Jen Gerson Thinks Derek Sloan Is A Nutter

February 1st, 2021 | JH

Jen Gerson is a mainstay writer at a new e-mail newsletter called The Line. Her recent article was about the egregious expelling of Conservative MP Derek Sloan. Gerson approves of this expulsion and clamors for more, suggesting that Erin O’Toole needs to “curb stomp the fringe”. According to Wikipedia, curb stomping is: “a form of assault in which a victim's mouth is forcefully placed on a curb and then stomped from behindcausing severe injuries and sometimes death.”

There are a few interesting things regarding her progressive and enlightened take…

Last week, after the Capitol attack but before Sloan’s deadly donation was reported, O'Toole sent out a lengthy statement disavowing the far-right. "The Conservatives are a moderate, pragmatic, mainstream party — as old as Confederation — that sits squarely in the centre of Canadian politics," O'Toole wrote. "My singular focus is to get Canada's economy back on track as quickly as possible to create jobs and secure a strong future for all Canadians. There is no place for the far right in our party."

It's a good start, but he shouldn't stop there. O’Toole needs to purge the party of the wingnut fringe and use their skulls as paving stones (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) If anyone doesn't like it, welcome them to take the bone-strewn path to the Christian Heritage Party, the People's Party of Canada, or Kekistan as they see fit.

Make it ugly. Make a point of it. Be merciless. And get it all done at once. Now.

Making the Conservative Party of Canada into another progressive, left-wing standard-bearer is the dream of progressive establishment liberals across Canada. Gelding their enemy to such a degree that regardless of whether or not they win an election, the dominant progressive orthodoxy remains triumphant, is the minimum that progressives are willing to tolerate from conservatives. Should you deviate beyond that role, then you’re a threat to the status quo.

Basically, they want all Conservative MPs to be Michael Chong. That is, until the progressive zeitgeist moves further left to the point at which Michael Chong and everything he stands for becomes the new intolerable right. Then he will have to be cancelled and the newer, lefter version of O’Toole’s Canadian Conservatism will have to be the even newer, even lefter version of today’s moderate brand.

If you don’t like that then just walk along the path of crushed skulls to a present-day fringe party like Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada. You know, that party of outrageous extremism that talks about freedom and responsibility? The party that wants slightly lower than mass immigration levels and taxes reduced to less than your biggest expense?

Or perhaps the Christian Heritage Party? Christians, yuck right? Canadian heritage… that’s like so not respectable!

There is no action and no statement that will make the CPC palatable to those who have a vested interest in encouraging voters to vote for a party that is not the CPC. Such people are always going to try to paint the conservatives as irredeemably racist because O'Toole doesn't want to knock down John A. Macdonald statues; or because he used rhetoric like "Take Canada Back." 

They're going to continue to do this because it works. And it works because it speaks to a grain of truth: there is a base of nutters within the ranks of the CPC. 

Yes, but that’s the case for ALL political parties. Nutters on the right are the only ones that get the press, because hegemonic progressive orthodoxy doesn’t care about leftist extremism.

Conservatives like John Robson try to point out the hypocrisy of the left as it happens all the time. Acknowledging this hypocrisy does nothing. Bring a swastika flag to a parade and things kick off. Bring a hammer and sickle flag? Nobody cares.

I won’t waste time listing the amount of “nutter” Liberals and NDPs and (most obviously, but you’d never know it) Greens. It falls on dead ears. It’s only the conservative side of the spectrum that is held to impeccable standards. The radicals on the left are just ten years too early and viewed as “in a rush” aiming for their ideological ambitions.

It’s only a matter of time before O’Toole saying he wants to “Take Canada Back!” or being unwilling to advocate the tearing down of John A. MacDonald statues is viewed by the mainstream as cancellable. Just as Stockwell Day was baffled at being cancelled because he didn’t think Canada was systemically racist, O’Toole will either move left on everything or be blind-sided while being eliminated… his skull metaphorically crushed with the rest.

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But you don't purge the ranks of radicals and distance yourself from the far right in order to appease your enemies. You do these things to save yourself. 

A party that allows itself to grow beholden to conspiracy theorists, fringe loonies, racists and wingnuts has only one way to go — deeper into the rabbit hole of collective unreality and despair, its leaders cowed into contributing to its own disunifying madness.

You will be consumed by the dragons you choose to ride. Don't ride this one. 

Sloan was a good start.

I’ll concede, you need gatekeepers when it comes to political parties. So few normal Canadians are engaged or interested in politics that all it takes for someone to hijack a party process is a couple of school buses full of instant voters and a free lunch afterwards. Just ask Jason Kenney.

The solution is less democratic nomination processes, especially now that the people most involved in political parties tend to be losers and weirdos that have nothing better going on in their lives. However, Gerson identifies Sloan as “being a good start”. I can understand gatekeeping explicit neo-Nazis and marginalizing QAnon zealots, but citing Derek Sloan as “being a good start” is absurd. If Derek Sloan is a good start then what would be a good end?

Derek Sloan was a shit-disturber only in that he didn’t sit on the backbenches catching farts for a living. He was a movement conservative that believed in pushing an agenda. CPC establishment types don’t want this from their backbenchers. They just want barking seals to toe the party line.

His comments about Tam weren’t totally wrong (mostly tone and rhetoric, the concerns were relevant), but the over-reaction to this non-event is exactly the sort of strawman leftist attack that Gerson identifies as a tactic of progressives.

Sloan’s trepidation regarding the vaccines is relatable to many Canadians. The rushed nature of the process seems to be the main reservation and this could and should be addressed at an official level so that people are less conspiracy inclined due to an opaque, “we know best” condescension from the ruling class.

His concerns on bill C-6, the conversion therapy bill, are perfectly legitimate regarding counselling practices and freedom of association. Nobody wants Clockwork Orange-style torture for 16-year-old gay kids who have parents trying to scare them straight. But why can’t a 30-year-old man seek counselling regarding childhood abuse that has left him sexually traumatized and struggling with confusing same-sex attraction?

Working with Campaign Life Association to promote pro-life policy at the upcoming policy convention isn’t a radical fringe conspiracy, its just grass roots democracy in action. There is no country on Earth apart from perhaps China and North Korea that is as hardcore on being pro-abortion as Canada. Many millions of us are uncomfortable with this, but the official progressive narrative is that being pro-life is now “extremist”.

Derek Sloan isn’t a fringe wingnut, he’s just not a progressive leftist. We are now at a point in which not being a progressive leftist is disqualifying for the Conservative Party of Canada and pundits like Gerson cheer it on and salivate for more.

And if there is a cost in votes, so be it. Maybe a purge will put a majority government out of reach if an election is called this year; but that's what sacrifices are, and what they entail. Without true sacrifice, a gesture is meaningless. In the long run, the Conservatives will be better off for it, and Canada by extension. 

Purging right-wing supporters for wrong-think means you’ll get less votes and won’t win a majority. It’s fairly well understood that the Conservative Party will only be allowed to govern with a majority should they ever again win, because anything less will leave them outnumbered by a plurality of leftists that won’t tolerate them as a government anymore. It’ll be Stephane Dion coalitions no matter what, from now on.

Gerson assures us that this will be better for everyone in the long run. A progressive op-ed writer has it all figured out you see.

One day, the left may have to come to terms with radicals in their own ranks, and if that day ever comes, whoo boy it will be something to see. But today is your day, Conservatives. Set an example. 

As stated above, radicals on the left are encouraged and emboldened by the system we have. They drive forward while all the rest of society slowly files in from behind. Conservatives like Sloan are increasingly waking up to that fact and so are a lot of other ordinary Canadians.

What looks like a radical right-wing fringe to the eyes of progressives was once what we used to think of as being “a normal person”. To put it another way, as society keeps progressing to the left, just standing still slowly turns you into a “nutter”. I was once a Reform voting, centre-right Christian guy who had reservations about gay marriage and climate change policies… today that makes me a fringe radical that deserves to be curb stomped and have my skull crushed.

"Derek Sloan isn’t a fringe wingnut, he’s just not a progressive leftist."

I don’t know many people ready to paint their face and wear a Viking costume in Parliament, but if progressives keep pushing us towards insanity and gaslighting us for not accepting it, then they’ll soon long for the day when Derek Sloan’s $131 donation from some racist guy was their primary concern.

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