Joe Biden Is Toast

August 1st, 2022 | TC

Joe Biden's presidency is over, whether he likes it or not. As record inflation breaks the history books and viral photos and videos of his son with hookers and crack circulate, the end is nigh for Joe Biden. The only question that remains is which Democrat will replace him. A few have speculated, but only one name is most probable of returning from the dead to haunt us all.

The first thing that needs to happen before anyone can throw their hats into the ring is Joe Biden's resignation, or his announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2024. Once that happens, the Democratic field will look much like the Republican field of 2016, when Donald Trump trounced dozens of other candidates to seal his party's nomination. In this case, with Democrats thinking their chances are good against Donald Trump, they will rush into the race to lead their party and the country. As they did in 2016, they will go into the race believing that Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance in hell. In their minds, winning the Democratic nomination will make the presidency a done deal.

Little do they know, Americans are growing increasingly tired of Democrat shenanigans. With their failed policies on the economy, housing, crime and foreign policy, Democrats may find themselves on the losing end of every election outside of a blue state. With the exception of New York and California, there will be fewer safe seats for Democrats than there has been since 1980. That highly coveted seat in the Oval Office may be one of them.

Many Democrats fear further tarnishing their party's chances by stepping up to the plate before Biden makes his announcement. Most of the work to have Biden step aside will happen behind the scenes between now and next summer.

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As pundits attempt to line up their preferred candidates, it's time to throw water on some of their choices—such as Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren. Neither of those candidates will stand a chance at winning the Democratic nomination or the presidency. The top contenders with the best chance at winning the Democratic nomination and presidency are, in order from least to most likely...

Gavin Newsom

The governor of California is popular with liberals and women find him attractive. He recently survived a recall vote by big margins.

Bernie Sanders

We all remember this Larry David impersonator, unapologetic socialist and economically backwards career politician. He spent the last two presidential primaries getting every young Democrat's hopes up only to leave them disappointed and miserable as he sold out to endorse other corrupt politicians.

Acting as the Ron Paul for Democrats, Sanders has one the better chances of floating to the top of the field and sealing the Democratic nomination. He is a radical thinker with ideas for monetary management that would make Stalin green with envy. Unlike Ron Paul, he lives on the opposite side of the ideological fence, but acts as the same kind of inspiration for younger voters. Some may have a bitter taste from his endorsements of Clinton and Biden, but that may be forgotten in a fresh new round of primaries.

In a general election, Sanders would win a significant portion of the Millennial vote and put himself slightly ahead of any likely Republican, including Donald Trump.

Dwayne Johnson

This former wrestler has expressed interest, but whether he does it will depend on whether he thinks he can win—and on whether he wants to win. Entering politics comes with large sacrifices and risks which have deterred many celebrities from running. His career as a blockbuster movie star would undoubtedly end with a damaging journey through the political grinder, especially if he loses. He would no longer be viewed as a wholesome action hero and would forever have his image destroyed with scandals, mudslinging and constant attacks on his character.

"Many Democrats fear further tarnishing their party's chances by stepping up to the plate before Biden makes his announcement."

Every celebrity faces the destruction of their character and damage to their careers by running for office, which is why so many have declined the opportunity. In most situations, celebrities whose careers have petered out will seek office, but those at the height of their stardom will eventually conclude that politics is the wrong choice. Whether Johnson runs for president could depend on which direction he thinks his career is headed.

If Johnson is willing to sacrifice his legacy as a wholesome hero, he would poll high in the Democratic primaries, but a general election is dependent on his opponent. In a 2021 poll, 46% of Americans wanted to see Johnson run for president.

There is no definitive answer about whether Johnson would indeed run as a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Hillary Clinton

The wicked witch of the left is a top choice for old Democrat insiders and she has a good chance at winning the nomination and presidency. She is the most probable candidate if the next two don't run. 

Kamala Harris

She is not much more popular than her boss, but her numbers have been improving. Between only herself and Hillary, it would be a tight race for the Democratic nomination. The old and new Democrats may prefer to bet on Kamala, rather than Hillary, who has been tested a multitude of times and lost.

It has rarely been more evident when a politician has slept her way to the top than it is with Kamala Harris. She lacks the ability to articulate clear sentences and she has been accused by her own staffers of running a toxic work environment. She has proven to lack the proper leadership and communication skills to lead the country, but that won't stop Democrats from choosing her. In a general election, her lack of popularity among black voters could be a deal breaker.

In a match against Donald Trump, she could lose very badly.

Michelle Obama

Barack Obama continues to be ranked as one of modern America's most popular presidents. Inside the Democratic Party he is the post popular president since John F. Kennedy and would win a Democratic primary in a landslide if he could run again. To work around the laws and put him back into the White House, Americans could elect his wife and make him the country's first First Gentleman.

It was said that Nancy Reagan influenced many of her husband's decisions while he was president and that she, in many ways, acted as president during his time in office. For Democrats, a Michelle Obama presidency would be another term for Barack Obama, or a dream team in the Oval Office. Without question, many of her decisions would be influenced by her husband and Americans would again grow accustomed to seeing him on television and acting in important policy roles.

Michelle Obama would trounce the Democratic field and very easily beat Donald Trump in a general election, which would effectively make Barack Obama the co-president for another eight years.

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