Brennan Is More Than A Communist

September 1st, 2018 | T. Carter
john brennan communist

Ex-CIA director, John Brennan, had his security clearance revoked last month, much to the chagrin of mainstream media, who made it the top story for weeks while Turkey detained an American pastor, unemployment hit record lows and terrorists were caught training children to perform school shootings in New Mexico. Not only did you not hear much about these other headlines on CNN and MSNBC, you also have not heard about Brennan's dubious history, which includes voting for communists, lying to Congress and launching partisan attacks against the president on Twitter.

A few years ago, during a panel discussion for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, John Brennan said, “I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate.”

Brennan was responding to a question about CIA recruitment and referring back to a polygraph test he took for the intelligence agency in 1980, when he was asked if he had ever supported a cause or group with intentions to overthrow the United States government. “I froze,” Brennan said.

“I was getting so close to coming into the CIA and said 'Ok, John. Here is the choice. You can deny that... or I can acknowledge it and see what happens',” Brennan also added.

Long before going on to lie about the Steele Dossier playing no part in the intelligence community's theory of Russian collusion (when it was later revealed that it did), John Brennan contemplated lying on his polygraph test. Brennan did end up telling the truth and revealing to the CIA his past sympathies to communism, but he also contemplated lying to advance his own career. This same type of lying and shilling for personal gain would eventually become a reason for Senator Rand Paul's call to revoke Brennan's security clearance back in July.

John Brennan has been on NBC's payroll since losing his job at the hands of the incoming Trump Administration in January 2017. Having an ongoing clearance to access sensitive information while attacking the sitting president of the United States on Twitter and mainstream channels, Brennan may have very well been monetizing his access and clearance for personal gain.

John Brennan is one of the few—if not the only—top CIA official to break standard conventions by being partisan and biased in the public forum. It has always been considered proper protocol to remain silent following a tenure as a CIA director, or the director of any supposedly non-partisan intelligence agency.

We could only imagine how media would react if Brennan launched similar attacks on any other sitting president, like Barack Obama, as a retired CIA director. The headlines would have been the very opposite of what we have been seeing. Journalists and pundits would have called it outrageous and an act of treason—the very thing Brennan has accused Trump of.

Americans must ask themselves, is it treasonous for an ex-CIA director to launch such aggressive attacks on a democratically elected president?

On HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Brennan reiterated his accusations of treason while Maher lauded him as a hero. Why would John Brennan be considered a hero by the left? He has slandered and falsely accused Trump, without evidence, of committing treason and colluding with Russia—even though the Mueller investigation has produced nothing to prove such claims. The Mueller investigation has thus far produced only unrelated criminal charges.  

When it comes down to it, John Brennan is more than just a reformed communist and Trump hater. In 2014, The Washington Post and other news organizations called for Brennan to be fired. In 2014, Brennan was asked by an NBC reporter whether the CIA, under his control, had illegally accessed the computers of Senate staff on the Intelligence Committee. Brennan said, “Nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, we wouldn't do that.”

Four months later, Brennan was forced to apologize to the Senate Intelligence Committee for the CIA's inappropriate and illegal search of computers belonging to Senate Intelligence Committee staff members.

That wasn't all John Brennan lied about. The Washington Post published further accounts of John Brennan's dishonesty in their call to have him fired:

An apology and an internal review board might suffice if this were Brennan or intelligence leaders’ first offense, but the track record is far from spotless. In 2011, Brennan claimed that dozens of U.S. drone strikes on overseas targets had not killed a single civilian. This remarkable success rate was not only disputed at the time by news reports — even supporters of the drone program called it “absurd” — but as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the New York Times both reported later, President Obama received reports from the very beginning of his presidency about drone strikes killing numerous civilians. As Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser at the time, Brennan would have received these reports as well, so either Brennan knew that his claim was a lie, or he is secretly deaf. Similarly, Brennan denied snooping on Senate computers six weeks after Feinstein first made the accusation to the CIA in private, which means either that he was lying, or he had ignored a serious charge against his agency for six weeks, then spouted off about it without any real knowledge — hardly the behavior expected of an agency director.

John Brennan, verifiably, lied multiple times and Barack Obama refused to hold him accountable. The Washington Post author went on:

Sadly, it’s unlikely that this latest incident will encourage Obama to finally induce some accountability in the intelligence community: White House press secretary Josh Earnest called the CIA’s illegal activities mere “misunderstandings.” But as Brennan said when he denied the allegations, “if I did something wrong…he is the one who can ask me to stay or to go.” It’s time for Obama to take that responsibility head-on and start to restore in U.S. intelligence agencies some semblance of responsibility to the Constitution and the public.

What the author described and called for never happened. John Brennan went on to repay Barack by slandering and viciously attacking Donald Trump and playing up the false Russian Collusion conspiracy theory without providing any evidence. Now Brennan is being held up as a hero by the left, despite his actions—which are no better than Donald Trump's in language or in tone.

We should not be surprised if Brennan and his remarkable ego take it upon themselves to run for the Democratic Nomination next year. If the American left continues building him up as an outspoken warrior and hero of communist values, that might just happen.

In summary, John Brennan was, and probably still is, an admitted communist, a proven liar and an undeniably partisan shill.