Shania Twain vs. Kanye West

May 1st, 2018 | R. Rados
kanye west candace owens

The one thing that separates Kanye West from Shania Twain is artistry. A true artist never apologizes for anything. Personally, I wouldn't take advice from Kanye West if I were ever given the opportunity, but I also wouldn't take advice from a washed up bimbo who churns out shitty country songs to make money. Shania Twain sold out last month when she apologized for saying that she would have voted for Donald Trump, while Kanye West acted like a real artist by giving zero fucks.

The shit storm started when Kanye West tweeted, “I like the way Candace Owens thinks”.

The shit storm for sell-out, Shania Twain, started when she told The Guardian that she would have voted for Donald Trump.

The way each scenario was handled reveals the difference between a true artist and a pathetic sell-out who only cares about maintaining her own sad and mundane career as a shitty pop musician. Shania Twain only cares about money. Kanye West cares about art and the future—this became evident when both musicians reacted to backlash and controversy over their own remarks in totally different ways.

I'm not quite sure how Kanye West is still married to his wife, but I'm sure a divorce is on the horizon. I can't picture the two seeing eye-to-eye on anything. I don't agree with half the things Kanye West says, but I'm guessing Kim Kardashian doesn't agree with any of it. Her mindless obsession with cosmetic beauty says it all, not to mention her twitter feed, which as of today is a series of self-obsessed nude shots promoting her brand of perfume—or her waxed vagina. Not sure.

Her husband's fawning remarks about a right-leaning black commentator who believes in gun rights and free speech probably didn't sit well in the Kardashian family. You know, the family whose patriarch helped OJ Simpson get away with murder. That Kardashian family. The Kardashian family whose other patriarch thinks he's a woman.

You get the picture.

As for Shania Twain, what more could we possibly expect? After telling a British tabloid (yes, it's a tabloid) that she would have voted for Trump, she quickly retracted her statement with an apology. Unlike Kanye West, who continued tweeting revolutionary sentiments, Shania Twain caved to the angry whims of her half-hearted fans. She wasted a good opportunity to appeal to a whole new culture of patriotic Americans who are fed up with political correctness and social justice. Instead, she opted to maintain her status as a mediocre pop princess that barely anyone cares about.

To sum it up, Shania Twain felt the need to apologize for supporting the man who is currently the president of the United States. Kanye West felt no need to apologize to anyone for supporting Trump or for supporting a conservative black woman with a different opinion. See the difference? One person is a timid sell-out, while the other is someone who cares more about the message than the fame.

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