Joe Biden Deletes Failed Mask Message

October 7th, 2020 | Poletical

On October 6, Joe Biden posted and then deleted a message to his Facebook followers with a photo showing himself incorrectly wearing a Covid mask. 

In his message, Biden said, "I view wearing a mask as a patriotic duty to protect those around you." Unfortunately, the photo that was posted with the message showed Biden wearing a mask incorrectly. In the distance, a few of his supporters, who were not social distancing, appeared to not be wearing masks at all. 

The photo and post were quickly deleted and replaced with a new photo using the identical wording of the previous message. 

The original post contained a photo in which Biden's mask was pulled down beneath his nose, revealing his nostrils. According to experts and doctors, cloth masks are dramatically less effective when both the nose and mouth are not covered. 

This was his original photo and post:

As of October 7, there has been no mention on CNN, MSNBC or any major cable news network about Joe Biden's gaffe and the risks posed to his crowd and Biden in the first photo. 

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