tent event, which happens with every Conservative Party convention. One doesn't need to be gay to attend the Fabulous Big Blue Tent party—I, myself, attended the one in Vancouver during the CPC convention in 2016. The event is geared toward acknowledging and celebrating gay conservatives. Jason Kenney is a bachelor who never married and he happens to be a regular attendee at every Fabulous Big Blue Tent event. All of this makes it easy to speculate and come to conclusions.

When I asked Ron who he works for, he said he was a centrist who doesn't agree with the UCP's “far right policies” and that he is not a member of any particular organization. However, he also said, “If you decide to assist me I will forward the proof to a prominent member of the LGBTQ community in Edmonton.  I cannot disclose his identity for various reasons. The information would also be shared with a former ex-Premier of Alberta.”


I don't know who Ron is or if the last name provided in his emails is real. The whole thing seems odd and suspicious. Why would someone looking to harm Jason Kenney go to the editor of an obviously right-leaning political journal to find physical evidence of a conservative's homosexuality? Either Ron didn't do his homework, or something else is going on.

Nobody really cares about Jason Kenney's sexuality. If Ron thinks conservatives in Alberta care more about Kenney's private sexual preferences than about fixing the damage done by the NDP, he is mistaken. Being gay isn't a political issue and Ron's suggestion that Jason Kenney has been anti-LGBTQ is patently false. Kenney's actions speak louder than his words about gay adoption more than twenty years ago. The guy attends events organized by gay conservatives to celebrate gay conservatives and—as the Immigration Minister—Kenney has been one of the leading advocates for persecuted minorities around the world. Jason Kenney is hardly a threat to LGBTQ rights in Alberta and Ron knows it.

If Jason Kenney is gay, only a few people probably know it. If he is truly a religious celibate, it matters even less. Had he been a Liberal or New Democrat, it would be his own business and we would all be homophobic for even speculating. That's how NDP logic works. But, it's 2019 and the Alberta NDP have an election to win. Ron can tell me that he is a “centrist” with no political affiliation, but we all know which political party would benefit the most from Jason Kenney's downfall.

Again, Jason Kenney's sexual preferences don't matter—unless they break laws. Snooping around for evidence of someone's sexual preferences is against everything modern social justice warriors and New Democrats stand for. Planning to use Jason Kenney's sexuality against him for political gain is not only reprehensible, it's hypocritical. Ron and his ilk should be ashamed of themselves. Whoever Ron is, he has done a sloppy job trying to dig up dirt on Alberta's next premier. Furthermore, a person's legal, sexual activities are none of my business or Ron's business and thinking of them as political “dirt” reflects how low Kenney's opponents are willing to go.

Alberta's 2019 election cycle is going to be one the dirtiest and nastiest we've ever seen. It'll all be thanks to the NDP and the unions that dump money into the party's identity driven campaign of hate and intolerance. Being a woman or a gay man in politics only counts as a positive when they're members of the NDP or Liberal Party—otherwise their gender and sexuality are open for political attacks and smears. 

This is how it works on Planet NDP.

When New Democrats are desperate, we all suffer. It won't be long now until Albertans see how low the NDP can go and how disgusting their ideology is. To socialists, the ends always justify the means. Hopefully, Albertans will be smart enough to reject this kind of filth at the ballot box.

In the end, I told Ron that I would deliver. So, without further ado, here is a video of Jason Kenney doing bad things:

The Emails: