High Ranking Pedophiles Face Exposure After Epstein Ruling

July 3rd, 2019 | Poletical

On July 3rd, the Second Circuit Court of the United States ordered up to 2,000 files in the case of convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, to be released to the public. Epstein is a well connected and prominent billionaire with lengthy political connections. 

Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have palled around with Jeffrey Epstein and taken trips on his private plane, which has often been called one of the main centres for illegal and illicit behaviour involving the sexual assault and trafficking of minors. At up to 30,000 feet in the air, it has been alleged that Epstein and others solicited sex with minors to several prominent figures, including presidents, celebrities, senators, scientists, lawyers and high ranking officials. Epstein also owns a private island that is unofficially referred to as the Island Of Sin

In 2008, Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to prostituting girls as young as 14. He struck a plea deal, most of which has been undisclosed, and was given a light sentence of 18 months inside a special, private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade.

Following the latest ruling to release the files, a John Doe filed an 11th-hour amicus curiae brief in an attempt to keep the records sealed from public view. Amicus curiae briefs are used to present information to a court, in some cases with the intent to change a ruling. In this case, John Doe has pleaded that information within the court documents involving Jeffrey Epstein may be harmful to his reputation and cause damage. It is at the court's discretion whether to consider John Doe's amicus curiae brief.

Speculation has mounted as to what the identity of John Doe might be. Considering the rarity and high legal costs involved with filing an amicus curiae brief, it has been speculated that John Doe may be one of the wealthy, prominent figures named in the documents. 

As noted by Mike Cernovich, John Doe's lawyers have previously worked with Robert Mueller and James Comey:

Seeking to bypass ordinary judicial procedure with high-powered lawyers, the mystery man filed a brief that would only benefit himself, and called it an amicus brief.

The Miami Herald’s lawyers properly called out this outrageous move, which would get an ordinary lawyer sanctioned for abuse of the judicial process:

  • “As a preliminary matter, John Doe’s proposed amicus brief is an improper vehicle by which to submit his arguments. See United States v. Gotti, noting that the phrase amicus curiae means, literally, ‘friend of the court,’ and ‘serv[es] for the benefit of the court and for the purpose of assisting the court in cases of general public interest’….”
  • “John Doe is admittedly self-interested in seeking closure.”

What do we know about the mystery man?
He’s rich.
He (almost certainly) partied with Jeff Epstein.

The mystery man didn’t retain ordinary lawyers. He hired the former Special Counsel to Robert Mueller and James Comey.

Whether the courts will consider John Doe's amicus will determine if and when the files related to Jeffrey Epstein will be released.

Stay tuned.

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