Justin Trudeau's Blackface

September 19th, 2019 | Poletical

Many Canadians are now left wondering why photos and video of Justin Trudeau dressed in blackface never surfaced during the 2015 federal election. Others are left wondering why Justin Trudeau never brought the issue forward, while others anticipate more evidence of bad, racist behaviour from the privileged son of a former prime minister to emerge. 

To date, there are three separate instances in which Justin Trudeau donned a black face and make-up to mock ethnic minorities of colour, from Jamaicans to Arabs. The first to be revealed showed a 29-year-old Trudeau in 2001.

The second picture to emerge showed a teenage Trudeau dressed as a Jamaican, while singing Day-O in high school. 

A third image of Trudeau in blackface was given to Global News by the Conservative Party in a video. More explicitly, the video shows a blackfaced Justin Trudeau dancing, singing, making faces and mocking ethnic minorities.

According to Google Trends, a growing number of searches are happening for "Justin Trudeau Blackface". As the news continues to make international headlines, these numbers are expected to continue climbing. 

Networks and personalities across the United States have taken notice as well. As the Liberal Party works to contain the damage, many anticipate that more photos or videos may emerge of Justin Trudeau behaving badly. 

Right-wing personality, Paul Joseph Watson had this to say:

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