This Liberal Government Is Dangerous

April 1st, 2020 | SP

There is no band of dastardly sods in Canada that is more dangerous than this Liberal government. As a new global pandemic swept into their country, they made the choice to initiate a power grab that would stun ordinary democracy-watchers and rile the opposition parties. With audacity and arrogance, they risked their minority government to gamble with the gullibility of Canadians and the sleepy ignorance of our mainstream media.

No, they would not have it. Global News, led by Unifor, was not willing to stand for Justin Trudeau's audacious and misguided grab for unprecedented power. Just hours before the government was to reveal their new bill with hidden clauses to grant Bill Mourneau taxing powers until December 2021, Global broke the news:

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the federal Liberals are poised to table a bill granting them sweeping new powers to spend money and raise taxes without having to get the approval of Parliament.

Global News has seen a copy of the legislation set to be tabled Tuesday when a small number of MPs from all parties return to Ottawa to pass a multibillion-dollar coronavirus support package.

The legislation grants Finance Minister Bill Morneau extraordinary new powers to spend, borrow and tax without having to get the approval of opposition MPs until December 2021.

It appears Trudeau's media bribe failed to achieve the results he had hoped for. With strong language and true journalistic class, Global News had done its job. I am not one to give our mainstream journalists credit, but when it is due, it is due.

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"There is no band of dastardly sods in Canada that is more dangerous than this Liberal government."

At the beginning of the public crisis caused by COVID-19, the Trudeau government made curbing racism a larger priority than closing borders and restricting travel from China. When Trump closed off travel from China on January 31, the Trudeau government and mainstream media were lecturing Canadians about racism:

Health Minister Patty Hajdu on Tuesday said there was a risk Chinese Canadians could feel “somewhat targeted” because of the origin of the virus, and that it could hurt their businesses if people shun them out of fear.

That was from the National Post on January 29. This came from the CBC one day later:

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam is calling out acts of racism and discrimination related to the coronavirus outbreak.

On Twitter, Tam said she's troubled by the growing number of reports of racist acts and comments on social media directed at people of Chinese and Asian descent, calling them "unacceptable and very hurtful."

"These actions create a divide of us versus them," she tweeted. "Canada is a country built on the deep-rooted values of respect, diversity and inclusion."

China's National Health Commission said the country's total number of deaths from the coronavirus had climbed to 170 by late Wednesday, as the number of those infected rose to 7,711.

What Theresa Tam should have been troubled by was the growing number of COVID-19 cases that were spreading across Canada at the time, due mostly to unrestricted travel and immigration. Instead, our chief health officer and her minister were concerned with the spread of racism and hurt feelings.

As flights from China and Europe continued to enter Canada through Vancouver at the beginning of February, this Liberal government was still on about racism, including Justin Trudeau:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to stay united and warned against the rise of discrimination as fears of the coronavirus spread.

"There is no place in our country for discrimination driven by fear or misinformation," Trudeau said at a Lunar New Year celebration at a banquet hall in Scarborough, a district in Toronto. "This is not something Canadians will ever stand for."

The comments come just days after politicians, public health officials and members of the Chinese Canadian community in Toronto said that more needed to be done to avoid a recurrence of the racism and xenophobia experienced during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

That was from the CBC on February 1, only weeks before the Coronavirus was about to reach unprecedented levels in Canada and BC. As of now, more than 20 vulnerable people have died in British Columbia. As the weeks go on, those numbers will carry on upwards.

Now, as the virus wreaks havoc on our economy, we are told to trust this Trudeau government with managing the fallout that could see up to three million Canadians become unemployed and thousands of small businesses shuttered.

The economic devastation from this virus will be far worse than the virus itself. What could have been stopped straight away is now being realized in hindsight, but it is too late. As we reach an unemployment rate of 15% or higher, social unrest and violence will ensue in a country that has maintained more than 150 years of relative peace and stability. Could we even imagine trusting the Trudeau government in such a time of turmoil?

Following audacious attempts to grab power and months of lollygagging on a global pandemic, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government will be in charge of quelling unrest and economic fallout to the likes of which we have never seen in Canada. As Canadians, our vigilance will be expected in the coming months and weeks. We must keep our eyes open and our hearts tamed, otherwise, we may risk giving our freedoms away to a government that has proven that it cannot be trusted.

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