Reminder: Kent Hehr Is Terrible

September 1st, 2019 | RR

Almost two years ago, what seemed like an ongoing open secret in Alberta was blown wide open by a public servant named Kristen Raworth. She claimed that Calgary Centre MP, Kent Hehr, was a known creep while serving as a Liberal MLA in Alberta. None of it ever amounted to physical assault and it's difficult to prove hearsay, but in Justin Trudeau's land of rainbows, butterflies and equality, allegations like the ones aimed at Kent Hehr should have been met with zero tolerance. In Justin Trudeau's world, sexual misconduct and harassment only count as evils when they're committed by someone outside his circle of friends. That was the case with Kent Hehr, who got off scot-free and was allowed to stay in the Liberal caucus following an “inconclusive” investigation.

Like I said, hearsay is impossible to prove, especially after decades. According to Raworth, everyone knew about Hehr's disgusting behaviour, but no one talked about it openly. “My first day working at the Alberta legislature I was told to avoid being in an elevator with Kent Hehr. He would make comments. He would make you feel unsafe,” Raworth tweeted on January 24, 2018.

It sounded like something the media would normally replay and repeat, but it never ended up stretching very far. The reason: Kent Hehr is a Liberal. It's the same reason Justin Trudeau was able to get away with groping a reporter 20 years ago but why Andrew Scheer hasn't been able to live down remarks he made about gay marriage 15 years ago. The media has a one-sided take on everything and the Liberals are almost always the beneficiaries.

Whether Kent Hehr is a creep or not, he has done other things that would normally warrant resignation for any Conservative.

Let us recant.

Ethics Investigation

If you thought Justin Trudeau and Bill Mourneau were the only ones to catch the eyes of the ethics commissioner, think again. In 2017, Kent Hehr caught the eye of Mary Dawson when it was alleged that Hehr improperly used parliamentary resources to help his dad, Richard Hehr, campaign for the the school board in Calgary.

Richard Hehr went on to win, because of course he did, and not much came of the ethics investigation into his son helping him. Not much in the way of disciplinary action or punishment has ever come Kent Hehr's way, but hopefully October will give him a moment of reckoning.

"The media has a one-sided take on everything and the Liberals are almost always the beneficiaries."

Straight Up Douchebagery

It was alleged that in 2016 Kent Hehr said, “You married him. He's your responsibility,” to the wife of a Canadian war veteran suffering from PTSD. This happened while Kent Hehr was Justin Trudeau's Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Just take a moment to imagine what the fallout would have been if a Conservative minister under Stephen Harper had been accused of saying something similar. The CBC would have had a hay day, just like they did with video of Andrew Scheer bashing gay marriage in 2005—despite the video being criticized previously, many years earlier.

Tony Clement was the focus of media coverage for three straight weeks for sexting and committing adultery, but Kent Hehr only mustered three days worth of coverage over allegations about his own sexual misconduct. Imagine that. What a time to be alive!

It doesn't end there for Kent Hehr. In a now infamous story, he told Fiona Sampson and other thalidomide survivors in 2017, “Everyone in Canada has a sob story.” This happened while Hehr was Trudeau's Minister of Persons With Disabilities. Yes, that's a thing.

That's not something a minister of disabilities should be allowed to say, but in Justin Trudeau's world, it is. Kent Hehr was barely reprimanded, until the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced in 2018. It was only then that he resigned from cabinet, not caucus, and was eventually (falsely) vindicated by an investigation conducted by Liberals.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

A Free Pass For A Sob Story

Much of Kent Hehr's appeal to Liberals comes from his own sob story. The reason Kent Hehr gets away with what he gets away with is because he's in a wheelchair. In 1991, Kent Hehr was shot in a drive-by shooting and it left him crippled.

Woe is me. According to his own logic, everyone has a sob story. Sorry, Kent, that doesn't mean you get to be a prick to everyone else. When you're on their payroll, you owe them a service. They're called taxpayers and they keep you employed. 

But don't worry. Come October, you should be able to retire comfortably.

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